You Sold Your Soul

Date April 27, 2018

(I know some of my former, ‘friends’ if any of them still hang around here, are going to get really steamed if they read this post. And that’s OK. When the Democrats kick the republicans out of power they will get their comeuppance also.)

Another week of no spine republicans. No capital r anymore. They have abdicated all right to respect and honor.

What was this week that was different?

It wasn’t.

Another House report from the non-intelligence committee that absolves trump (no capital here either) of any and all blame. Since they are lifting the guilt from his shoulders it means they must be placing it squarely on their shoulders.

In an article in the Washington Post on February 6, 2018, author Michael Gerson makes the quip that Speaker Ryan and trump are either “deluded or deceptive.”.

Since the redacted report of the year-long ‘investigation’ was released today, I thought it appropriate to take a look at the whole charade the republicans are playing in front of the American voter.

They read the reports that trump is all well and good in his world of misfits and they must assume that they can play in the same mud with him.

I am 68 years old and have lived through Reagan and Bush too. They, while stripping the middle class of its wealth and in Bush’s case run up a war debt that America’s soldiers are still paying for in today’s blood, did not have the brass balls to shake in front of the voters like trump’s minion do.

Brass Balls Google Images
Brass Balls Google Images

Of course, if we are speaking of republicans brass balls they swagger like this

the swaggering brass balls Google Images
Swaggering brass balls Google Images

“We were honored. It was a great report, no collusion, which I knew anyway. No coordination, no nothing. It’s a witch hunt, that’s all it is.” trump said.

I am going to return to the well-turned phrase of Mr. Gerson. In February, two short month’s ago, he wrote: “With the blessing of Republican leaders, the lickspittle wing of the GOP is now firmly in charge. The existence of reckless partisans such as Nunes is hardly surprising. The nearly uniform cowardice among elected Republicans is staggering. One is left wishing that Obamacare covered spine transplants. The Republican-led Congress is now an adjunct of the White House. The White House is now an adjunct of Trump’s chaotic will.”

Today of all days the ink is not drying well on the republican’s report. Newly surfaced emails indicate that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with trump campaign associates in 2016, once worked with Russia’s chief legal officer in an effort to thwart the Justice Department, The New York Times reported.

So while trump bald-facedly declares that there is no collusion the lawyer that met with son Donnie and son in law Jared again makes an appearance. But in more detail.

Trump can hack sputum on his own intelligence services all he wants they will continue to do their jobs and lay bare all the illicit actions he is trying to hide. This lawyer even admits that she is an informant. Isn’t that a hoot? The Russian is more honest than the American crooks.

I think another testament to the ill-gotten gain of trump is the way those who have colluded with him against the American voter are abandoning the rat-infested ship of state.

Paul Ryan is leading the charge out the door. Going back to 1930 according to Vital Statistics on Congress 1992 was the highest departure of representatives. That year 29 republicans did not seek reelection. This year, so far, 39 are not seeking a return.

I would like to step away from my vitriol for a few minutes, not very long I can assure you

If I remember back to my youth when I wanted to be a writer, an important tool in a wordsmith’s belt was a device called imagery. Using a picture of one thing to highlight, illustrate, what you were trying to say about another. (Teachers did I get that correct?)

In Mother Jones, a favorite of mine, an article by Jackie Flynn Mogensen January 25, 2018 talks about mosquitoes.

The gist of the article is that when you “swat at a mosquito it could remember you for days.”

If you have spent any time camping in the woods or even sitting in the backyard and you’ve been plagued by a solitary buzzing around your ear please be heartened. “You may actually be able to train that bloodsucker to avoid you for a while.”

Mosquito surrounded by the names of diseases it spreads, malaria, zika, dengue Google Images
Mosquito surrounded by the names of diseases it spreads, malaria, zika, dengue Google Images

The brains of mosquitoes are not a big as this (.) period. But they are finally tuned blood-hunters.

A new study by researchers from the University of Washington, the University of California-Riverside and the California Institute of Technology suggests that the mosquito species responsible for all of the nasty diseases listed above is actually capable of learning.

