My Rose Garden Party Primer part 1

Part 1

June 13, 2018

I am sitting in my big easy chair, typing on my bride’s grandfather’s desk. I dropped the front down so I can set my laptop down.

I am glad laptops have evolved from the huge heavy beasts they were. Mine is at least three years old. I know that because I am still making payments o it.

My Rose Garden Party. This is the first installment. More to come.

We lived in a traditional 2-story house with a small yard (50”x150”).

Our cold climate limited roses to those that could survive the bitter winters – as in Proctor Minnesota. However, in my experience the big killer was springtime. I was trying to grow varieties of hybrid tea roses as they do in the spectacular Rose Garden in Duluth MN just about 15 minutes drive on the Interstate.

I prepared a mound that would be of a size to plant about 18 roses. More on that in a future post.

Topsoil, with equal parts of compost/manure, sphagnum peat moss and a good amount of perlite.

Duluth Rose Garden is only a 15-minute drive but it is entirely different climate. No doubt it is Zone 4 compared to my Zone 3.

USDA Hardiness Zone Map here.

Lake Superior provides cover by moderating the weather.

I have read books and books on the subject. Because of the Internet, I can find an answer to almost all questions that arise.

This is not a formal rose gardening article. I don’t pretend to be an expert or even moderately educated on roses.

This is the story of my successes and failures of growing roses for over 20 years.

Hopefully, you will find it somewhat helpful and a little entertaining.

Why write this? It is cathartic. It is a memorial or testament regarding more than 20 years dreaming, planning, digging and resolving frustrations.

20 years of growing roses, trees, shrubs, and a variety of plants

20 years of spending time in the dead of winter absorbing rose catalogs like Jackson-Perkins, Roses, Wayside Gardens, The American Rose Society and my absolute favorite Hortico Gardens in Canada.

Warning! Once the thought “maybe I should try growing a rose” strikes you are on the garden path to addiction.

A word of caution and you are in a let’s say, grocery superstore and see “SALE Rose Shrubs” and you see bare-root roses, all shiny with a waxy look, with a price of $3.99 or so, RUN!

These are not what you are looking for.

A Rose by any other name…

The rose is not called “The Queen of flowers” for no reason. There are times that an appellation “The Symbol of Love” is also added.

And rightly so. Why not grow a beautiful, fragrant rose and drop petals so you can sprinkle the love of your life’s pillow. Before she wakes I would recommend.

She will wake up to a delicious surprise and you gain another title, as the ‘Man of Ultimate Romance’. I wonder where that will lead.

She might even take a fancy to help tend the roses by deadheading spent blossoms. She may even bring blossoms into the house that you can feast on the aroma when you arrive home from work.

Come on!

Take a baby step.  and go to this address, click on products, a page with 4 headings will pop up. The box on the right is labeled Roses. Click on that and a smallish yellow box with blue links will pop up.

Is that all there is you think to yourself.

Ah ‘grasshopper’’. Click on ‘roses by section’. Another yellow box will pop up with about 30 different TYPES of the queen will pop up.

Each type contains dozens of different plants,

What a way to spend a cold, blustery winter evening. The fire is crackling in the fireplace. A small toddy is at hand.

Soon you are warm inside also. Color, blossoms, forms, and texture start you buzzing with excitement.

Which ones will grow in my Zone 3 on the zone map?

Where can I place her my yard so she shines and preens for you and your guest?

You have to buy one that will be happy where you plant her and will grow and blossom for years to come.

A few of my favorites that grow well in Zone3 climates.

William Baffin,  Darlow’s Enigma, because she doesn’t give up,  or any Canadian Explorer rose

My Favorite. She is shown here by Chalet Nursery, a third generation nursery that has aided gardeners for 100 years! Pavement Roses, a Snow Pavement to be precise.

A Purple Pavement rose from Heirloom Roses.

An excellent guide to the Pavement Series of roses is here. Good description, a good guide to growing, clear Language.

Don’t be scared off by the section on problems. I never had any problems.

Here is a picture of one of my highlights:

This bush started as 2 plants. It is now about 4 feet tall with a spread of 8 feet.

She sits just off the front walkway to the house. As you approach the house you catch her sweet fragrance. /soft, tantalizing, great to bring into the house and float blossoms in a shallow dish with tepid water. (Would you like to come indoors and immediately soak your feet in the cold water? I think not.)

She will reward you for years (mine about 20 and still going strong.)

I cut her to the ground two years ago. All of the old dead canes are gone.  Fresh new robust green branches as she quickly approaches her previous height.

Her name: Snow Pavement

She will have an amazing show of blossoms in her first flush this year. She will be greatly missed.

As will all of the gardens.

