The Battle of the 2020 Political Challenge is Guaranteed to be Deadly

High Tech Wizardry Will Consume Wealth Never Seen Before

A Savage Hoax-0f-the-Day is Scheduled for Polarizing Effect

This may not seem to be the beginning it was meant to be but I am going to tackle something BIG! REALLY BIG! And I don’t want to scare you off right away.

I am going to tackle SOCIALISM. Democratic Socialism to be exact.

Now the political season of 2020 has begun. It will be brutal, bloodletting and of extreme importance.  

I hope not to be paying attention. I am not interested in watching the game as concerned with the results.

Since I have to wait until November 8, 2020, to find out the score, I am going to try to occupy my mind with other tasks.

I am turning off my daily headline feed for The New York Times and Washington Post.

Hopefully, I will find other’s I can live without.

I mentioned in an earlier post of the find of “Cognoscenti” from WBUR in Boston as a source of excellent material for posts.

It has not disappointed.

On August 29, 2018, was a commentary “This is What Voters Need to Know About Democratic Socialism”.

I am not going to be concerned regarding how the game is played. I just want to at least try to influence it.

Mr. Rich Barlow writes for Boston University news website. He writes for WBUR’s “Cognoscenti” about once a week.

A few of his current postings:
 1. “How Trump Supporters Justify His Actions: A Thought Experiment”.
  2. “To Stop Clergy Sexual Abuse, The Catholic Church Should Ordain Women”.
 3. “The Republicans Need a New Hero and His Name is Mr.Rogers”.

Excellent articles and sometimes with a twist.

Democratic Socialism was a driving force in the elections of 2018 and is heading in that direction in 2020 again.

“So let’s get to it” as Mr. Chris Cuomo is apt to say.

Mr. Barlow is correct in his assertion that Single-payer health care has become a religion for Democrats running in major states.”

Several Democratic politicians are advocating Medicare for All (M4A is the abbreviation).

We have to find out what we are talking about.

Right-wing shills scream Communism! will be hollered up and down the once hallowed halls. Now that Beto O’Rourke blew his line regarding taking guns away the Republicans will not be shooting blanks

Lest they forget: Wealthy people pay no taxes: 44.4% of US Citizens. THEY PAY NO Federal Income Tax! THAT IS 76.4 MILLION people!

To be accurate we should say that only 76.4 million Americans benefit from Socialism. Correct??

What about corporations. The tax rate for corporations used to be 35%. It is now 21% thanks to the Republicans. This is lower than the 28% of Reagan’s day and people make a LOT MORE MONEY TODAY! Theoretically, they should be paying at a higher rate.

60 corporations did not pay their $16 BILLION IN TAXES. But they did receive a REFUND of over $4 BILLION.

Corporations such as Amazon, Goodyear, Delta Air Lines, IGM, Deere did not pay any – ZERO- taxes.

Before Reagan, these corporations had a tax rate of 28%. Now, YOU ARE THE WINNER IN THIS LOTTERY AND YOU ARE ALLOWED to pay $1 TRILLION TAX BILL and it is not even the end of the Fiscal Year. And you are allowed to pay it by yourself!! With no BILLIONS FROM CORPORATIONS and the 76.4 MILLION PEOPLE WHO PAY NO TAXES!

So please make sure that your children and grandchildren know why you don’t give them toys for Christmas. Because you gave it all to the IRS!

But since Denmark and other Scandinavian countries use such a combination of private/government partnerships we know that isn’t true.

It also not true that Democratic Socialism is socialism.

True socialism is described in this column by the esteemed conservative columnist George Will

He places the true engine of socialism as being the government owning and planning all activities in society.


That is not something the US has to fear now or at any time.

“In Scandinavia, seven out of every 10 workers labor for private enterprise.”

Indeed many, “including the libertarian Cato Institutes that progressive Nobel Prize Winning economist Paul Krugman declares Denmark, a market economy”.

 “The Nordics cluster at the top of league tables of everything from economic competitiveness to social health to happiness.

They have avoided both southern Europe’s economic sclerosis and America’s extreme inequality”. (This article was written in 2013 which allows that it have missed the growing mess of the world order in 2018.)

The Next Supermodel

“Private, multi-payer systems in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands yield top-quality universal care that’s a bargain compared to ours.”

While it had its warts that could have been excised by thoughtful policy changes, the ACA or Obamacare was a model of a multi-payer system.

It has now been so bastardized by trump that we will need to start again.

Thanks for stopping.

Craig Martineau

WISDOM of the DESERT Chapter 5 Mindfulness or Contemplation

The Love God Lavishly Bestows on Us

“The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something “their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”

A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness “on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and “accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

“Mindfulness is the basic human ”ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us”

I just read a post about post-Christianity America and how irrelevant we are to millennials and society at large.

I let out an audible ‘whew’ when he (Benjamin Sledge of “HeartSupport” started to discuss how much better Christianity will be when all the false believers die off and the Christian churches become vibrant again.

It is such a shocker and eye-opener that I have linked to it here if you are interested. It is a well-written piece.

It is also a re-affirmation of what we are reading and studying, how to let the Holy Spirit work in our prayer life and help lead us thru the dark night of the soul (if that is what we desire- it is not a requirement) so that people will Jesus living in us.

Mr. Sledge quotes Dr. Timothy Keller “we are so loved that we don’t despair when we do wrong, but so sinful that we have no right to be puffed up when we do right.” If you read the article at the link you will find that Dr. Keller has some teachings that require the historical Christian church to hesitantly approve of his gospel.

But remember Paul’s cautionary instruction in Philippians 1:18: “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this, I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice,” (NIV).

We started this post by looking at the definition and explanation of Mindfulness.

A Google search will display a graph on how much and how fast Mindfulness has grown in recent years. It is astonishing. The Veteran’s Administration even has an application for your phone to make it easier to use.

But I would ask you (without looking back at definitions of contemplation:

Which do you prefer in your life Mindfulness, or contemplation or both?


2. Which do you think is more necessary for today’s society?


3. Which do you think would have the biggest, best impact on today’s society if a majority were to start practicing it?


St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross were good friends

To continue:

“A Taste of Silence” by Father Carl Arico

“The classic meaning of contemplation is “resting in God.”

“There as two types of contemplation: acquired and infused.”

Father Arico goes into much detail describing all of the terms involved. But I will leave the details to you and spell out as plainly as I can the terms I will be using.

Father Arico states:

Acquired contemplation is the effort we put in under the prompting of the Spirit to rest in the presence of God.

a. This can be concentrative or receptive

i. Examples of concentrative prayer are discursive meditation, visual meditation and affective prayer

ii. In concentrative we use our faculties (imagination, intellect, will) to produce the effect of resting in the presence of God.

iii. “Examples of receptive could be the Jesus Prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner), Christian Zen prayer, or Christian meditation-the repetition of a mantra.”

(The Jesus Prayer is an historical prayer of the Eastern Catholic churches.)

An easier way maybe with a comparison: But remember this exercise in terminology in no way has an effect on your prayer.

It is merely to acquaint you with some terms.

A. In concentrative acquired contemplation, you are concentrating, you are active

B. In receptive acquired contemplation, you don’t try to understand, you don’t try to feel anything, you surrender, you consent. If you get an insight, you let it go. You simply want to be letting everything go for the sake of resting in the Lord.

“Some people as they become more comfortable in simple prayer forms begin to feel uncomfortable with the wordiness of prayer talk. It is a process of being away from discursive prayer and meditation. This doesn’t mean it is bad to use the words and symbols of discursive prayer it just means we are maturing in prayer. We don’t stop with these prayers. They become even more meaningful. It just means there is a simplification taking place.”

Infused contemplation is a gift from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit sees the effort we are making to rest in God’s presence. We can only go so far on our own. Then the Spirit takes over and brings us to deeper rest. All prayer is a gift from God.”

Let’s look at the two opposites. In acquired contemplation, I can say ‘I did this’, ’it had this effect and I’m going to do that again.”

“With infused contemplation, all I really know is that I was there. We are moving without effort, without flaw. In the dance of prayer, we are united, one with God. From this loving union flows a loving knowledge transcending abstract conceptual knowledge. The infused quality of this loving knowledge indicates that it is wholly a gift from God and is totally beyond human capacity. No human effort can bring it about. It is pure gift.”

“Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit priest and paleontologist who took part in the discovery of Peking Man (in 1923–1927).

He defined the gift of the Holy Spirit this way: “To lose oneself in the unfathomable, to plunge into the inexhaustible, to find peace in the incorruptible, to give one’s deepest to him whose depths have no end.”

Now Father Arico gives us a glimpse of where he is leading us-into Centering Prayer.

“Centering prayer (receptive acquired contemplation) is a method to facilitate the development of contemplative prayer by preparing our faculties to cooperate with this gift (infused contemplation).

It is not meant to replace other kinds of prayer. During the time of prayer, we consent to God’s presence and action within us.”

“Centering Prayer is preparing one to receive the gift of infused contemplation if the Spirit so chooses to do so.”

At this point, Father Arico starts exploring what is meant by transformation. In Scripture we hear about a “new creation”, “born again”, “I live now not I but Christ lives in me”, “unless you are born again of water and the Holy Spirit you will not enter the kingdom of God.”

“The new life we are called to has been called “transformation” by contemporary writers.

The process of transformation simply means a complete overhaul by the Spirit within each of us.” The liturgy has a fine summation: “Through him and with Him and in Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all honor and glory is Yours almighty Father, forever and ever. Amen.”

God the potter continues to work in our lives. We need to look at the potter. The potter has to break the old mold in order to replace it with a new one, so we must let go of the old self and replace it with the new.”

We now have an awful tension within us- if we take only part of the message.

We see faithfulness to God as the path to peace and harmony.

But it is also a path of unrest when we must change our preconceived notions of what life is all about. You now see it means accepting the uncertainties of the journey.

Earlier I mentioned St. John of the Cross, he wrote “Dark Night of the Soul.”

“This night is God’s transforming process. The dark is our resistance when we don’t want to change. We arm wrestle with God and fight against changing with all our might.”

As we move thru this dark night, we start to feel our of control. We have felt that we have had our prayer routine scheduled and in good order. Soon the old answers aren’t working anymore. Are you falling apart? Maybe you feel like you are losing your dedication. If you are faithful to your prayer life, you will find that God is moving you into a new way of life.

“You will need to learn that you are not always in control. It does not feel that way, but it is true. Many run from this experience of brokenness. We fear it. Yet it is part of the transformation.”

These transformations are not done by us. “They are being done to us because we are open to remaining in the presence of God. We become open to become what we are called to be.”

We are probably are not even aware of the changes in our life. Other people are. Some may even mention it to us. But this is not something we are ‘working on’. But the Spirit is working on us, and in us and thru us as we begin to live out our calling.

You will notice the difference in your life. Peace will come to your spirit. Joy will come to your heart. Clarity will come to your mind.

In my experience.

Thanks for joining me.
Google Images dual blue roses
Craig Martineau

I am a newbie but a goodie

I have a craving to write. Maybe not well but nonetheless.

When I was much much younger I had a paper route. A very long paper route, especially in the winter. Below zero mornings, even before the windchill was added.

The snow crunching underfoot. That was a welcome sound. This was in the days before the fancy earbuds and other do-dads (let’s say 1950-ish). I could only talk to myself for a short while. Then I would drive myself bonkers.

I would write snippets is the best that I can describe them. Do you think that is why I write such long posts now? Overcompensating for my earlier lack of verbosity? Too bad all the good ones slipped my mind it was so cold.

I am retired. I am tired. My body is kicking me for all the years of abusing it. Do I wish I had treated it better? Nah. Who knew of all the consequences.

Well, I have a book review I have to write.

I hope to see you stop and say ‘hey’. website is

Craig Martineau

The Vietnam of Apocalypse Now – Final Cut

The Ultimate Price Was Paid

Francis Ford Coppola 40 years ago and today at age 80

Valkyries in Norse tradition these women chose who would live in battle and who would die

Valkyries Google Images
Did these Valkyries choose for Mr. Coppola to live and finish his grand trilogy to full honors?

For your viewing pleasure?

If you have not seen the Original Apocalypse Now please view this at the end of your read. And turn your speakers up LOUD!

The Ride of the Valkyries

August 2019


Apocalypse Now 

Is set in late 1969; a newspaper headline places the film just before the first grand jury hearing in the Charles Manson murder case.

It depicts the ruinous nature of the U.S. Intervention in the Vietnam civil war, as well as the wholesale Americanization of the battleground via sophisticated technology, showbiz, drugs, and rock and roll – not to mention paranoia.

Covert-missions operative Captain Benjamin Willard (Martin Sheen) is charged by General Corman (G.D. Spradlin) and a CIA man (Jerry Ziesmer) to cross into Cambodia to “terminate with extreme prejudice” an insane Special Forces colonel, Walter E. Kurtz (Marlon Brando),whose army of Montagnard tribesmen are fighting a war of indiscriminate terror. Traveling up the fictional Nung River in a Navy PBR (Patrol Boat River) Willard and the crew-Chief Phillips (Albert Hall), Chef (Frederic Forrest), Lance (Sam Bottoms), and Clean (Laurence Fishburne, credited here as “Larry”) – witness or participate in a series of horrendous incidents that mostly represent real events from the war.

Redux included scenes that the public hadn’t seen before: Willard’s prank theft of Kilgore’s favorite surfboard, which forces the crew to hide the PBR under a canopy of foliage. Their layover at an abandoned medevac station, where Chef and Lance fool around with two stranded Playmates, played by Colleen Camp and Cyndi Wood. There is an interlude at a plantation run by members of a French colonial family, who appear to be ghosts. Then we hear Kurtz reading to Willard, whom he has captured and caged. Kurtz reads from a propagandist Time magazine article predicting America’s imminent victory in the war.

Final Cut

The Rde of the Valkyries You Tube Audio Library and Google Images
The Ride of the Valkyries             Hear the Choppers                        Fear the Choppers  They had to be the most feared of weapons. Watch the women scrabble to move their children to safety when they heard the whop whop.

Coppola has cut the medevac sequence for Final Cut. “I felt there was a reason to shoot those bizarre little vignettes of those little 18-year-old girls,” he said. “I was trying to show that their being used to titillate people sexually wasn’t a lot different from those 18-year-old boys, [and] the abuse heaped on them when they’re sent to war. However, my instinct now tells me that, in the overall continuity of the movie, that scene [doesn’t belong thematically]. It’s included as an extra [on the Blue-ray] if people want to see it.



Forty years later

Coppola has finally (apparently) put his magnum opus to bed.

Still, the director said, he is unsure how bearing the brunt of Apocalypse Now’s beleaguered $31.5 million production changed him as a man. “Every one of my films was traumatic like that,” he said. “In the case of Apocalypse, I was on the hook for the debt, and in those days interest was 25%. I was scared stiff. I had three kids and no family fortune and no one to turn to, and I was pretty much in a dangerous situation. How does a person feel who has survived mere annihilation? I don’t know.”

“Removing the medevac scene was a good call; it reads as too sexually exploitive for the #MeToo era.” Coppola also cut Kurtz’s reading from Time, another scene that doesn’t play for modern audiences. “When I made the movie, Time was still a very important and feared news outlet,” Coppola said. “It could take you to task, and then hurt you if it wanted to. So I thought it was important to take [the magazine] to task… But now I don’t consider Time as much of a target.


The Time Scene

Which showed Kurtz’s rational side, also detracted from the idea that he has become the embodiment of evil. But Final Cut allays the possibility that Willard could similarly be corrupted by power by retaining the scenes in which Willard steals Kilgore’s surfboard, and, during the French plantation serves as a rest,” Coppola said, “and if the [journey]  going up the river was the same as going back in time, first you go back 40 years, and then after the French plantation, you go back millennium into pre-medieval times.”

“So somehow I was hoping for a version that most crystallized the movie’s theme… When we did Redux, we just put things back in…We never cut it, or shrunk it a little bit, or rebalanced it.”

DUVALL AS THE SURFING COLONEL 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning
DUVALL AS THE SURFING COLONEL ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’

“The way it’s cut now, the [discussion of] all of the history and politics [in Vietnam] is in the background while Willard is looking at Roxanne. That brings back some memory of the original Willard we met at the Saigon hotel room, and you realize he has no wife any longer and that he got divorced, and there is some part of him that’s empty. I felt he could feel alive again…and I thought that was useful to know about him.”

