Trump Channeling Rodney Dangerfield, I don’t Get the Respect I Deserve

Trump the seven deadly sins plaque: Pride,greed,envy,wrath,sloth,gluttony,lust Oh Look. Evangelicals just elected the Anti-Christ!
Trump sounded like a whiny Rodney Dangerfield with his Christmas tweets. (We should save them for next year and hang them from  his Christmas tree.)

Post title: 

Whiney Rodney Dangerfield 

or Who Will Still Vote for Him Now?

Post dated: December 26, 2017

I read his tweets very early this morning and was almost physically repulsed (of course I’m also fighting some kind of bug).

Rather than trying to channel Mr. Dangerfield, who needs his peace and quiet I think, I am going to run down a list of questions that somebody may want to show a friend that still supports Trump. Remember I have forsaken all communication with anyone that still supports him after he has been in office for a year. 

These questions are in no particular order. Most of them are taken from a Facebook Rant sometime last week. I am getting worried that Facebook buddies are next on my list of things to break free from. There very astute questions and observations that throw me into such quandary that I cannot escape from.


> Would you agree that Trump’s supporters are still enthralled with him as they were after the election?

> Would you agree that Trump and his supporters are still bewitched by his rally spectaculars?

> Would you agree that Trump and his supporters live for these rallies? (reports from White House observers seem to indicate that he feeds off them for energy and self-preservation?

> Would you agree that Trump and his henchmen have pulled off the largest financial heist in the history of THE WORLD? 

> Would you agree that the Republican party, due to its generosity to wealthy donors, have now positioned themselves for bundles of money?

> Would you agree that the American taxpayer is the entity actually funding the Republicans next election campaign?

> Would you agree that Trump has alienated every minority living in this country?

> Would you agree that the key to winning the next election is to rally the support and vote of these minorities, assuming that the Republicans have not initiated enough Voter Suppression tactics to keep them from voting?

> Would you agree that Trump has alienated every country that once we called friends?

> Would you agree that these ‘lost’ friends will further drive a wedge between the world of nations and the US? (which is Trump’s design for his brand of isolationism)

> Would you agree that Trump has drawn to him at least two of the worst despots on the planet? Rodrigo Duterte and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

> Would you agree that he has destroyed one of the most sacred precepts of our constitution, the emoluments clause?

>Would you agree that he has ignited the flames of nepotism by elevating family members to seats of power and influence?

> Would you agree that he and his henchmen are raping this country and in many cases so such a degree that the damage from the pollution may be beyond repair? An example is the 210,000-gallon oil leak into the Ogallala Aquifer? Considering that a crude oil spill near Bemidji Minnesota in 1979 is still polluting the groundwater? Furthermore, in 2003 the estimated 240,000 kilometers (over 149,000 miles) is estimated to release an annual estimated 111,000 liters (29,323 gallons) per 1,600 km of pipeline (994 miles). In total 149,000 miles of pipeline divided by 994 miles equals 149 segments of pipeline. Each segment is estimated to release 29,323 gallons of crude oil PER YEAR. Total released crude oil is 29,147,062 gallons PER YEAR!  Because of the state’s power of eminent domain a person owning property on the pipeline route will have the property seized. What value then is the balance of the property owned by that landowner? (USGS

> Would you agree that he and his alt right religious cohorts are bent on turning back the clock on women’s rights?

> Would you agree that he and his alt right religious cohorts are bent on taking away the Civil Rights of the LGBT community?

> Would you agree that by gerrymandering and in some cases extreme gerrymandering, the Republicans will continue to have substantial control of House legislative districts? An example is the much ballyhooed Democratic victory in Virginia. While winning the popular vote by a 9 point margin, they could only manage to put 50 Democrats in seats in the 100 seat legislature. The same control has remained in Republican hands during the Obama presidency, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.The Southern Democrats and Midwestern Republicans seem to have a stranglehold on being able to stop any progressive agenda. Indeed “as long as Republicans have a lock on the House, party polarization will continue in the years to come, since House Republicans will have no reason to compromise with a Democratic president or even more moderate voices within their own party.” (Julian E Zelizer June 16, 1916, Washington Post)

> Would you agree that by appointing a large number of judges Trump will the foundation of white conservative, not necessarily qualified, federal judges. These judges have lifetime appointments and will reinforce whatever Trump wants and conservative Republicans want for years and years to come. How did this happen? Merrick Garland was not the only nomination that Obama proffered to fill a federal judgeship.  The number of vacancies Trump has to fill is approximately double the number Obama had. The Republicans stymied Obama’s nominees so he left 67 vacancies. So Trump is actually filling 25 Obama era vacancies. Trump has so far nominated 59 federal judges, with 14 confirmed so far. The vast majority are white men which reverse a trend towards a more diverse federal bench started by President Clinton.

> Would you agree that Trump has seized control of a republic that does not know that it is in deep trouble? Never in the history of this country has one man, with the jubilation of what was once a respected national party, despoiled the principles, the land and the minds of a nation now wallowing in his spit? 

What Trump has Done

Trump has:

Thrown away the goodwill and standing in East Asia by killing the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Thrown away the goodwill and standing in Europe by slamming NATO, tweeting ugly and irresponsible messages of condemnation in which he didn’t have the barest of facts

Thrown away the portions of this country that had been set up for preservation many years ago by forward-thinking leaders as a treasure to the people of the United States. The parks have been opened to hunting, mineral exploration and forest decimation.

Thrown away any standing of dignity and principle in which the world held the United States of America

Trump has:
Sown anger, frustration, bitterness, racial discord thru his actions and words

Sown anger and fear among people that had been offered the hope of a better life and chance to earn the American Dream with his immigration policies and brutal tactics in deporting people.