After 43 years my bride and I have to move to an apartment. My legs just can’t do stairs anymore. With no cartilage in my knees compounded by the nasty effects of diabetes in my feet, I haven’t been able to tend the gardens the last two years.

I hope you have been rewarded with a brief introduction to roses and how I feed my fascination for over twenty years.

Please leave your comments. If you have questions I will try my best to answer them.

Next we will start looking at each garden.

Abraham Lincoln on roses Google images
Abraham Lincoln on roses

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My Rose Garden Party part 2

Date: June 17, 2018

The Glory of Gardening Alfred Allen Google Images
The Glory of Gardening Alfred Allen

When I first fed my craving for roses the ‘Queen of Flowers’ I followed the advice of online nurseries. Also, I had breezed thru “Roses for Dummies” and a few books with lots of color with flowers of all kinds.

I learned about the USDA Hardiness Zone Map. USDA Hardiness Zone Map. I lived in Proctor MN just across the road from Duluth MN.

Look closely at the map and you will see Northern Minnesota in the color designated as Zone 3. Duluth is right on the shore of Lake Superior which is Zone 4.

That little blue strip along the lakeshore made all the difference in being able to grow hybrid tea roses or like my experience, add to the compost pile.

This hardiness map is accurate for plant selection and care. Another thing crucial to your garden is that within any zone or an area of a zone you will find microclimates.

You will find a variety of hardiness maps here.

An example is my yard. While it is all zone three there is an area next to the house which protects from the north and east. This has allowed me to plant roses and other flowers that say they are for Zone 4.

An example is the rose“Darlow’s Enigma” (so named because the creator is not known). It is a Zone 4 rose which did well in this snug corner. I have since moved it to another which full Zone 3.

Darlow's Engima Heirloom Roses
Darlow’s Engima Heirloom Roses

I hoped it had hardened to withstand the vagaries of Zone 3. My experiment is only somewhat working out.

Hoping they would survive cost met one plant but one is still going after quite a few years.

A rogue winter will knock it back on its heels. But gentle nurturing and good fertilizer will win the day.

Quote by Jant Kilburn Ohillips Google Images

This is a good time to discuss fertilizer.

Good soil and good fertilizer are required for most roses. (Some rugosas do well on sandy beaches and highway berms.)

You can buy compost and manure as a mixture in a bag at almost any garden center or big box store like Menards and Home Depot, my preferred places to shop.

When they run sales on items like mulch and topsoil you save a lot of money. In addition, they are easy to drive to and you can fill your other maintenance needs at the same time.

I used Miracle-Gro Tree and Shrub Soil because it has pieces of branches etc. in it.

Wood adds long-lasting organic matter to the soil which permits nutrients to reach the roots and creates a long-lasting rich soil. There is also a soil for roses explained here.

By the book rose soils by Miracle-Gro.

I found a great product at Home Depot. Moo-nure is real manure without an overabundance of compost. It works well on roses.

Roses are one of the few flowers that love a lot of nitrogeMiracle-Gro.

You will see fertilizer listed as having the mixture of 30-10-10. The first number is “N” for Nitrogen. The second is ‘P’ the amount of phosphorus and the third is ‘K’’ for potassium.

A good primer on fertilizer is here.

All commercial fertilizers use cow manure unless they specify “Chicken’ or ‘Sheep’ and so on.

Roses love nitrogen as I have noted. If you know someone that has horses you may what them to become your next best friend. Horse manure is high in nitrogen. Well-aged horse manure would a real treat for your roses.

Another good discussion on fertilizer is here.  This is a good article on the macro and micronutrients in fertilizer.

Nitrogen provides the green color and generates the growth of plants. A word of caution, I have killed many plants because I used too much fertilizer. Too much nitrogen will burn the plants.

This article also discusses nutrients.

Fertilizing on a hot sunny day should also be avoided for the same reason.

The other fertilizer I used is Miracle-Gro. I used the lawn fertilizer on all of my plants and the grass. I bought the hose attachment that allows you to a bottle of Miracle-Gro liquid.

In the early morning on a Saturday I would fertilize the lawn and also spray the leaves of all the plants including the roses.

Fertilize the roses in the spring, after leaves have developed and several times throughout the summer.

Each book you read may have a different opinion on how to fertilize. I developed my system and encourage you to sometimes forget the books and venture out on your own.

It may reward you or you may end up with something else. The main thing in my mind was to keep learning.

Every few weeks I would gather up two 5 gallon plastic cans, a bag of dry Miracle-Gro for lawns (in the box I would buy at Sam’s there are several individual bags), a stick or some device to stir the solution, and a hose.

The food for lawns has a good amount of nitrogen and is a good price at Sam’s Club.

