My Rant 3 Let’s Talk

Date 5/5/2018

Let’s Talk! As Kathy Griffin would say.

As Michele Williams would no doubt say.

Since when is it a crime to speak your mind in this country?

I guess since the fascist dump and his minions took hold.

Hey Base!

You have had your chance to speak your mind since the end of WWII.

Did you?

YOU have had your chance to speak up for the last 50 YEARS! to make your opinions known. To be part of the American Discourse.

If YOU didn’t?

TOO BAD!!! Don’t try to prevent others from doing so now.

Did YOU serve in the Korean Conflict?

Did YOU serve in the Vietnam War?

Did YOU serve your country at all?

Did YOU stand up for the rights of Minorities?


I don’t have any use for your ‘OPINIONS’.

If YOU didn’t have the guts to let the draft take you.

If YOU didn’t have the guts to stand up for the rights of those less privileged than you.

If YOU don’t have the conscience to wonder if YOU should be helpful to those less advantaged than YOU!

If YOU are only concerned about how much the government can make for you!

Then I don’t have any use for YOUR opinions. AMERICA has ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS stood up for more than ME!

Since the REVOLUTION IN 1775  is has ALWAYS BEEN THUS!

Now it seems to be ME! ME! ME!

Get over YOURSELF!

I have had Facebook ‘friends’. Yes believe it or not.

When I found out that they vehemently espouse the Populist, Nativist belief system!


They don’t deserve my time to read their drivel.

That person is not deserving of respect the title of AMERICAN CITIZEN! conveys on them.

Are they an American? Yes.

Can they vote? Yes.

Are they deserving respect as an AMERICAN CITIZEN? Not a fat chance.

What have they done that has earned RESPECT?

An immigrant that has contributed to the growth of DEMOCRACY, to the growth of the AMERICAN IDEAL  is MORE worthy of respect than a tadpole on a slimy rock!

The person that has squandered their devotion and allegiance at the altar of POPULISM rather at the altar of ‘WE HAVE A LOT TO OFFER THE REST OF THE WORLD!’ and has not earned the respect to be known as an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

That person does not understand that being an AMERICAN CITIZEN means to be part something bigger than THEMSELVES.

That person is history!

If that person is ready to accept is ready to accept that being an American Citizen means that they must be part of something Bigger than themselves!

Then and ONLY then will I accept them as an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

Otherwise, to continue to spew words and promote the actions of a NAZI or a WHITE SUPREMACIST means to be a dreg found at the bottom of history as a FASCIST!

They are not a democrat. Yes, small ‘d’. As in democracy.

If someone willing to accept that others are as deserving of respect as they are then they can attain to the virtue of known as a being a democrat. Then that someone is deserving of an honorable place in history.

If you look down on others as ‘dogs’.

If you look down as on others as deserving of less respect than you.

Then you are not deserving of the title AMERICAN CITIZEN!

Do you accept others as deserving of less respect than you?

Do you accept yourself as being more worthy of a place at the banquet table that Jesus has laid out than others?

You have chosen your place and it is not at that table.

You are not in the place that Jesus has chosen for you!

You have decided that you are NOT welcome at HIS  banquet! Read the REAL gospel! Not the FAKE one.


men do

If you feel you are BETTER  than someone else

You are the one that is not welcome!

You are certainly welcome to your opinion.

You are not welcome to your own GOSPEL!

You are the one that is UNWORTHY!

And that is OK.

That is YOUR Choice.



Thanks for stopping.


Black and white hydride tea rose with water droplets on it's petals. Svetlana Manic 282267 Unsplash!
Svetlana Manic 282267 Unsplash!



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