What has Trump accomplished?

He has created division among citizens, increased and promoted racial bigotry, decreased the hope of the future due to his immense give away to the rich which raised the specter of enormous tax increases on the middle and working classes

He has set the stage for the reduction in social safety nets such as Medicare and Medicaid and Children’s Aid (CHIP) to pay for the largesse has given to the already wealthy

He has torn the hope away from the working poor and elderly of a better life with better healthcare

He has consigned the children of the working poor to second-class citizenship because they will not have the nutritional or medical care necessary to earn a good education

He slammed to the ground the hope of parents with children suffering from grave illness by canceling medical aid and devastating Medicare 

He has laid waste the ‘we are the champion’ spirit in Americans. His battle cry ‘Make America Great Again’ was a lie that he promoted at the expense of raising America to a higher good and instead throwing it into the gutter

Trump in Washington

He promised to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington DC, instead he increased it by bringing in all the high ranking people that were fighting against the improvements in caring for the environment and placed them at the helm of agencies responsible for the good keeping of the national treasures and let them plunder and pillage those treasures, many times for their own personal gain.

He has by his actions and crimes, instilled in American leaders that they can abuse any system of laws for their own gain and not be held accountable.

He has set education back by promoting hateful and ill-conceived projects: 1)slashing funds by 13.5% or $9.2 billion; 2) remove $2.4 billion in grants for teacher training, $1.2 billion in funding for summer and after-school programs; 3) curtails or eliminates funding for approx 20 departmental programs. Low-income students are particularly vulnerable which is in line with his racist actions. While his proposed budget won’t be accepted by Congress in full, based on the recent Tax and Jobs Cut it is possible that Congress will gut education even further especially regarding Pell Grants for higher education and funds for special needs students.

Trump in the World

Trump has made America number three in the world after Russia and China. Russia is number two because Putin outsmarted Trump and will do so again. Putin has moved strongly into position with the increasing rumbles of Iran’s expansion and Syria’s implosion. Trump appears to be aligning himself with the young Saudi Arabian prince now controlling that country who has made many missteps due to inexperience (he is 32 years old) and bad advice. Trump has fanned the flames of international repercussions due to his recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Trump’s influence due to ‘Fake News’ and other attacks against a free press (which is unconstitutional) is heard around the world. Other despots are using his examples to control their own populace. 

Trump has made China number one in the world green energy, computing power, and growth in expenditures on Artificial Intelligence projects. 
Oh yes, America remains number one in the world in wealth. But that is a major caveat. The bulk of the wealth in the United States is in the hands of 1% of the population.

The Exponential Effect

Until yesterday (or Jan 21, 2017) The Rule of Law Applied (mostly) in America. Today the President can get away with using government property for his own gain (emoluments clause), promoting his properties while in office; be not accountable for crimes committed while in office,(personal use of helicopter by Jared and Ivanka); ignore the laws laid down by Congress at his own whim (Russia sanctions). 

The Russian government committed a crime of war against the United States and not only does it go unanswered Trump actually hold his own intelligence agencies up to ridicule over those acts and hold Putin up as an example to be followed. 

If another party other than the Republicans were in power, Trump would have been hung long ago. 

As a result of his action and the inactions of Congress, the Rule of Law no longer applies in the minds and conscienses of politicians of less than stellar integrity and even among business leaders with the same standard of integrity. 

The Final Proverbial Nail

What concerns me the most about any and all of this is that these feelings of white nationalism, white supremacism, racism, and bigotry have been held by supposedly Christian white people (I would guess that 40% or more of the white people I am referring to are Christian) for thirty years or more (since the 1960s Civil Rights movement). How did they manage to keep these feelings of rage, or illogical thinking, suppressed for so long? It must have rotted their guts as well as their brains. The specter of a black man as president is so much more reviled than the current holder of that office. The black man showed all of the best qualities a leader can have, none of his subordinates was charged with nor convicted of a crime while in office. He was a leader on the world stage thru his normal duties in the office and his ability to fashion a twenty nation pact for economic partnership, that he was able to fashion a means to hold Iran from pushing its militant style threw its geographic area. He extricated the United States from ill-conceived wars and fashioned ways to deal with evil men throughout the world by marginalizing them or ignoring them completely. 

Just the fact that a man was black and that a woman was Trumps opponent in the election was enough to unleash all of the hatred towards minorities, of superiority over women (if the Republicans have been so hell-bent on persecuting Ms. Clinton for her email servers, what have they not pursued the fact that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump had used a personal email server for classified work purposes? ). In a nation guided by the Rule of Law, there would be no favoritism, no winking at wrongdoing. But that is not the United States of America any longer. Indeed it will be a long time before any government will be as criminal free, as inclusive, as progressive in its care of the citizens than the last. Scripture says that the sins of the father will be felt thru three generations. That folks is a truism that will constipate this nation for a very long time.

The Final Word

A great statesman, probably the last that this country will have in its midst for a very long time gave a speech that convicted the current administration and its supporters of every crime and intentional demeaning thought that have come out in the course of a national press that is neither fake nor dishonest.

“To fear the world we organized and led for three quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the ‘last hope of the earth’ for the sake of some half-baked,spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems are as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history. We live in a land made of ideals at home and their champion abroad. We have done great good in the world. Leadership has its costs, but we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did. We have a moral obligation to continue in our just cause, and we would bring great shame on ourselves if we don’t. We will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent. We wouldn’t deserve to.”

These words were spoken by Senator John McCain, R-AZ, the Senior Senator from Arizona on occasion of being presented the Liberty Medal awarded by the National Constitution Center, on October 16, 2017.

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