During the conversation at the dinner table, Hubert de Marais (Christian Marquand), the leader of the French family, tells Willard, “You Americans are fighting for the biggest nothing in history.”  This statement resonates more in the post-Communist era than it would have in 1979. “It’s absolutely true,” Coppola said. “Even our president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, wanted, if Ho Chi Minh agreed, to help resist the Japanese and defeat the Japanese. He intended Vietnam to be given back to the Vietnamese. It’s only because the British took the surrender of the Japanese that Vietnam was turned over to the French…Essentially, the Vietnamese war was basically fought for nothing. All it did was bring misery both to the Vietnamese and the Americans…It was absolutely pointless…a war fought for no reason.”


Coppola often likens the making of Apocalypse Now- bringing a massive Hollywood machine to the movie’s Philippine locations – to the American incursion in Vietnam.  During filming, he actually compared himself to Kurtz. “If I didn’t say it, believe me, someone else would have,” he said. “When I made The Godfather, the first thing people said was, “Oh, Coppola’s just like Michael Corleone, cold and Machiavellian. Or, he’s just like Kurtz, a megalomaniac.” Or, “just like Preston Tucker [the automobile inventor of Tucker: “The Man and His Dream], a mad entrepreneur.”  I was always tarred with the same brush of the character I was featuring in a movie.”

Marlon Brando


Another face of Kurtz – how many did you count?

Added to Coppola’s frustration when he joined the cast and crew. Though he’d been perfectly professional while making The Godfather with Coppola, when he arrived in the Philippines to play Kurtz, he wasn’t ready. Production was held up for several days as he and Coppola debated the character.

After two weeks, a despairing Coppola told his cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro, that he might abandon the production altogether. The Brando’s brilliant improvisations, based on his and Coppola’s discussions, began to bear fruit. Coppola now looks back on the actor with affection. “People say he gave me trouble, but he was an extraordinary man who made an extraordinary contribution with his creativity and his genius,” he said. “Sure he came overweight and behaved like a big, spoiled kid-but the fact that I even got to know him in my life is a privilege.”

Dennis Hopper, cast as the crazed American photojournalist who has become Kurtz’s apologist, had meanwhile energized Coppola and his crew – but Hopper, couldn’t or wouldn’t learn his lines, which meant his greeting the PBR at Kurtz’ compound required at least 54 takes!

Dennis Hopper is the photojournalist
Photojournalist appears in three scenes

Chopper on the Attack, looking for
Choppers on the Attack. Looking for Surf!

“The cut of a film is a magical thing”

Francis Ford Coppola has been quoted as saying, “After all, a movie is an illusion, and what makes the illusion come alive could be a matter of maybe taking out six frames in one sequence-that might do the trick. I used to tell my kids that in getting a cigarette lighter to work, you might have to change the flint, put in more fluid, pull the wick out, and keep doing little things. So me feeling was that to get Apocalypse Now to light up as an experience for the audience just required some tweaking.”

The 80-year-old director has, in fact, removed more than six frames from his hallucinatory Vietnam War Epic, which is returning to theaters on August 19th and on home video on August 27 – in its third incarnation- 40 years after its initial release. The metaphor-laden movie has not only been lavishly restored but significantly trimmed; Final Cut as the latest version is subtitled, is 20 minutes shorter than the 202-minutes extended edition, Apocalypse Now Redux that Coppola birthed in 2001.


“When I was asked [by the distributor, Lionsgate,] which version I wanted to show this time, I knew I didn’t want to show the [147-minutes 1979 version]'” Coppola said. “I felt that in my lust to make it shorter and less weird back then, I removed so many important things. When we did Redux, we just put things back in – but I was troubled about showing that version this time, because really feel that, for many people and even for the theme of the film, it required more time than seemed right to me. I knew I wanted to balance Redux a little better.”


He had a severe heart attack that required his son Charlie to go to the Philippines and nurse him back to health.

Comments and Vietnam Footnotes

I was in the U.S. Army (actually the Army of the United States, i.e. a draftee not RA -regular army). I spent one year nine months and some nits and lice at Fort McClellan AL, Home of the Army Chemical Corps and the WACS (Women’s Army Corps).

Fort McClellan was closed in 1999 due to dioxin contamination (Agent Orange that was used to defoliate the jungles in Vietnam). I am still processing a disability claim for that nightmare.

A fascinating scene in the movie when the five F105 Phantom jets laid down the napalm so that Lt. Colonel Kilgore could go surfing uninterrupted in Viet Cong territory.

I did a blog post on my website and I copied it to Medium “Blood Money, Keep the Tiny Humans Alive.”

Some research I did for that post:

  1. The post was my reaction to a Facebook friend lamenting that his children had to undergo ‘Active Shooter Drills.” What that must do to our young minds and spirits. 
  2. I had an AHA! moment when I was writing the post – how did we ever get the 1% to kill the war?
  3. Crystal Clear problem, Crystal Clear solution.
  4. I shall let you just read the post if you don’t mind because I found it riveting in light of the movie that I rewatched last night. The 1979 version.
  5. My Framework of the Argument regarded Blood Money and Blood Diamonds. We accepted the fact that we were giving up our rights so that the  1% could make their fortunes. Prior to Reagan in the 1980s – he emasculated the middle class with his huge tax cuts – we continue to grumble unabated still about the Blood Money and the Blood Diamonds. These are not the Blood Diamonds of Sierra Leone but our children and grandchildren!
  6. I quoted Rhett Butler in that blog post. Margaret Mitchell’s Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. Rhett told Scarlett “I told you once before that there were two times for making big money, one in building up of a country and the other in its destruction. Slow money on the upbuilding, fast money in the crackup.” There is a little more to than but I want to share some momentous news.
  7. An aside if you will forgive me. I read a piece of news yesterday. The Koch Brothers – the arch-conservatives have decided that a single-payer health system will save big bucks.
  8. National Guardsmen killed 4 people at Kent State University on May 4th,
    This is on display at the Rubin Museum Google Images
    This is on display at the Rubin Art Museum

    1979. There were 29 Guardsmen who fired 67 bullets, injuring 9 people in addition to the 4 that were killed. Some weren’t even in the protest group. “4 Dead in Ohio” Crosby, Stills, Nash (I don’t remember if Young was part of the group at that time).

  9. There were protests all across the country. The biggest was The March on the Pentagon on October 21, 1967 (I was graduated from high school the next spring). 2,500 soldiers (not Guardsmen) faced off against 100,000 protesters, Flower Power was born that day!
  10. I believe the music of those days brought us all together for a common mission. Read the list of songs and artists. Amazing that so much good music was written in such a short time and is still popular today.
  11. On January 20, 1965, Lyndon Baines Johnson takes the oath of office upon the assassination of JFK. He started the major buildup of the War shortly thereafter. In 1964 there were 23,300 American advisors in Vietnam. By 1966 there were 563,000 troops. By 1973 there were 50.
  12. Ken Burns and Lynn Novick previewed “The Vietnam War” in Duluth MN at the Train Depot downtown.  It was shown at the PBS station on September 10th, 2017.
  13. It debuted nationwide on PBS stations on September 17th.
  14. I see the ruination of a whole generation of men and women who served when I go to the VA Clinic in Superior. I was there on Monday so it is fresh in my mind.





This video clip is a treat from me and the storyteller. He is magnificent 😉

The Magnificent Storyteller

I got hooked on the Valkyries. Those are the Norse ladies that determine who lives and ho dies in battle. Whoever dies they escort them to Odin.

Valkyries in Norse tradition these women chose who would live in battle and who would die

Valkyries in Norse tradition these women chose who would live in battle and who would die

Valkyries Google Images
Did these Valkyries choose for Mr. Coppola to live and finish his grand trilogy to full honors?

Written by: Craig Martineau August 2019

A warrior not – not then and not now.

But a heavy heart does not rest well.

I wonder if a Valkyrie will carry this mortally wounded soldier to Valhalla?

I believe that this movie or at least the clips should be shown to all seniors in high school.

I believe that young people are brought up so many videos game where soldiering and

dying have no consequence. It does not bode well for our country if no one is there to see

real bloodshed.

This is a video made by a Marine who spent his time in Vietnam new the Cambodia border. The camp was staffed by about 300 Montagnard tribesmen and 12 U.S. troops.