I would go to the where several roses bushes stood, put the dry crystals of Miracle-Gro in the pail and turn the hose on. Fill the bucket about 80% full.

While the water was filling the bucket I would stir the crystals to help dissolve them. There is no point in using the water to fertilize if all of the crystal remains in the bottom of the bucket.

Now here is where I would throw caution to the wind. Instead of 1 spoonful,  I would use two large spoonfuls. (a spoon comes with the fertilizer. It has a large spoon and a small one. I only used the large one).

I would fill both buckets of the well-mixed solution. Then I would go to a rose bush and toss ½ of the bucket at the base of one bush. I would go to the next bush and toss ½ of that bucket on the bush.

I would go back to the first bush and toss the remaining solution on the base of the bush. Then the remaining solution of the other bucket on the second one.

This method allows the fertilizer solution to soak in without flooding them all at once or running off and just helping weeds grow.

It also allowed me to stand up and stretch my back and shoulders. Both had begun talking to me. Standing bent over holding a 5-gallon bucket of water is challenging when there over 20 bushes to fertilize.

One big secret I will share with you. I took almost twenty years to figure out it was easier to bring the empty bucket to the bushes and then fill them with water.

When I was first learning I would fill the buckets at the faucet and carry the full buckets (approximately 30 pounds to a bucket) to the bushes. I am a slow learner!

It is so much easier to carry two empty buckets all over the yard. !?!*

Well, this has grown longer than I expected so I will close with that remark about my lack of efficiency when it was staring me in the face or maybe I should say staring me in the back and shoulders.

The next post will start the process of looking at each garden as I called them and the characteristics of the several types of roses and other plants.

We will look at this fabulous rose for northern gardens. Snow Pavement is her name.



Abraham Lincoln on roses Google images
Abraham Lincoln on Roses

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The Coming Winter – History Ripped Asunder

June 11, 2018


I am sitting amidst the BOXES and the debris of moving. Today is the day we leave our home of 43 years.

Our home where we raised 3 fine sons.

Our home where we met our son’s wives and life partners and later our grandchildren.

It is a hard thing to grasp. Tonight, we will sleep in a two bedroom apartment.
It simply meets our needs and nothing more.

Our cats that have enjoyed being free to roam outdoors will now be confined to two rooms and a huge cat tree in the middle of the living room.
Like us, they are being squished.

Our dog, a very large Newfie has had the freedom to roam in a fenced in yard will now suffer a life at the end of a lease. She won’t able to go outside by herself. Her life will be at the end of a leash.

She will live life indoors with the least stress. She will find a place on the floor next to a chair where she will lay watching the flow of life around her. She is not high maintenance.

This upheaval is taking place while I contemplate the upheaval our country is undergoing.


I frequently post articles to my blog with my views of the political landscape.

Today is another day of heartbreak.


I was born in 1949 so I didn’t remember the first years of the decade we now call the fifties.

I recall the bleakness of those days.

Maybe the memories were planted by things I have read but they are colored by my earliest recollections.

We didn’t have a TV. Our neighbors were kind enough to let us kids line the floor in front of their black and white TVs.

We had a very large garden. My mother was raised on a farm that her father and stepmother still raised chickens, and pigs and a giant bull. She tended a large garden as other farmers children did.

It scared me the one time and only time I ventured into its territory. I was chased under a fence to live another day.

They had a herd of milk cows that required early attendance every morning and throughout each day. Vacations? Days off? Not likely.

I remember the sound of the milking machines.

I remember my grandmother sitting on a stool pulling on the teats of cows hand milked. I don’t know why some cows were milked by machine and some by hand.

I remember the barn floor with the trenches to catch the urine and manure generated by a barn full of cows.

I remember the pile of manure just outside the barn. The shaky planks as you rolled a wheelbarrow of fresh manure up its flanks.

The manure pile wiped out in the spring as its aged contents were spread on the fields to fertilize the crops.

I remember a new calf is born. The slime of its mother who cleaned it off with her tongue. The first feeble steps of the calf.

The milk room where the milk was kept waiting for the stainless truck that came and retrieved it for distribution to creameries.

I remember the town creamery just a block from our house.  I don’t remember seeing the inside but playing for hours every summer among the discarded equipment next to the building was a blast. This was the 50s there were no zoning requirements.

On the farm that my brothers, sisters and I visited after church almost every Sunday. The seven of us were crammed into a car noisily complaining about everything on the endless ride (which was maybe twenty miles but seemed to take forever).

The farm where I remember the silo. I wandered into the cool interior thru a small cleanout door. one summer’s day.

It was empty and smelled of the sweet blend of corn. I had to climb out the small door because the new batch of corn was hoisted up the conveyor and deposited into the concrete cylinder to be used to feed the cows.

