What Menace Are We Going to Face Next?

I read a great article last week.

“Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting” “You are not crazy, my friends.” @Julio Vincent Gambuto.

I had been aching to write one almost like it, but I could not get the words out. Has that ever happened to you?

Beach at Los Angeles Google Images
I don’t think this was last weekend. Beach at Los Angeles CA


That had happened earlier this year when I was grinding my teeth to get an article written about how are we going to face each other when the Trump thing is gone?

We will have to find a way to work together.

Bam! The Attack of the Virus! 50,000+ people dead!

And it will return in the fall! S

Sorry kids maybe no Trick or Treating this year.

But I am going to write my story anyway. I have this angst that must come out.

Soon everyone will have cabin fever. The need for speed or just sunshine will force them to the beaches as happened in Los Angeles.

Georgia and other southern states are also holding forth the warm, bright sun and sandy beaches.

Protesters that forced the city governments to reopen too soon have already had deaths in their ranks.

Next week we will hear how the beachgoers in Los Angeles fared.

Watch the ads. Powerful forces are at work pushing you, tempting you to venture out: taxing authorities, liquor distributors, waitresses, etc.

The is “let’s get back to normal.”

How can that be? Almost 60,000 people have died to date. That is more than died in Vietnam!

Who is going to be held responsible for these deaths?

Maybe I’m being pessimistic. Maybe as things open and people start dying maybe then city governments will restore sanity.

Let’s face it. Your need to dig your toes in warm sand is not a public health issue.

People going outside and sucking in that warm spring air are being killed by it.

Maybe people will understand the risk.

How much risk are you comfortable with?

The risk of a nasty, painful illness and then add maybe death.

Stupid people.

Every marketing firm in the country will try to entice you to “Come out and play”

Waters fine. Get your boat, jetskis, and let’s go.

But, the VIRUS will be there ahead of you – waiting.

Marketers have an overarching need to find out what consumers don’t have, what will make them feel good, and make it or find it and sell it. At a profit.

You’ve seen it, “as seen on TV”.

Now, there will be even more emphasis on what can do your work for you. You only have a short time – why work? Live it up!

I have choices of Grammarly, ProWriting Aid, Hemingway. More than I would have guessed. The formats to write on, MS Word, Squiblr, Scrivener.

Hmm, I wonder how they will present that macabre thought on TV?

You can bet they are already rockin’ their think tank.

People in the major cities New York, Atlanta, Miami have seen the dark side.

Will that change their thinking?

I have been hoping that we would find a way to at least talk to each other again.

We need major restorative operations on our hearts and minds.

I was heartened by the news from the Supreme Court on Sunday. They are not going to change any gun laws as was expected. Also, they are leaving the Affordable Care Act in place.

A big question. Will people see blue skies and decide we don’t need fossil fuels any longer?

How can we fix healthcare, housing, food distribution so people don’t have to be beggars any longer?

Crime stopped for the last several weeks, didn’t it?

If we give people their pride, a job that has value, a place to be proud of, and some way they will have a sense of pride and self-worth.

How can we trust the government again? It acted in bad faith at every juncture. It had the opportunities to shine with American pride but it decided to roll in the gutter with Corona.

Will people continue to let Jeff Bezos earn thousands of dollars per minute and not pay his fair share of taxes or pay his workers a living wage.

He gave them an increase in their hourly wage but took away a bonus.

Why do the wealthy have to be so greedy? I don’t understand.

You have lived a soldier’s life for the last several weeks. Wondering where you will be in the morning. If you will have a hot meal. Wondering how you will live with the stress.

The questions keep coming.

Will I suffer like Chris Cuomo?

Will I die?

Will my parents die?

Life on the homefront just like in the Vietnam War. What? Where? When? WHY?

Even the count of those that died is the same.

I can’t get my head around that. 50,000+ people. Dead.

In such a short time.

Survivors guilt.

The merry-go-round we’ve been on for the last 50 years has stopped. Or is somebody just dragging their feet so they can wear out their shoes and get a new pair they like better?

As soon as the darkness fell I began hoping for a new dawn.

But it seems that the people that acted badly are still acting badly. They are just as stupid and heartless as they have been.

Maybe there is no way to change them. If 50,000 people dying and 3 million sick doesn’t have an impact on them then what?

I don’t know much. But I do know we can’t let them have the reins of power again.

Maybe every congressperson, every senator local through national level has to take a civics class.

They need to be taught manners, the spirituality of compassion, and looking out for your neighbor.

How do we learn to trust our representatives again?

So many acted so badly.

How did they lose the American spirit?


Thanks for stopping.


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