As in the movie Apocalypse Now, this was a Special Forces Unit. Everything the narrator talks about is in the movie.

Saigon Night Life


The Full Flavor will Blow Your Mind – COFFEE NOW!!

Treat Your Tastebuds to the Bottom of the Cup!!

Energize with the Simple, Amazing Flavor!

696 words 2 min 32 sec reading time

A new blog for all the caffeine crazy people in your world. Please let your friends know or I will personally tell them you knew this AND didn’t tell them:

  1. Jack Daniels is now making whiskey-infused coffee. You have to be 21 to access this website.

2. There is now a line of quality coffee and tea that come in compostable pods and packaging with plant-based inks. While that isn’t news this IS: Brewbudz comes with edible cannabis. And the pods fit in your Keurig! Same here: you have to be 21 to enter this website. Sorry, Skeeter.

brewbudz marijuana infused coffee and tea

3. According to GomerBlog, coffee is now OK to keep at nurses’ stations in hospitals.
Yes, the Joint Commission, the people that approve the rules hospitals have to live by, found that heavy fines levied against hospitals that allowed caffeinated beverages at nurses’ stations finally had the desired effect. All hospitals banned coffee from nurses’ stations.
However, their statisticians found increased sloppiness, more errors on reports and an increase of residents yawning in patients’ faces. After years of fighting the good fight they finally relented, and the deans of medical education are happy to announce that nurses and residents are now working better together.

4. Of course, #3 is satire for those residents versed in the arts.

I worked in the coffee industry in a roasting plant for fifteen years and I can assure you that there are many healthful benefits to drinking coffee.

Coffee is my drug of choice

Rather than take my word for it, I did a diligent search for empirical data to bolster my claim.

The Andressen family of ARCO coffee

I found several source documents, but I will start with the big guns. by Martin Egnash “ How Much Coffee Does  a Soldier Need to Maximize Alertness?” June 15, 2018

I do not see which types of coffee they are recommending, (here is a list, along with 6 fine articles to whet your whistle.) HOWEVER, I did not see the Greek coffee listed. It is a strong black coffee ground exceedingly fine – like flour.) The article also doesn’t list how strong they brewed it, how long it has been standing (old coffee? Yuck!), and so on. Then we get into the algorithm thing needed to calculate all the variables.

Well, I am here to assure you that your United States Army has an app for that. Yes, Sir!


It will take into account your innate sensitivity to the brew, and determines how much, and WHEN to consume caffeine to maximize benefits and keep those pesky jitters at bay.

The app will be available via smartphone that will enable you to “predict current and future alertness and cognitive performance based on a series of psychomotor vigilance task (PVT)tests, your sleep, and caffeine intake data.”

Now doesn’t that just sound like the U.S Army? I know you will ask the most obvious question – how many men and women serve in the military?

On January 23, 2019, there were close to 1.4 million people serving in the U.S Armed Forces. That means that 0.4 percent of the American population is active military personnel.


As of 2014, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimates there were 22 million military veterans in the  U.S. population. If you add their figures to the active personnel, 7.3 % of all living Americans have served at some point.

An interesting tidbit: at the height of the Vietnam War over 500,000 personnel served in-country.

A tidbit: more than half of all veterans are over 60 right now.

But we were talking about coffee.

Dr. Jaques Reifman, at the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, said that alertness can be improved by 64%!

He also noted that when you drink coffee plays as much of a role as the amount.

This link will get you to the tool – sort of. The address for the 2B-Alert Web app is but you will need to put in your username and password, pesky regs.

But the tool is still being developed. It doesn’t say what kind of coffee has the most caffeine either.

But I knew you would ask so I put a link HERE for the amount of caffeine, not only in coffee but soda, tea, etc.

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Image of Red Rose by Svetlana Music Unsplash

Immediately The Absolute Lowest Zinger – Part 5

‘The Never Again’ Say the Furious Ones

The Vulgar, Vicious Ones Crave More

from my hubpages blog post

1423 words 5 min 3 sec read time

republished May 12, 2019

I have been writing about trump since at least March of 2015. The research has been grueling but enlightening. Entertaining as I learned the tricks of the master fraud and disheartening as I have seen how many people still follow him.

What will be the outcome of the 2020 election. If he loses the vote will he surrender his throne as the preeminent facist American has known?

I did not realize that extremely intelligent scientists were studying the very topics that I was researching in my quest to understand.

I have only scratched the surface of all the studies that are available.

As you have read I am partial to the work of Dr. Bobby Azarian as published in Psychology Today.

Also David Dunning of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

And so many other brilliant researchers that have been able to pinpoint the exact tools trump uses to bamboozle his loyalists.

These aren’t all stupid or dumb people. They are United States Senators and United States Congressman. Obviously many follow the follow money spread out by Russia as it seeks to dismantle its most feared enemy.

But then, how can Americans, many of them military, lay down their oaths they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and see it trampled by trump, putin and other despots.

Surely, there will be a serious hotseat in hell that awaits them.

How to understand why people would choose to follow trump. Why would they follow him after two years into his presidency when he was making me gag on his criminality?

How Trump hoodwinked his supporters

Dr. Azarian wrote an article that appeared in “Alternet” on July 23, 2018. The heading read:

“Those who score low on political knowledge overestimate their expertise more when greater empahsis is on political affliation.”

I stated this in the last post a different way “People that think they know what they are talking about, (those in trump’s sphere of influence) rarely know what they don’t know!

Does that make sense?

Maybe I should say “too dumb to know that they are too dumb”. A bit harsh? Maybe. This, you will recall, is the DUNNING-KRUGER EFFECT.

A new study by Ian Anson, a political scientist at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, ‘found that the Dunning Kruger Effect applies to politics, but it also appears to be exacerbated when partisan identies are more salient.’


Maybe try this: The more emphasis that is placed on political affiliation, the more those who score low on political knowledge the more they overestimate their expertise.

Is that better?

“Perhaps this helps explain why trump supporter seem to be tricked into believing obvious falsehoods.” Daniel Efron, London Business School, associate professor organizational behavior, Why Trump Supporters Don’t Mind His Lies, New York Times, April 28, 2018.

Deliver ‘alternative facts’ boisterously and sprinkle in some ‘dog whistles’ that appeal to their baser instincts and we see results like these:

“In 2016 and experiment found that 45% of Republicans believe the Affordable Care Act included ‘death panels’ and a 2015 study found that 54 percent of Republican primary voters believed then President Barach Obama to be a Muslim.”

Perhaps the scariest study was the one that found only 25% of Republicans believe human activity contributes to climate change.

Even more scary  is the study that showed that in just two years 2015 to 2017 Republicans came to believe that 58% say that a college education “negatively impacts’ the state of the nation!

The last time I recall these activites George Wallace was hammering out ‘dog whistles’ to drump up support for his run at the presidency. An assassin’s bullet felled him before the votes were cast.

Now that we recognize these voices from the past have not been quieted or change how do we move on?

Fear-mongering is a powerful tool that has been used for a very long time. Fear has been the number 1 go-to emotion.

But the new tool of the political right is ANGER. It is the new tool to divide and conquer.

The politics of fear are pretty well understood so I will insert some scientific stuff now.

In the Journal ‘Cell Biology’ studies show that ‘liberalism is associated with a larger volume of gray matter in the anterior cingulate cortex. Conservatism is associated with an increase in the size of the right amygdala (but not the left amygdala).You can review the findings in this edition of Current Biology

I will leave this topic with this tidbit: “Stronger liberalism is associatated with increased sensitivity to cues for altering a habitual pattern.”

For those that value nit-picking this is an excellent place to start.

MRI scans of 90 healthy young adults (61% female) who self reported their political attitudes from ‘very liberal’ to ‘very conservative’.

To really explore the neurological makeup of politics please start with this PowerPoint

Conservative respond to threatening situations with more aggression than do liberals and are more sensitive to threatening facial expressions.

Trump is constantly fueling anger towards the media, and liberals whenever he feels he is being treated unfairly. The Washington Post lays out many of trump’s triggers and discusses their implications

Dr. Suhay (Elizabeth Suhay Ph.D. and Cengiz Erisen of American University are authors of an anger study and its role in political formation. Their results “suggest that both conservatives and liberals are experiencing great biased assimilation of political information.” To find out how anger fuels our political beliefs I suggest you dig into this a little bit.