I remember the hay barn. I climbed among the bales just before the new crop was hoisted up by winch and then manually stacked into place.

The ride on the hay wagon. Not at all pleasant.

It was a hot day and the flying hay stung my bare torso as it was flung about by the machines.

I suffered greatly that day and almost every day we visited the farm. I suffered from hay fever.

Walking into the chicken coop.

Dodging the mud baths of the pigs.

Watching my grandmother cut the heads from chickens. They didn’t run about as is commonly portrayed. She had them hung by their feet so their blood would drain.

The big hole in the living room allowed heat from the fire below to dispel the cold of the winter days. For a long time, the only other heat in the chinked log house was the wood stove in the kitchen.

My grandfather with a wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth constantly spitting the juice into a spittoon or onto the ground. Digging out the spent wad from his cheek and dipping his finger into the small round can that contained his new wad.

I always remember him having no thumbs. He suffered an accident repairing machinery.


The day my father helped grandfather tie a cow up to the fence and shoot it in the head with a 22 rifle right in the center of its white spot.

The cow stood for a minute seemed to wonder what had happened. It quickly fell to the ground.

The next memory is the cow hanging by its hind legs in a big building where all the machinery was kept. It was gutted, skinned and made ready to dismember. I remember the tongue being saved for eating. A delicacy if I remember correctly.

Other disparate memories were riding the tractor when the corn was harvested.

A wheelbarrow of manure wheeled on the wood plank and dumped into growing pile outside the barn and later spread on the fields as fertilizer.

A sleepover. Laying in a bed upstairs shivering under wool blankets. The heat from the big grate barely reaching the room. Shivering is the memory.

But this has been the wandering of my mind this morning at 3 AM as I contemplate the major upheaval of my bride and me.

We are 68 years old and not looking forward to the coming future.

Winter is Coming Bing Images
Winter is Coming

The Winter is Coming

But I am thinking of the upheaval in our country. The administration trying and successfully turning the country back to the 1950s.

The water quality spoiled. The air soon to be grey again with soot and ash from smokestacks.

The rivers were so polluted that you couldn’t eat the fish. I remember fervently the day fishing was allowed again on the St. Louis River.

The effluent had settled to the bottom and the fish were again editable.

The number of fishing boats on the river was amazing. Almost bumping into your neighbor there were so many.

And the joy of the fisherman again able to enjoy the pursuit of the walleye fish they heartily enjoyed catching and later eating.

I remember the struggles of the ‘colored’ people for their rights.

Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act.

The Clean Water and Clean Air acts.

The soldiers protecting black students into schools and colleges. A flashpoint of the monumental battle between the whites led by Governor George Wallace of Alabama on one side and the protesters on the other.

The march to Selma.

The gathering on the Mall in Washington with Rev. Martin Luther Jr. delivering “I Have a Dream”.

Now, these citizens are again being deprived of their rights.

The gays and lesbians so recently gaining rights that are now being stripped away.

The rights of the poor and elderly (of which I qualify) being stripped away. Will all these be cast out of their homes, the sick and infirm again relegated to old folks homes as in the past?

How will they be cared for?

This administration doesn’t care.

The Republican Party in charge of governing can’t and won’t do their jobs. They are heartless and corrupt.

They are only interested in getting the biggest tax cuts for their backers so these can replenish the party members coffers to run for re-election.

So many people hoping for a wave of change in the elections this year.

I am not optimistic.

Ripped Asunder

The pain of this abrupt fall from a democracy to fascism will continue.

How The Mighty Have Fallen Bing Images
How The Mighty Have Fallen

This country will be alone in the world.

We are returning to the days when President Herbert Hoover ruled the day.

A World War will have to be fought again.


Against Russia who invaded us and succeeded in fostering the populism that is destroying us.

Against China who is surpassing us in technology and expanding their influence and challenging us on many fronts.

We are helping China regain stability in one of their huge companies as so many of our companies are looking for help and are being cast aside to flounder before closing up shop.

Do the people that voted for this monster in now recognize what they have done?


They continue to support this purveyor of lies as he demolishes all that a world war and 70 years of diplomacy had created.

The stability in the world order has is ripped asunder.

Our allies cast aside.

And the Republicans are applauding.

Image of World War I soldier with a Kaiser style helmet Google Images
Image of World War I soldier with a Kaiser-style helmet

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The American Dream – A Candle Snuffed

June 11, 2018

The American Dream is snuffed.

This morning begins moving day.

Forty-three years of living in this home are over.

Raising three sons that served in the Marine Corps and now enjoying their spouses and our grandchildren this home has been busy.

It is time to pass this house on to the next generation.

But this morning my heart is sick for our country.

Do the people that voted this monster into power now realize what I have been predicting??

