I am a writer! I write serveral blogs: craigmartineau.medium. com, mnnoreaster.blogspot. com, Fractured Time newsletter, The Lighthouse Blog and The Loving Search for God (Centering Prayer & Lectio Devina) on Substack.com; Quora when I have a need for speed – to spit in someone’s eye.

Hi! My name is Craig Martineau

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I am retired.

I am older than dirt but just the same I’d rather stay in the game.

I have been a friend of writing since editing my high school newspaper and junior college newspapers.

I have been blogging since 2015, 7 years at the time I am writing this.

I write primarily about political and current events. If a topic grabs my attention, I will probably write about it. I work at the speed of late. Always behind in writing, can be a good thing since I try not to chase things down a rabbit hole.

I’ve been in the US Army (Vietnam era); restaurant management; accounts receivable and accounts payable. Our 3 sons were all in the Marine Corps.

Writing is not a hobby. Writing is a passion. I write for 12 plus hours a day 7 days a week. I wanted to be a writer since before high school. I would write stories in my head while on my paper route. When I got home I would write it down.

Every week I research stories and then I let the material rattle around in my brain for a while. After it is done boiling let it simmer a while longer, then I put the words into my computer.

I am starting to move into short stories. That is quite a change for an old man.