A name you should familiarize yourself Glen Gerher Ph.D. How did we get so polarized and how do we undo it.

Trump is using oppenents toward more extreme political stances that are less popular with the average voter. We are starting to see this with the Democrats as they wrestle with impeachment or some other course of action. Of course we have to ask, can we stay calm rather than let our feathers get ruffled over trump’s hateful messages and his appeals to tribalism?

So what’s next? Anger feeds the beast.

How do this all play out?

My great fear is how long will it take this country to stand tall again? How long will it take to right the ship of state.

It will never be held in the high regard it once was. It will never again be a beacon on a hill for other nations to follow.

How will our young people turn from the bitterness, the hatred, the anger, the atrocious deeds inspired by this lout?

Generations will ponder the solutions. I just hope they are smarter than I.

It is a subject that has turned my head inside out. The answers from this research are now starting to make sense.

How people could 1: believe in him in the first place; 2: vote for him; 3: continue to hold him up as the next messiah even though he has stomped on their dreams and finances so many times.

I have mentioned that I have relied on articles by Dr. Bobby Azarian, a neuroscientist, titled “Mind in the Machine” for documentation. I have also relied on my published posts for topics and research materials.

Some of the blog posts I have published on ‘’ are:

“How do I Understand? aka New Information into Old Thinking” “How do we Recover? The Rise of the Intolerants”

“Who is this Man? akaRepitition Makes it So”

“NEVERMORE” Anguished

“My Rant 3 Let’s Talk” “Temper Tantrum”

“Cognitive Dissonance” Series

“Bossman” Series

and many more.

I think you will find that a majority of posts to this site are in some way connected to trump. I hope this post draws them together so that they are not so far-flung and disorderly.

I had hoped this series would be a catharsis and I would be able to cast trump and his rats from my spirit. But I now fear that may not be so.

My hope is in the women. My hope is in the young people. My hope is in the millenlials whose own hope in earning a piece of the American Dream is dimming.

Hopefully they will step forward and step up to cast this blight and restore the old order in a new form.

I hope that never again will people not carry out their duty, their responsibility to seriously consider for whom they cast their vote.

The activities that have brought this division in our country to light are beyond counting. The upheaval is beyond measure.

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Immediately The Absolute Lowest Zinger – Part 4

‘Never Again’ Say the Furious Ones

The Vulgar, Vicious Ones Crave More

from my hubpages blog post

1033 words 3 min 46 read time

I started researching and studying material on trump more than a year ago. Actually my first blog post was in Google’s Blogger in May 2016. I communicated with one other person regarding my dire misgivings regarding trump. I wish I had saved those original thoughts. Craig Martineau

republished 5/10/2019 (originally published on Hubpages January 2019)

I started this series as a continuation of two posts I had made on another blog “

How do I Understand? aka New Information into Old

How do We Recover? The Rise of the


In the Prologue to this series, I defined “Deep State” as it was originally used and how I transferred the power of these words to be Trump’s activities since it describes “a clandestine

 network entrenched inside the government “. (

In addition to the research I have done since the time trump started to run for the primary nomination (approximately March 2015), I have leaned heavily into the work of Dr. Bobby Azarian, a neuroscientist, for the post.

Dr. Azarian’s work is “Mind into Machine” and appeared in Psychology Today.

Dr. Azarian uses works by UC Santa Cruz psychologist and professor Thomas Pettigrew, psychologist Sheldon Solomon‘s work “Terror Management Theory” and psychologist David Dunning’s work “The Dunning-Kruger Effect“.

The first posts in this series discussed Dr. Azarian’s topics:

 Practicality Trumps Morality

 The Brain’s Attention System is more Strongly Engaged by Trump

 America’s Obsession with Entertainment and Celebrities

 “Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn”

 The Fear Factor: Conservatives are more Sensitive to Threats

 The Dunning-Kruger Effect: Humans often Overestimate Their Political Expertise

 Relative Deprivation – A Misguided Sense of Entitlement

 Lack of Exposure to Dissimilar Others

 Trump’s Conspiracy Theories Target the Mentally Vulnerable

Moving On

I am going to continue with a few new topics. The last post in this series will complete Dr. Azarian‘s main topics and I will introduce a few new ones.

10. Trump Taps into the Nation’s Collective Narcissism:

This narcissism is the shared belief “in the greatness of one’s national group”. We have seen how the unrealistic belief, I label it a curse, has been unleashed many times in our history.

A study published in 2017 in the Journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science found a direct link ‘direct link between national collective narcissism and support for Donald Trump’ by Thomas F Pettigrew.

“Collective Narcissism involves negative attitudes and aggression toward ‘outside’ groups who are perceived as threats.”

Trump “exacerbates collective narcissism with his anti-immigrant, anti-elitist, and strongly  nationalist rhetoric.”

He refers to his supporters as true patriots or “real Americans” and pushes his brand of superiority, success and wealth.

12. The Desire to Want to Dominate Others:

This desire is “a distinct trait similar to an authoritarian personality.” It “refers to people who have a preference for the social hierarchy of groups.”

These groups have a high social status and trumpet their dominance over low-status groups. These people are “typically dominant, tough-minded, and driven by self-interest”.

A 2016 study in “Science Direct” compared cognitive (relating too) ability and authoritarianism to understand support for Trump and Clinton.

Some of the first recollections I had of trump was his “grand sense of self” especially as he compared himself to others.

I cannot imagine how people work for this man. He is domineering, ‘bossy’, heartless and I could go on and on.

This study test “two ideological beliefs, right-wing authoritarianism, and social dominance orientation.

The results are illuminating.

High right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance predicted that people had more favorable attitudes of trump.

Lower cognitive ability predicted that people would have greater intentions to vote for trump and lower intentions to vote for Clinton.

Why is this not a surprise? I believe this study and others point to results I think are pretty self- evident.

As we go to the next points, try to tie them back, in your mind, to earlier discussion threads to see if you too find the truths almost self-evident.

13. Authoritarian Personality:

This explains trump’s and also his follower’s tendencies to be obsessed with rulers like Putin, Xi Jinping, and Duterte of the Philipines.

Please take note that ‘authoritarianism refers to the advocacy of strict obedience to authority

at the expense of personal freedom and is associated with the lack of concern for the opinions or needs of others”.

Authoritarianism is not only displayed by the ruler, i.e. trump, but also by his supporters.

As trump drags our federal workers through his shutdown not only does his disregard for the welfare of others shine through his actions but we see the same characteristics in many of the Republican legislators that don’t stand up even for their own constituents.

Wikipedia defines ‘authoritarian personality’ as a belief in total and complete obedience to authority. It is displayed in “aggression to outgroup members, submissiveness to  authority resistance to new experiences and a rigid hierarchical  view of society.”

“Authoritarianism is triggered by a fear which makes it easy for leaders who exaggerate threats or fear monger to gain their allegiance.”

In my post “How do we Recover? The Rise of the Intolerants we see that these people are willing to overthrow the democracy they were raised in for a total and usually cruel rule of a dictator.

I think the relationship between Hitler and Joseph Goebbels illustrates this precisely (see my blog post “Who is the Man? aka Repetitions Make It” dated August 8, 2018.)

Goebbels slavishly followed Hitler and lifted him in grand spectacles of the Third Reich.

If you are interested in an in-depth study of authoritarianism I recommend: “The F Scale as a Predictor of Fascism: An Overview of 40 Years of Authoritarian Research” . The author is Joseph Meleon

Trump laces his speech with absolutist terms like “losers” and “complete disasters”. His loyal supporters lap this slop up like rabid dogs.

Matthew Mac Williams in a Politico article, defined the trait predicts whether you are a trump supporter. In fact, that is the title of his article “The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter published January 17, 2018.

Care to guess the trait? Authoritarianism followed by terrorism.

Trump plays directly to these inclinations of his supporters at his pep rallies.

A surprising fact: the political scientist Professor Marc Hetherington found that authoritarianism matters more than income, ideology, gender, age, and education ” that predicted whether voters preferred Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.”

Max Boot in The Washington Post December 11, 2018 America Now has a Party of Authoritarianism ” after 14 years of polling, authoritarians have steadily moved from the Democratic to the Republican Party.”