Candles signifying the trampled rights Google Images
Candles signifying the trampled rights

Do they not see the road to fascism now an open highway that our country is traveling?

The world war that accomplished stability in our world is cast aside.

The rights of women are being trampled. And Children. And Minorities.

The winds of Fascism and Authoritarianism are blowing hard Google Images
The winds of Fascism and Authoritarianism are blowing hard

The Monstrosities. The Criminality being watched by the Republicans. And they are doing nothing.

In fact, the Trump supporters, those who would cast aside democracy and willingly,

EAGERLY accept FASCISM, are gaining ground.

They are eviler than the monster. They see it and the road ahead and do nothing.

This administration is rescuing a company in China will companies in this country are being left to close and throw Americans out of work?

How can another American accept this? But they are.

So now the American Dream that so many have sought and fought for over the last 70 years is cast into the trash heap.

No one is stopping this onslaught.

The damage has been done.

It is over. Now it is just the waiting.

The candle is extinguished Google Images
The candle is extinguished

The candle to be is soon to be extinguished.


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Connection and Contentment Princess Leia Returns


Date June 7, 2018

BUT FIRST two news stories hot of the presses

NASA Found Evidence of Organic Matter on Mars!

What an amazing story. The video of the control rooms shuddered with hundreds of guys (and I assume women) jumping up and down hugging each other! I will try to post that when it is available. Methane has also been found. Very rudimentary signs of the building blocks of life but astonishing nonetheless.

With bees scarce, drones are taking over the heavy lifting

Now Back to Our storylines

Yeongin Kim is a graduate student at Stanford. His work with an international team of neuro-engineers has born fruit.

Get Ready!

An artificial nerve that acts like a real nerve works!

Just like the neurons embedded in our skin, this artificial nerve can detect touch, process the information, and then send it off to other nerves.

So What? You ask.

Think of this nerve, rather than connected to a cockroach leg, embedded with a robot.

Imagine this nerve embedded in a human hand that has lost sensory touch due to a medical condition or an accident.

This artificial nerve is different from a regular computer system.

For years I remember scientists saying wait until the biological systems come online. Biological BIOS, biological storage, biological inputs.

We even discussed storing data on DNA is my last post on 4/28/2018.

Well, it is now here.

This artificial nerve doesn’t communicate in 0s and 1s like our computer systems.

The nerve “fires” like a biological nerve. This allows it to “talk” with a body. It talks not just to a body but also with an artificial “brain.” The processes are on a neuro-morphic computer chip that can power the next generation of robots, the bio-robots.

Now, think of the benefits to every person that is wearing a prosthetic device. Some devices already have sensors embedded. But these are not similar to our complex nerve communications.

Our nervous system is extremely complex. In a small piece of skin are thousands of receptors sensitive to pressure, temperature, pain, itchiness, and texture.

How can this be translated to artificial nerves?

The answer from “Kim and colleagues: forget computers, it’s time to go neural.” Using electrical patterns the body understands is the ‘neural code’.

Dr. Chiara Bartolozzi at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova said: “The neural code is at the same time rich and efficient, being an optimal choice to design artificial systems for sensing and perception.”

This is going to be HUGE. Stayed Tuned.

”Robots will be able to Feel Touch with this Artificial Nerve” Shelly Fan

CRISPR in your future

You have probably heard of CRISPR. It is a gene editing tool discovered in the early 1990s and first used in 1997.

The technical name is CRISPR-Cas9 and is a “precise, cheap, easy to use, and remarkably powerful tool.

I first learned of this in an article in An article by Ashat Rathi 11/15/17 discussed gene editing inside the body.

Brain Madeaux was missing an enzyme because of a rare disease called Hunter Syndrome.

The cost of medications used to help alleviate some of the damage caused by this disease was between $100,000 and $400,000 per year!

Sangamo Therapeutics inject Brian with viruses containing a package of gene-editing material. The hope was that these viruses will enter the liver cells, inject the missing gene at the right place in his DNA. Only about 1% of the liver cells need to be fixed and give his liver the ability to produce the enzyme.

It worked! The first gene therapy inside the body worked!

Other disorders that might be helped by gene-editing:

Metastic lung cancer

HPV virus

B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common heart condition that can lead to heart failure

Sickle cell anemia

Duchenne muscular dystropy

Beta thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder.

