The American Dream – A Candle Snuffed

June 11, 2018

The American Dream is snuffed.

This morning begins moving day.

Forty-three years of living in this home are over.

Raising three sons that served in the Marine Corps and now enjoying their spouses and our grandchildren this home has been busy.

It is time to pass this house on to the next generation.

But this morning my heart is sick for our country.

Do the people that voted this monster into power now realize what I have been predicting??

Candles signifying the trampled rights Google Images
Candles signifying the trampled rights

Do they not see the road to fascism now an open highway that our country is traveling?

The world war that accomplished stability in our world is cast aside.

The rights of women are being trampled. And Children. And Minorities.

The winds of Fascism and Authoritarianism are blowing hard Google Images
The winds of Fascism and Authoritarianism are blowing hard

The Monstrosities. The Criminality being watched by the Republicans. And they are doing nothing.

In fact, the Trump supporters, those who would cast aside democracy and willingly,

EAGERLY accept FASCISM, are gaining ground.

They are eviler than the monster. They see it and the road ahead and do nothing.

This administration is rescuing a company in China will companies in this country are being left to close and throw Americans out of work?

How can another American accept this? But they are.

So now the American Dream that so many have sought and fought for over the last 70 years is cast into the trash heap.

No one is stopping this onslaught.

The damage has been done.

It is over. Now it is just the waiting.

The candle is extinguished Google Images
The candle is extinguished

The candle to be is soon to be extinguished.


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One thought on “The American Dream – A Candle Snuffed

  1. I my hopes are running on this next election. If republicans still control all three branches we are in for a rough ride. Two years later will be another opportunity and have hopes that there will be turnover altogether. Then damage repair. We can’t give up. Must save this country each of us. Tell it like it is punish those democratic reps who do not serve us and get the fascists out at all costs.

    Bryan Or 218-259-9318


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