The Corruption of the Republican Party George Packer December 14, 2018 The Atlantic.

I have written two blog posts on trump  as a bossman Bossman  Nov 15 , 2018 and Bossman Part 2 Nov 18, 2018. I stole the ideas (and the graphic) from Dushan Skorich.

In the last post in this series I will attempt to wrap up the salient points and further impress upon you what is at stake in the election of 2020.

Thanks for stopping.


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Immediately The Absolute Lowest Zinger – Part 3

‘Never Again’ Say the Furious Ones

The Vulgar, Vicious Ones Crave More

from my hubpages blog post

1019 words 3 min 43 sec read

republished May 12, 2019

I can’t stop. I originally published this post in Hubpages in January 2019. I have been  researching and studying the material for over a year. Hopefully you will find it as addicting and SCARY as I have. Craig Martineau

In the Prologue, I explained my choice of the title: Trump’s Deep State. The’s definition of ‘deep state’ we found that the origin of the term is from the secret Turkish network known as derindevlet.

This group was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with the purpose of undertaking clandestine acts to preserve the current government structure.

If you have followed Rudy Guglani’s antics on television trying to obfuscate the activities (most illegal) of the trump administration you have seen how trump is using the deep state to subvert the government of the United States of America.

The Last Hurrah

I keep saying I am going to clean out my WordPress blog of all the political stuff so that I can unhook myself from the depressing topic of trump.

But one last hurrah – this series may be my catharsis – I hope.

I have spent over a year researching the question: “How did Trump attract such a following, why, and why do they continue to support him?”

This series will be my final post on the downfall of America. However, I retain the right to comment again as that day gets closer.

I have to find a real part-time job so I can supplement our Social Security income. THAT isn’t much fun to live on.

I believe that trump (Note the t is not capitalized. I cannot give him even that much respect.) will dismantle the federal government. The Republicans will grab the pieces and privatize them. That is their ticket for staying with trump. They will get rich of the skeleton.

How can I say that?

Just today in the  Huffington Postthere is an article titled ” Republicans Cynically Demonized Government for Decades. The Shutdown Belongs to them.” (dated Jan 23, 2019).

Several bits from that post: Reagan’s catchphrase  that Republicans still parrot “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Republican plutocrats like “the Koch brothers have spent millions convincing ordinary Americans that government is the enemy”.

They have been successful. “A 2015 Gallup poll showed that 57% of Americans favor reducing the size of government.”

A real telltale doozy “Cut it or shut it” Mike Pence chortled in 2011.

A jarring tidbit “96 percent of trump supporters expressed generalized anger at federal policies.”

Real scary but true “many Americans who benefit from government assistance are literally in denial. “The classic example is the angry constituent who told his congressman “Keep your government hands off my Medicare. But this ignorance is too pervasive to amuse.

In 2011, Cornell political scientist Suzanne Mettler surveyed the number of recipients of government benefits who deny receiving benefits. The current political circumstance is an existential threat to American democratic order.

The numbers are shocking: depending on the program, they include a range of 50 to 65 percent of those that benefit from 529 tuition savings plans, the home mortgage deduction, student loans, or childcare tax credits; 40 to 50 percent of those receiving Social Security, Pell Grants, unemployment insurance, veterans’ benefits; and 25 to 40 percent of those receiving Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps.”

“Left unanswered was whether these folks believed their benefactor was the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy!”

These delusions are particularly prevalent in red states, which contribute the least in federal revenues and rely most heavily on federal services.”

You will note that Republicans are the ones most frequently scapegoating federal employees.

An article by heralds the statement that the trump admin is planning on many more weeks of the shutdown.

One last tidbit showing the immense control trump has over the republican party. “The RNC just voted unanimously” to cancel the 2020 Republican Primary so trump would be able to run unopposed.

Back to Dr. Bobby Azarian:

8. Relative Deprivation – A Misguided Sense of Entitlement:

This is a main topic of one of my blog posts.

“Relative deprivations refers to the experience of being deprived of something to which you believed that you are entitled to.”

“It is the discontent felt when you compare your position in life to others” who you feel are unequal or inferior to you. But these people have more success than you.

This is common in “swing states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.”

These feelings can be economic, racial, immigrant-based. These feelings ignore the fact you are not keeping pace with the ‘accelerating pace of education.

I cover this subject in a blog post “Capitalism Overreach and the West Virginia Coal Mines” explores how we will repeat the plight of the coal miners. They saw the 20th Century pass them by.

We will witness this as the Fourth Industrial Revolution pass our citizens by.

9. Lack of Exposure to Dissimilar Others:

“Racial and ethnic isolation of Whites at the zip-code level is one of the strongest predictors of trump support.” Enough said.

10. Trump’s Conspiracy Theories Target the Mentally Vulnerable:

They may appear to be just odd quirks in modern society but the followers of crackpot allies of trump “and like Alex Jones and the shadowy QAnon” some may have psychological illnesses like paranoia, delusions like schizophrenia, or at least are vulnerable to them.

I wondered as I read that farmers in Iowa have been kicked in the teeth by trump but will still vote for him. Do they suffer from this?

The link between schizotypy and belief in conspiracy theories is well-established. A study in the Journal “Psychiatry Research shows that this condition is still very prevalent in the population.

Other things this personality type may believe in magical thinking, the government created the AIDS epidemic, etc.

Trump and his media allies target these people directly.”

Visit the alt-right websites and discussion boards to the evidence of this manipulation.

There are additional topics that range from trump tapping into the nation’s narcissism to understanding the racist brain.

I will follow up with those and more shortly.

Thanks for stopping.


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A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trump’s Support | Psychology Today



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Social Psychological Perspectives on Trump Supporters



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A neuroscientist explains how Trump and his media allies stir up paranoid delusions in vulnerable pe


Capitalism Overreach The West Virginia Coal Mines

Immediately the Absolute Lowest Zinger – Part 2

‘Never Again’ Say the Furious Ones

The Vulgar, Vicious Ones Crave More

from my hubpages blog post

571 words 2 min 5 sec read

Published May 11, 2019

This post is part of a series that I published in Jan 2019.
I have studied and researched material on trump since March 2015. I hope that I will be able to find that material.
The events of the last few weeks increase the urgency of republishing this material so that ‘normal’ people, who may not give a hoot about politics have a touchstone where they can find out how trump amassed his loyalists, to include senators and congressman, and how he keeps them in line.

This post is surgically removed from a post published in Hubpages in January. I also added a little more meat to meat to flesh out some earlier hints as to the direction we are heading.

I am leaning heavily on articles by Dr. Bobby Azarian published in Psychology Today. He also leans on fellow researcher David Dunning for the Dunning- Kruger Effect.
I realize that this material is above the reading level in which I usually publish. In fact, as I re-read it is absolutely brutal to understand. But I hope that you will bear with me.

Perhaps you will even offer suggestions on how I can make this presentation easier to read inside of being the heavy tome that it is.

Hopefully, this series will be a catharsis. I want to put my angst about trump to bed at least until it gets closer to the elections.

I am sure you are aware of how taxing his pronunciations can be: without merit, without sound reasoning and without a shred of good public speaking skills. In addition, his shills such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Bill Barr, Ruby Guiliani, Bob Jordan, Mark Meadows et al. add to his crassness and bellicosity.

Let’s crank up this machine again and move along in our effort to dismantle trump.

A short review:
I have appropriated trump’s term ‘Deep State’ to describe how his machinations have infiltered and seized the inner workings of our government from food safety inspections (the lack thereof); barbaric treatment of immigrants especially along our Southern Border; his idiotic foreign policy which relies on his supposed personal relationships which dictators and fascists.

A case in point is the increase in the tariffs on Chinese imports. To quell their appropriation of our technology he beats up the average American citizen instead of fashioning policies to deal with the actual problems.

China retaliates by not purchasing our farmers’ soybeans because he did not target the real item of his wrath so now he puts farmers on welfare and pays them what they would have earned had he not deconstructed the market system.

Oh, I could go on but let’s return to how and what means trump has used to get the US into this mess.

In addition to Dr. Azarian’s research and others that I mention in this series, I need to make you aware of even stronger research.

An article in The Washington Post on January 23, 2016, by Jacob Bogage, tells the story of neuroscientist Ryan McGarry who applies so electrodes to your head, show you a video clip and can tell who you are going to vote for. SCARY?