On April 5, 2018, an article on the future of CRISPR by Victor Tangerman on

Five Ways CRISPR will be used:

CRISPR Could Correct the Genetic Errors that Cause Disease

CRISPR Can Eliminate the Microbes that can cause disease

Graphic of a microbe that can cause disease Creative Commons License
Graphic of a microbe that can cause disease

CRISPR Could Resurrect Species

Resurrecting tomato plants
Resurrecting heirloom tomato seeds

CRISPR Could Create New, Healthier Foods

CRISPR Could Eradicate The Planet’s Most Dangerous Pest

Malaria-carrying mosquito Anopheles Wikimedia Commons
Malaria-carrying mosquito Anopheles



Remember the 3D hologram of R2D2 floating in space?


It is now possible but in this universe instead of that one far, far away.

Daniel Smalley, a Bringham Young University electrical engineer and computer engineering professor and holography expert has done it! A hologram that “floats in thin air!

However, it is not 3D.

Professor Smalley corrects the nomenclature. “A 3D image that floats in the air, that you can walk all around, and see from every angle, is actually called a volumetric image.

This is another of those articles I exceed my capabilities to highlight. I urge to read the article for the correct version at Nature International Journal of Science

Please follow the link and be awed.


The section is short but interesting.

“Belief in Fake Causes of Cancer is Rife” April 30, 2018,

Dr. Lion Shaha from the UCL Institue of Epidemiology and Health said “People’s belief (in what causes cancer)  are so important because they have an impact on the lifestyle choices we make. Those with better awareness of proven causes of cancer were more likely not to smoke and to eat more fruits and vegetables.”

The findings of a study published in the European Journal of Cancer showed that of 1,330 people in England more than 40% thought that stress and food additives cause cancer.

Another third of the people believed electromagnetic frequencies cause cancer. 19% thought microwaves ovens did, and 15% said drinking from plastic bottles cause cancer.

“Belief in mythical causes did not mean a person was more likely to have risky lifestyle habits.”

But those with better awareness, 88% selected smoking, 80% selected passive smoking and 60% said sunburn, also made better choices.

Dr. Samuel Smith from the University of Leeds said: “It’s worrying to see so many people endorse risk factors for which there is no convincing evidence.”

He continues “people believing in unproven causes of cancer has increased since the start of the century.”

Perhaps the way we receive and digest information could be a cause.

I have some research that I will share in a future post regarding this because it is very significant in that the results pose enormous ethical questions.

Part of this research grabbed my attention because of the rise of populism and authoritarianism.

I don’t think people embrace otherness because they believe in the fake causes of cancer but that their choice of accepting fake news, in general, leads to this interpretation of the causes of cancer.

Another interesting take would be if the numbers in the US would be similar.


My usual post contains information on how technologies are and will be affecting human lives in such areas as jobs and personal satisfaction.  I won’t disappoint but I do want to share a longer-term view first.

Pew Research asked experts in a variety of fields to render their opinion on how technology, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT) are going to affect people.

Their answers were broken down into categories: IoT will have a positive impact, IoT will not be positive, and IoT will provide remedies that may mitigate some problems that will arise.

In this article by Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie of the Pew Institute on April 19, 2018, titled “The Future of Well-Being in a Tech-Saturated World.”

“When the Pew Research Center asked American internet users for their bottom-line judgment about the role of digital technology in their own lives, the vast majority felt it is a good thing.”

Daniel Weitzner of MIT’s Internet Research Policy declared that “the internet is the ultimate connection machine.”

People can gain fulfillment with other people thru internet pursuits for politics, Community affairs, education, science, romance, economic life are areas that the internet connects people. People can gain fulfillment by addressing these areas with other people.

The Pew Research Center then asked experts in several widely varied fields for their judgments on the internet and its effects on peoples’ lives.

“A plurality of experts say digital life will continue to expand people’s boundaries and opportunities in the coming decade and that the world to come will produce more help than harm in people’s lives. Still, nearly a third think that digital life will be harmful to people’s health, mental fitness, and happiness. Most did say there are solutions.”

There is so much to this article I strongly recommend that you read it.

I want to focus on how all the information that people are consumed by and consumed with boils down to ‘Contentment’. Even in St. Paul’s letter to Timothy (1Tim 6:6), he stresses that “godliness with contentment is a great gain.”

I find that it is hard to be happy in this life so I strive for contentment.

That is why I emphasize the Contentment: by Stephen Downes. Mrs. Downes is a senior research officer at the National Research Council Canada.

He commented, “The Internet will help rather than harm people’s well-being because it breaks it breaks down barriers and supports them in their ambitions and objectives.”

He continues with more specific examples. “We see a lot of disruption today caused by this feature, as individuals and companies act out a number of less desirable ambitions and objectives.”

Race, intolerance, greed, and criminality have always lurked beneath the surface, and it is no surprise to see them surface.”

People desire to educate themselves,

People desire to communicate with others,

People desire to share their experiences,

People desire to create networks of enterprise, commerce, and culture. All of these are supported by digital technologies, and while they may not be as visible and disruptive as the less-desireable objectives, they are just as real and far more massive.”

