Batty? No Bats. Wherefrom Corona?

image of coronavirus cell from LiveScience 4.4.20
Image of a novel coronavirus cell from LiveScience April 4, 2020


“My Darling”

I am sorry this is so late. I had the research done on Sunday. It is now Thursday. What happened?

Looking at all of the files I collected, I decided a better way was to group blog posts by category.

There are so many side roads to take with novel coronavirus or Corona as I like to call her.

I call her “my darling” when we are alone.

What else could a writer want but 100 new topics a day all pointing down different paths?

I believe trump really misjudged this one. Even if he did not, and even if 40% of people love what he is doing with this virus, the results in this once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe will be enough to condemn anyone. It may be a PR nightmare that is unwinnable.

As I announced last Friday evening on Facebook, I cannot in good conscience, name each criminal act of our leader, every day until the election.

But neither can I not write about him.

I had hoped to start writing short stories and earn some money with freelancing, but this mission takes higher priority.

Standing at the Minneapolis recruiting station, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

I have not been relieved of that oath.

It is even more important now that SCOTUS has sided against the “We the People” of the Constitution by its allowing the vote in Wisconsin to go on despite the pandemic. (A liberal woman won the seat on the State Supreme Court! – The exact thing the republicans with their hijinks tried to prevent.)

As I will point out in the posts of the next months, trump is not worthy of a second term (nor the first term in my opinion).

So watch out for the weaves, you may have to duck.

We the people have had enough. Image: Google Images I think

Bats in MY belfry?

No doubt. But the issue is how do I replace them?

I think I am of one mind and one spirit.

Trump has no such problem.

He puts on his mob face and merrily or merely calls in his enforcers and they “handle” it.

His “team” understand the rules.

Maybe bats helped the virus escape from a lab in Wuhan? Some conservatives think so.

Some conservatives also think it is a virus that has been weaponized by China! China says it was the US Army.

Who do you think is lying? I’ll go with the conservatives like Lips Limbaugh.

Would trump force his fierce ire on this tiger at the Bronx Zoo?

Maybe trump misunderstood when Pete Navarro gave him a warning in January.  Mr. President, novel corona is not Corona Extra! You may not even want a lemon wedge with it.

Corona Extra is the top-selling imported beverage in the US so I can understand how you would be confused.

Nadia, a Malaysian Tiger at the Bronx Zoo has COVID-19. Not your pussygato though.

I wish I could plug trump’s mouth.


Because he lies, he abuses the press and reporters, and much to my delight he abuses other republicrooks.

His ogre-mentality doesn’t even stop when he destroys the lives and livelihoods of HIS trumpettes.

But they still love him! Imagine that!

Although a survey out today lists his popularity in the lower 40s due to the way he is handling this crisis.


Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Not the venom spewed by loudmouth Rushey and trump’s other cohorts.

Novel coronavirus:

  • Did not escape from a lab
  • Did not become weaponized by the Chinese
  • Did not come from the “wet” market (where they kill animals and sell them fresh for you to take home for supper) in Wuhan’

Scientists (read smart people that are not loudmouths and blowhards like our fearful leader) compare the COVID-19 with other coronaviruses known to infect humans

This article in LiveScience will hopefully leave the blowhards sucking air:

The LiveScience link you share with you the 13 myths that have been busted by science and not hyperbole, or racism, xenophobia.

Just because something is foreign, strange, brown or black-skinned does not mean IT IS BAD!

The researchers have at least two plausible explanations as to the origin of SARS-CoV-2 which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

The first is that a historical animal that spread the SARS virus in Asia and MERS in the Middle East.

The animal is a civet.

This is a delicacy in some Asian countries. As is the fruit it excretes. It is washed off and the coffee beans are roasted and ground for – coffee!

More Learning

If you are not getting enough of exotic names, diseases, etc. I have attached a link to a glossary of terms.

One of the terms on this list is “zoo tonic diseases” .  It means that the virus that is already on its way to us (you think because this one is so bad that we are going to be done with them? Not a chance!)

I don’t want you to get in trouble with your teacher when school reopens next fall, so I will correct myself. Zoontonic or zoonoses are diseases that spread from animals to humans according to the CDC.

For every acre of forest that Brazil burns, for every coral reef that is destroyed in Australia or New Zealand, what are the chances that we will run into more problems not only because of Climate Change but by stealing wildlife habitat we are increasing our risks.

If you are not stirred up enough worrying about your parents, or grandparents or children here is another fine mess.

Another something to chew on. Coming diseases from your backyard will be a subject in another post.

Here is an interactive map from NPR.

In 2009 a program initially planned by the Obama Administration was launched to “hunt for unknown viruses that can cross from animals to humans and cause pandemics.

So the why and wherefore is the same old song. Budgets, not enough money not enough manpower. “Michael Buchmeier, a virologist and associate director of the Center for Virus Research at the U Cal Irvine. “We’ve been gutting surveillance for too long”.

It did not help that in 2009 trump fired the researchers from this program at the CDC.

A really big question right now: is coronavirus going to come back and haunt us as the flu viruses do?

Plan on it.

While SARS was in 2002-2003. MERS started in 2012 and is still going.  And Novel Coronavirus in 2020.

MERS-CoV was spread by camel and probably bats. MERS is the really nasty one. 25% to 30% of those who are infected die from it. Through 2018 2,500 people have died from it.

Minnesota has recorded 986 infections and 30 deaths so far from novel coronavirus.

By the numbers

Another tragic consequence of COVID-19 is the demographic toll it has been taking.

I am going to share in perspective:

In only six weeks the US death toll zoomed from zero to more than 12,000!

Hospitals are out of supplies; cities are out of morgue space. They are using potter’s fields. And using prison inmates to dig the grave.

Blacks and other Latin Americans are bearing the brunt of COVID-19.

In Michigan, 33% of infections are seen in blacks and Latin Americans.

The death rate is 41%.

These numbers do not reflect the fact that blacks and Latin Americans represent only 14% of the population.

Governor John Bell Edwards in Louisiana states that slightly more than 70% of all deaths are found in the black population.

Blacks represent 33% of the total population.

In Chicago 72% of the people that have died but make up only 30% of the population.

We have to be prepared for the overwhelming amount of deaths that we are going to see in the coming months.

Cheryl Rolston, director of the emergency department

They just watched four codes happen. This is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ stuff for them, not real life. It shouldn’t happen in front of them.

Dr. Lorenzo Paladino, of young patients in the ER

You’re driving down New York Avenue or Nostrand Avenue, which are pretty busy thoroughfares — it’s almost crickets. But then here in the emergency department, it’s a level of intensity that you only see in disaster zones.”

Dr. Robert Gore

According to scientists, 70% of merging infectious diseases in humans are of zoonotic origin.

Scientists also say, there are nearly 1.7 million undiscovered viruses may exist in wildlife. Many researchers are searching for the ones that could cause the next animal-to-human spillover. The likeliest hot spots have three things in common, Daszak said: lots of people, diverse plants and animals, and rapid environmental changes.

What do your streets look like?

Images Credit: M Scott Mahasky, Politico

Looking at Philadelphia City Hall M Scott Mahasky, Politico
Looking at Philadelphia City Hall
Baltimore Image by M Scott Mahasky, Politico
Baltimore Image by M Scott Mahasky, Politico
Interior of novel coronavirus LiveScience
Interior of novel coronavirus

Thank you for stopping.


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Techno Graphics Graphic Signature made by MS Publisher.

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