Maybe we can discover how trump won without dissecting millions of brains.

An article in Politico Magazine by David Dunning on May 2016 introduces us to the
Dunning-Kruger Effect

A brief glimpse at this postulate and then we will come back to it.
The Dunning Kruger Effect states: Humans often Overestimate Their Political Expertise. Indeed people are unaware of how misinformed they actually are!.

Other points that we need to consider:
The Power of Mortality Reminders and Perceived Existential Threats
Relative Deprivation – A Misguided Sense of Entitlement
Lack of Exposure to Dissimilar Other
Trump’s Conspiracy Theories Target the Mentally Vulnerable.

I tried to make this short since the preceding posts have been pretty ugly. I hope that you will refresh and come back to join me for more of this series.

Thanks for stopping.


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The Vulgar, Vicious Ones Crave More

Immediately the Absolute Lowest Zinger


from my hubpages blog post552 Words  2 min 1 sec read

republished May 10, 2019

Trump doesn’t like the term ‘Deep State’. He thinks it ‘sounds so conspiratorial’ (‘The Hill Rising’ with Krystal & Buck January 16, 2019).

I can’t let go.  There is just somethin’… These posts are based on more than a year’s research. I originally posted them on Hubpages in January 2019. Craig Martineau

Deep State “What Does it Mean”

‘Deep State is believed to be a clandestine network entrenched inside the government.” ( as derin devlet.

This group was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with the purpose of undertaking clandestine acts to preserve the current government structure.

2019 Derivative

Deep State today is usually used in the context of Trump’s enemies.

I have turned him on his head and use it to describe HIS activities, personnel HE uses to subvert the government of the United States of America.

Last weekend, Friday, January 11th, 2019 The New York Times started an avalanche of articles, discussions, and arguments with the story on Trump as an asset of Russia.

This was an exciting story over the weekend. But it was nothing new to me. I have believed since at least March or May of 2015 when I started to write a blog exposing him as a malignant narcissist and enemy of the United States. I am searching for that material so I can reprint it.

It is an important background to my current belief that trump is doing no less than dismantling the Federal Government!

I believe it explains the expose by The New Times, the actions of trump in starting and prolonging this shut down of the Federal Government. I believe it also explains why the Republicans have not come to the aid of the United States.

The Republicans or Republicrooks as I have named them are aiding and abetting his conspiracies and criminality because they will snatch up the pieces that are left and privatize those parts to their great profit.

So What Are Your Thoughts???

My Post after MUCH Jamming and Studying

I have not understood how trump (notice the ‘t’ is not capitalized) is able to keep up to 45% of the US voting population tied to his apron strings.

I have written at least two posts to my WordPress blog ‘’. “How Do I Understand? aka New Information into Old Thinking”. The second post is “How do We Recover: The Rise of the Intolerants.

I found an article in the online magazine “Cognoscenti” that had an article by Julie Wittes Schlack. Julie Wittes Schlack I Keep Trying To Understand Trump Voters, But I Keep Failing | Cognoscenti She distills the information from a book “Strangers in their Own Land” by Arlie Russell Hochschild. Arlie Russell Hochschild “Strangers in Their Own Land “| The New Press The crux of the book is that people shoehorn new information into old beliefs. This causes them to vote against their own best interests.

An example is that they will vote against their economic needs to fulfill their emotional needs!

“The Deep Story” on these people stays “focused on the American Dream: the idea that, if you work hard and play by the rules, you can have a better life,”

In the 21st Century their long-held dream is now shattered!

I will spell that out more clearly in the next post on this subject.

The next major AHA! moment I had while trying to untangle the mystery of trump’s supporters (I have named them ‘jockstraps’). This moment is revealed in my post “How Do I Understand? New Information into Old Thinking.

Another blockbuster (to my mind) is my post  “How do We Recover? The Rise of the Intolerants”.

I found an article by Noah Berlatsky “The Trump Effect: New Study connects White American Intolerance and Support for Authoritarianism.”The Trump Effect by Noah Berlatsky

Mr. Berlatsky’s “research suggests that when intolerant white people fear democracy they abandon their commitment to democracy“.

Hillary Clinton decried the ‘Deplorables” during the campaign of 2016. I now call them the ‘Intolerants.”

This theory is also described in greater length later in this series of posts but it distills down to ” I am entitled to my dream which promises a living and certain comforts. I will not let people less than me (blacks and browns) come in and take that dream from me. (Reason #8 see in the next post.)


Continued in the next post

Please follow me as we will delve into the reasons why trump’s ‘Deep State’ acts as they do.

I will use as the base of discussion the works of Dr. Bobby Azarian in “Psychology Today”.

Thanks for stopping.


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© 2019 Craig

Homeless, Disabled, Forgotten American Veterans Survived at an Enormous Cost!

It’s Simple: Homeless American Veterans Survived Jaw-Dropping Odds

Survival is ‘How To #1’ for Homeless Disabled Vets

785 words 2 min 49 seconds

What in the world is going on?

While researching this blog post, I ran into a publication by the Brookings Institute.
The executive summary for the publication by on 2/26/19 is “Democracy & Disorder: The struggle for influence in the new geopolitics”

“The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level.”

Why is democracy fading or even more correctly failing?

Why have American servicemen and women dedicated themselves to preserving the international order founded at the end of WWII?

Have all the lives that lost and disabilities suffered been for naught?

This was a great beginning to this post.


Task & Purpose January 22, 2018, by James Clark
“For the first time in seven years, the number of homeless veterans in the United States has increased.

Yes, the VA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development has made strides in those seven years, the total homeless vets dropped by 46% in the period.

But what about the over 40,000 vets still living on the streets of these United States?

Are we more concerned about a wall than the souls of those who served?

Where is our national conscience?

See if you can read this article without shedding a tear of conscience.

Homeless Veterans Image Disable American Vets magazine


Women Veterans face a greater risk of becoming homeless compared to male vets.

Male vets chances of being homeless at 1.4%.

Women’s chances at 2.4%! almost twice as much.


Post-traumatic stress disorder; loss of employment; dissolution of marriage and a lack of gender-specific support.


One- fifth of homeless female veterans have dependent children!


Now I can continue with the post.

This organization has attained $4.3 billion in retroactive benefits for vets.

It has provided rides to 615, 000 medical appointments.

It has represented 250,790 claims for vets.

Over 1 million veterans are helped each year.

Learn more


Gulf War Veterans ay have unexplained illnesses related to their service in Southwest Asia.

The symptoms vary from fatigue to respiratory disorders.  The term is “chronic multi-symptom illness.”


It has a name: the Exposure Ed mobile app. It is available to anyone that has a smartphone, tablet or another mobile device.

It can answer your questions on military-related exposures and exposure-related benefits and services.

Not only can vets or those caring for them identify potential exposures by conflict, date or location but they will find VA facilities and exposure-related programs nearest them.

The free app can be downloaded for iOS or Android devices.

This is a demonstration of the app.

This link is to the ehealthevet page listing:   Gulf War Veteran’s Medically Unexplained Illnesses & VA Benefits Overview for Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses posted December 21, 2018.

TWO OTHER TOPICS IN THE January 9th 2019 edition of My HealtheVET:

Depression vs. Blues: Know the Difference

The Silent Killer: Hypertension—high blood pressure!

My HealtheVet shared over 100 articles through the newsletter and website in 2018.

That’s a lot of great health information and health care management reminders.

The list of the top five most read articles in 2018.

VA announced on December 21, 2018:

VA announces a moratorium on discharges and decreases from comprehensive caregiver program

The VA is temporarily suspending discharges and decreases in level of support from its Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers because of continued concerns expressed by veterans, caregivers and advocated about inconsistent application of eligibility requirements by VA medical centers.



But I found this you-tube video. Please view it and pass it on.

Did you know?

That veterans account for roughly 11% of the adult homeless population

Roughly 45% of homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic?