This man seems to have found contentment in that he can verbalize people’s characteristics so eloquently.

Other topics covered in this article:


Commerce, Government, and Society

Crucial Intelligence

I am going to write a follow-on article because there are so many areas and the one that I promised to cover- jobs, employment, and the economy- got squeezed out of this foundation article.

But one last sneak peek:

The 3D color map of the Milky Way, 1.7 BILLION starsThis is a 3D color map of the Milky Way, 1.7 BILLION stars!

3D map of the Milky Way by the European Space Agency Gaia satellite. Absolutely astonishing. Credit: ESA/Gaia/DPAC
3D map of the Milky Way by the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite. Absolutely astonishing!

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Red Rose Svetlana Manic 674670 - unsplash!
Red Rose Svetlana Manic 674670 – unsplash!

How to Make an American Nazi

June 6, 2018

While my last post was exhilarating in that I finally discovered why people vote for Trump.

And why do they continue to support him without pause. hint: It is because white non-college educated Americans sense if others will benefit they willingly give up their democratic rights and follow an Authoritarian ruler (read FASCISM). see “How do we recover?

I labeled these people ‘The Intolerants’.

I was looking at my desktop at all of the pdf files of research and I opened a file to an article by Luke O’Brien from December 2017, “Andrew Anglin_The Making of an American Nazi”.

Mr. O’Brien weaves a riveting tale of exactly the person I learned of in my last post.  The difference in my tale and his – FEAR.

This quiet young man turns into a monster within a few paragraphs.

This story is gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing from the first paragraph on how Andrew terrorized Tanya Gersh in Whitefish, Montana in 2016.

I couldn’t finish the article.

I am researching two posts one on the privatization of the VA Healthcare system and the other, a long-standing article that just doesn’t seem to get written on the Gender Pay Gap which is now stretching into an article on Pay Inequality.

Additionally, I have to catch up on my other blog “” That has been laying still while all these other stories keep exploding in the headlines.

After that foray into the pdf pile on my desktop, I opened them one by one. I was attracted to one with a bright graphic with a father, lunchbox in hand, leading his son by the hand. His son, rather than following along, is drawn to the yellow-orange of a city on a hill.

Graphic "Baby Boomers Broke America" by Ross McDonald of Time
Graphic “Baby Boomers Broke America” by Ross McDonald of Time

The title was “How Baby Boomers Broke America” written by Steven Brill and published by Time. (May 17, 2018).

Because I am a boomer I was drawn in. What had I (we) done that was so egregious that I helped ‘break’ America.

The Current Situation

Mr. Brill has outstanding credentials.

He achieved success by founding Court TV and the American Lawyer magazine among other endeavors.

I will not spoil this excellent read. I will let you spend a few minutes with it as I did. Excellent writing with a great storyline can never be passed up without feeling guilty for a few days trying to find that article again.

I followed Mr. Brill down his primrose path.

Rather than succumb to the temptations provided by incalculable success, he demonstrated a need to help others.

He lays the blame for the ascension of Trump and ‘The Intolerants” on those that follow the American dream and then are broken on the rocks of success.

He didn’t succumb as so many of white college educated people who have been stealing the American Dream from other ordinary Americans.

The thieves are called the “Meritorious Aristocracy”.

The smart, well-educated people that capitalized on the American Dream to achieve their success and in the process broke the Dream for everyone else.

The Dream is Dead Long Live the Dream”.

While “The Intolerants” were gathering steam in the pursuit of crashing democracy on the rocks of Authoritarianism, the wealthy were stealing the wealth of this country for their personal aggrandizement and then built a moat so that anyone trying to follow would be beached and broken.

In fact, they sapped all of the wealth of this country to such a degree that Millenials, those born between 1981 thru 1996 will be the first generation of Americans that will never recover from the recession of the early 21st century.

In an article by Tami Luhby, May 23, 2018, in CNN Money she refers to a new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis titled “A Lost Generation?“. The “net worth of a typical family headed by someone born in the 1980s was 34% BELOW what was expected”. (emphasis is mine).

“The Great Recession”  and its aftermath widened the wealth gap between young and old,” the study said.


The real terror is that, even though the recession is only ten years ago, all of the groundwork has been laid for the same scenario to occur again.

In an article titled “With Red Lights Flashing Danger, Where are the Adults in Finance? in Better Markets May 14, 2018, the author warns that the predatory nature of the markets have return and the result will soon be felt.

The reforms following the last recession have been unwound and even worse the enforcement has been severely weakened. The return of greed is forecast.

“That’s exactly why former Morgan Stanley’s CEO, John Mack, said after the crash:

‘[w]e cannot control ourselves. You [lawmakers and regulators] have to step in and control the Street.”