I wonder if the same will hold true of the blood sycophants on our society, the republicans?

Are they tired of getting womped on not only by trump but they must sense (I never said they were dumb just abject of soul) that they have so poisoned the minds of voters they know there is no redemption?

On the other hand is trump. He debases them every chance he gets and that has to get very old.

At one time the GOP, the Grand Old Party stood against the extension of slavery and eventually for the abolition of slavery altogether.

A short history.

The Whig Party, which was formed in 1834 to oppose the “tyranny” of President Andrew Jackson, (have we heard that name being admired in recent history?) had shown itself incapable of coping with the national crisis over slavery.

Some former members of the Whig Party met in Rippon, Wisconsin in 1854 and founded the Republican Party. This meeting is remembered as being held on March 20. Their first presidential candidate was John C. Fremont.

By 1860, the Southern slave states were threatening secession if the Republicans won the presidency.

In November 1860 who was elected president? Abraham Lincoln and six weeks later South Carolina seceded. Within another six weeks, another 5 states joined in. In April 1861 the Civil War started when Fort Sumter was fired on.

Of course, the republicans weren’t very nice ‘winners’. They forced “Radical Reconstruction” on the South.

We heard and saw last year of the Civil War Statues that came tumbling down. Some Southerners protested that the honor of the south was being despoiled.

While other people, who read history knew that the statutes were symbols erected after 1877 and had nothing to do with the pride of the South. The statues were erected thru the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and were symbols meant to keep blacks in their place. They held high the Southern price known as the Jim Crow laws.

US Flag behind barbed wire Google Images
US Flag behind barbed wire Google Images

Were you aware that the private prison companies in this country force immigrant detainees (not guilty, just detainees) to work for little or no money? And these private prisons have a powerful group of advocates? Eighteen members of Congress, all republicans.

In the 2016 election cycle, private prisons gave a record $1.6 million to candidates and parties and outside spending groups.

That was almost triple what they’d given in 2014 and more than double of what they gave in the 2012 presidential cycle.

Geo Group was responsible for most of that. It gave $300,000 to super PACS including one backing now-President Trump.

Since 1990 private prisons have given 73% of their total to republicans.

These prisons have seen an increase in lawsuits claiming they are human traffickers.

Private prisons housed up to 18% of federal prisoners in 2015 (and 75% of federal immigrant detainees). They also hold about 7% of state prisoners and an untold number of locals in jails in Texas, Louisiana and a handful of other states.

There are claims that private prisons can save money. That is not proven.

What they do is donate!

Silhouette of people behind a barbed wire fence. Google Images
Silhouette of people behind a barbed wire fence. Google Images

Another little republican side hustle?

Tip Pooling.

Who has worked as wait staff and had to share tips that only you had earned but had to share with others who didn’t work as hard or a well as you?


This is the owners of tip enterprises, taking tips of the workers who had earned them, and pocket the money for themselves.

This is all well said Mark Mulvaney, now the Consumer Affairs Protection director. As long as the owner paid the staff the required $7.25 per hour mandated by federal law.

The Economic Policy Institute estimates that workers stand to lose $5.8 billion per year. Now can you see the republicans lips smacking?

How did they pull that one off? By deleting references to the amount of money that businesses could skim. This has been a particularly good trick the administration has learned.

Delete negativity in its reports!

As you can tell I have been saving some of this research since January.

Any tidbit? I am physically ill from writing this.

Everything I thought I knew about even the most jaundiced, bitter, resentful person in this country does not compare to those that stand by, no, that actively allow and countenance these despicable acts.

I think I can guarantee that someday the tide will turn. And I hope that when that day comes, the new landlords don’t treat the republicans the way that they treat others.

Thanks for stopping.

Proud to be the Elephant in the Room Google Images


Black and white hydride tea rose with water droplets on it's petals. Svetlana Manic 282267 Unsplash!
Svetlana Manic 282267 Unsplash!



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