(These two groups make up only 30% of active duty personnel)

Nearly half of all homeless veterans served during the Vietnam War

A third of homeless vets served in a war zone

Over 1.4 million vets are ‘at risk’ of homelessness


Organizations that help Homeless Veterans

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MAC-V)


Supportive Services for Veteran Families

Wings for Warriors

Operation Home Front

Lift Up Veterans

Carr Four

Housing and Urban Development

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Salvation Army

The Military Wallet

Disabled American Veterans

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

U.S. Vets

Volunteers of America

Homeless In America - 1/3 fo homeless men are Veterans Disabled American Veterans Magazine

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patch for agent orange remember our sacrifice

The Republican Party or the Trump Party?


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I  propose something radical.

It is regarding the Republican Party.

The Republican Party has lost its soul.

I share my thoughts at the above blog post:

Rebirth of the Republican Party?

In this post, I want to discuss an idea for the rebirth of the Republican party.

My first swat at the Republican party is in this post on 4/27/18 where I liken the party to mosquitoes.

I hope this post develops that subject clearly stated

Mr. Michael Gerson in the Washington Post on February 6, 2018, stated that the

Republican is now governed by the “lickspittle wing”  whose “cowardice is staggering”.

Today I will solve the problem for the Republican Party because that is what I do.

I point out deficiencies and then offer solutions.

(Although I must admit I mostly point out deficiencies when I am writing about the

Republican party.)

For the model of this solution, I track back to March 1854, when the Republican Party,

the GOP (Grand Old Party) was formed in Ripon Wisconsin.

The ideology of this party was conservatism, economic liberalism, social conservatism,

fiscal conservatism, with factions of Libertarianism and Right-Wing Populism.”

The Republican Party   was founded by anti-slavery activists and economic modernizers

found the party. They forged it out of the Whig Party.

The Whig Party itself was founded in 1834 to oppose the policies of Andrew Johnson. It

viewed itself as a moral sword to the actions of Johnson such as the removal of Indians

from their land and the supremacy of the United States Congress over the presidency.

So we now have the precedents of the Republican Party of today: economic liberalism,

social conservatism, and fiscal conservatism.

It also stood in opposition to slavery and pro-economic reform.

Both parties were successful in getting men elected as presidents:

Whig Party William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Winfield Scott, and Millard Fillmore.

The Whig Party was prominent from 1834 to 1860 when it was dissolved.

The Republican Party was prominent from 1854 to 2016.  Its first president was

Abraham Lincoln in 1860 followed by Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley up to the 20th


The Republican Party was known for free homestead farms, a federally subsidized

the transcontinental railroad, a national banking system, a large national debt, land

grants for higher education (the foundation of land-grant colleges such as the

The University of Minnesota), a wartime income tax, permanent high tariffs to promote

industrial growth and high wages, a hard money system based on the gold standard. It

also created the foundation of a modern welfare state through the extensive program

of pensions for Union veterans. Regarding foreign policy, it is supported imperialistic

expansion of Hawaii, the Philippines, and the Panama Canal.

Through the early 20th century Republican Presidents included Warren G Harding,

Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover.

It gained the reputation as the pro-business policies and heralded in the Wall Street

The Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.

Other presidents were Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Robert A. Taft, Harry S. Truman, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan.

Most recently elected Presidents were George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump.

Can you identify the trends listed above and juxtapose them onto today’s United States?

What characteristics of the early Republican Party are now prominent in the current party?

The electoral college elected in 2016 Donald J. Trump president.

What characteristics do you see in his policies that reflect the foundational principals of the Republican Party?

Tariffs yes that is easy BUT their underpinning theory has since been debunked.

This excellent article in “The Guardian” which lays bare the notion that “big lies are

founded on small truths”.

Do we see the policies of imperialism and despotism?

The rise of the nationalists (the very definition of dictatorship) and white supremacy?

Trump rose so high on hubris and the foundation of Joseph Goebbels works and he is

now poised to pay the price of his crimes against the United States.

Trump and his Trump Party have given American corporations and the most wealthy

Americans $1.5 trillion in wealth.



In turn, they were supposed to grab the economy and bring it to new heights. Instead,

they posted their largess to their accounts to increase the companies’ wealth not the

workers. (list examples of tax breaks)

This has led to a smoking hot economy that is now hitting the brakes.

The results will be like those of 2007 when the economy collapsed after Bush gave it a

false sense of worth with his generous tax cut.

This coming collapse will be worse than that one.

There is no elasticity in the economy.

The trade war with China adds another level of

uncertainty and requires a lot of currency.

The $1.5 trillion gift that is causing the collapse must be clawed back. The companies and

wealthy did not do what was promised.

Jobs were not created to the extent promised.

Cash was not brought back from overseas.

Sharing the wealth with common people has not been triggered.

We must change the structure of the economy if working people will be able to share in

the wealth and promise of this nation!

Republican Flag and Elephant - The Enemy of America Facebook

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Veterans – Blue Water Navy Vets have HEART and MACV Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

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I have been promising myself that I would finish a post on Veteran’s health for months. I apologize that it has been so long, but health issues have kept me pretty busy. Doctor’s appointments you never seem to end.

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans


My first note is to commend the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans. This organization is committed to helping vets, especially those that are homeless. They have helped me thru some rough patches. I know that in the Cities they even went looking for vets during the 50 degrees below weather during the Polar Vortex of 2019. Real dedication to their mission.

Donations to help house homeless veterans is appreciated. Instructions on the website



Some long overdue news:  The law firm of Hill & Ponton P.A. Disability Attorneys, announced on January 29, 2019, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit the Department of Veterans Affairs could not exclude Blue Water veterans from receiving the same benefits as other veterans who served in the Vietnam theater, also called ‘the Brown Water Navy’ or ‘boots on the ground’.

 The Blue-Water Navy, those vets who served aboard ships are now entitled to the same presumptive benefits.

The main disabilities covered are diabetes and heart disease from exposure to dioxin, better known as Agent Orange.

Procopio v. Wilkie is the case that restored the ‘will of Congress’ to all veterans of the Vietnam theater.

If you are suffering from these or other presumptive diseases contact your County Veterans Service Officer and he or she will help you file a disability claim with the VA.

Presumptive Illnesses

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus also known as Type 2 diabetes devastates the sheath covering the nerves. Suffering includes deterioration of vision, cellulitis, edema, loss of blood flow resulting in the amputation of extremities and limbs. is one of the easiest to understand resources for diabetes information. A newsletter arrives at least once a week and I think you can sign up for more.

The articles range from insulin injectors to a new drug that “helps the body replenish its insulin-producing cells.”

This article on is an excellent article on the background and damage caused by Agent Orange.

VA’s “presumptive list” of diseases that are caused by exposure to Agent Orange now includes everything from non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prostate cancer, and multiple myeloma to Parkinson’s disease and ischemic heart disease”.

Ischemic Heart Disease is a “condition in which the blood flow (thus oxygen) is reduced in parts of the body”.  Other names are coronary heart disease and coronary artery disease. These can lead to heart attacks.

Pay attention to how you feel. Your body will tell you when something is not working right. The doctors can determine the cause.

This is a list of a few of the resources available on the American Heart Association website (use the above link). These are excellent resources.


Another great resource for medical issues is My Health is a great resource for your health.

The topics online today are: ”Understanding Diabetic Nerve Damage”;
“Understanding Acute and Chronic Pain”; “Medical Questions: Get the Facts” and more.

Other resources on this site: apps for your phone and tablet: Mindfulness training and AIMS—Anger and Irritability Management Skills.
The VA has developed these apps for veterans and service members.


Self Doubt

This is an article in by Carol Sankar on ways to overcome ‘Negative Self Talk’.

As a trained specialist in confidence training and research, she suggests three ways to eliminate “the megaphone from drowning out optimism”.

  1. “Stop Confirming Your Fears

“Avoid words and phrases which imply doubt and skepticism”. These phrases such as ‘what if I can’t’, “I don’t know how’, I don’t think I can’. These words disable your confidence.

  1. “Focus on the life you desire—not the challenges you’re facing

Visualize what you want in life and what you want out of life. This is not simple.

She tells us the secret: “ If you focus on your challenges, you will continue to feed your own limitations. Your language will begin to reflect your reality rather than the optimism of the journey ahead. Your language and vision will set the intentions”. “Focus on what is ahead.”

  1. “Network with other established founders and leaders

To achieve your goals spend time with the people who have achieved what you want. Gain “sound advice from people who have overcome challenges” and changed “their relationship with doubt.”

Image from Veterans Administration


1-800-273-8255 PRESS 1


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