Consumer protections have been shut down by Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s Director of Consumer Finacial Protection Bureau and just recently the Fed has weakened the Volcker Act and almost all other reins that had been put in place.

As former Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer stated:

“One can understand the political dynamics of this thing but one cannot understand why grown, intelligent people reach the conclusion that [you should] get rid of all the things you have put in place in the last 10 years.”

So we know where this road leads because all blinders are off, greed is in full tilt mode and the economy will fall off the rails again.

The rich will regain their wealth as they did last time but the rest of the citizens of this country will again be sacrificed on the altar of the 1%.

Frustrated at the 'Intelligent people that get rid of all the things put in place in the last 10 years" Google Images
Frustrated at the ‘Intelligent people that get rid of all the things put in place in the last 10 years”

What else do we need to know?

Mr. Brill speaks of the “American economic-mobility engine” as sputtering.

“For adults in their 30’s, the chance of earning more than their parents dropped to 50% from 90% just two generations earlier. 

The American middle class, once the aspiration model for the world, is no longer the world’s richest.”

Those are sobering facts.

But he is not finished.

“Most Americans with average incomes have been left to fend for themselves, often at jobs where automation, outsourcing, the decline of union protection and the boss’ obsession with squeezing out every penny of short-term profit has eroded any sense of security.”

You had debt before the 2008 crash? “In 2017 household debt had grown higher than the peak reached in 2008″

The US remains the world’s richest country, just not very many of its citizens.


However, on Friday, June 1, 2018, a scathing report was issued that indicted the Trump administration.

The UN’s Special Rapporteur On Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Phillip Alston, released his report.

“About 40 million (Americans) live in poverty, 18.5 million in extreme poverty, and 5.3 million live in Third World conditions of absolute poverty.”

This is YOUR country.

Is this how you want it to be represented to the world?

40 million Americans....Google Images
40 million Americans…

“Poverty in America is a Moral Outrage. The soul of our nation is at stake” Rev William Barber

There is “a systematic attack on America’s welfare program that is undermining the social safety net for those who can’t cope on their own. Once you start removing any sense of government commitment, you quickly move into cruelty.”

18.5 Million in Extreme Poverty in America Google Image
18.5 Million in Extreme Poverty in America

“With millions of Americans already on the brink of poverty, Alston warned that Trump’s tax law, deregulatory agenda, welfare cuts are driving the poor closer to complete “ruination” which the U.N. official defines as “severe deprivation of food and almost no access to healthcare (author Jake Johnson, Common Dreams, Friday, June 1, 2018.

Poverty is a widespread problem Google Images
Poverty is a widespread problem

Is this how you want to treat those less fortunate than you?

Did you know the US has  552 BILLIONAIRES?

That is 25% of the world’s total!

Mr. Philip Alston calls the US a “land of stark contrasts”. “The persistence of extreme poverty is a political choice made by those in power.” “With political will, it could be eliminated.”


Mr. Jukay Hsu is a former U.S. Army Officer that commanded a rifle platoon in Iraq. He earned the Bronze Medal for bravery.

He enrolled in Harvard College before his military service.

When he returned home he founded C4Q which “creates opportunity through technology”.

The company’s mission statement is “We believe people from every community should have the opportunity to learn to code, gain jobs in tech, and create companies of the future.”

C4Q has a 10-month program that prepares students for software engineering jobs. Some companies that have hired graduates are Capital One and IBM.

These students have gone from earning $18,000 a year as waiters etc. to over $85,000 a year on average.

You can learn more about C4Q here.


A company called“Partnership for Public Services leads “proactive efforts to make the federal government more effective.” They help develop leaders: by providing assistance to federal agencies to improve their management and operations.

They conduct outreach to college campuses to promotes careers in public service.

They celebrate government’s success so that it can be repeated in other areas of government.

They seek to strengthen the civil service by advocating for legislative and regulatory reforms.

They seek to enhance the public’s understanding of the valuable work of civil servants perform in the media.

They have an impact by helping to change the way government functions.

Their program develops participants to become effective government leaders.

They measure success by posting on their website that the current list of “380 agencies that are the best places to work in the federal government rankings.

All of this means that there are people who care. People who are trying to save this republic.


As you read my posts you notice I am very anti-Trump.

I believe that he demeans the office of the president.

His lies and character assassinations are leading other politicians an potential politicians down a path that will take generations to repair.

You also know I have only a negative outlook toward repairing relations.

Finding that there are already companies and organization working to improve the current situation lightens my gloom.

Until the current administration and the current enablers in Congress leave not much can be accomplished.



Partnership for Public Service logo
Partnership for Public Service logo

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