“Where have all the flowers gone”?


July 19,2018

Have you been following all the news and the news shows?

Trump is increasingly erratic. Saying one thing and then disputing it a few minutes later.

The more pressure Special Counsel Mueller piles on the more people come out of the woodwork bringing more salacious information with them.

If my math is correct the SCORE to date: 5 Trump associates have pleaded guilty, 1 has two trials upcoming, 13 Russians have been implicated in 2016 Election Meddling, 12 Russians have been indicted for meddling, 1 Russian spy is in jail.

tattered flag flying with eagle Google Images

I just want to lay down a few bricks on this path. Total so far: 32 people and over 190 charges.

Trump said he received nothing from Russia. Eric stated that they got all their money from Russia.

Which leads to this point.

All of his life Trump never paid cash for anything.

He billed himself as the ‘King of Debt’.

So how did he get the cash to buy up all the golf courses such as Turnberry in Scotland and pay $81 million to upgrade it?

According to MSNBC a reporter, Tim O’Brien, who has seen Trump’s tax returns says the information in the returns may shed light on Trump’s relationship with Putin.

Fast-paced developments of last week.

A Russian, Maria Butina was arrested on charges of being a Russian Spy and failing to register as a foreign agent.

She was involved with Paul Erickson, 56 years old and a member of the NRA.

She was a hirling of Alexander Torshin a Russian Oligarch, a director of  Russia’s Central Bank and Putin’s close friend.

Maria Butina was heavily involved in the Russian NRA and used NRA ‘language’ to become heavily involved in the American NRA.

She was arrested just after she had packed for a trip with her new, younger male companion.

The NRA just admitted accepting money from 23 Russia-linked donors.

However, they only admitted to $2,500. Which is a laughable sum since she owns

Torshin, a Putin close friend, and a formal Russian politician has also been a ‘life member’ of the NRA since 2012.

As deputy head of the central bank in Russia, he is being investigated for illegally funneling money to help Trump.

He was named last Friday as one of the 12 Russian Conspirators.

Chris Christie the erstwhile head of the Transition Team for Trump said that Jared Kushner ‘deserves’ to be investigated for his involvement in the Russia meetings.

Regarding the Trump Tower meeting, at least two secret meetings were held in the Tower.

This time it as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and George Nader representing the United Arab Emirates looking to curry favor.

The meeting also included, in addition to Trump Jr. and Israeli expert, Joel Zamel a ‘social media manipulator’.

Who arranged this meeting?

The second in the Tower, Erik Prince, an informal Trump advisor.

Oh yes, he is the brother to Betsy DeVos. Does that name seem familiar?

George Nader?

His success at arranging the second Trump Tower meeting catapulted him into Trumpworld and he had further meetings with Trump’s inner circle, including Kushner, Flynn, and Bannon.

This first meeting was on August 3, 2016, after Trump locked up the nomination.

A second meeting was held on December 15, 2016.

The Crown Prince did not notify the Obama administration in advance of this meeting which set off all kinds of “ red blinking lights” as current Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats described in his briefing on Monday.

In January 2018 Mr. Nader returned to the US to travel to Mar-a-Lago. Instead, he was met by a team from the FBI who served him with search warrants and a grand jury subpoena.

Another meeting in the Seychelles Island was arranged by Nader as well.

You may have heard about Erik Prince in another context.

He is a Navy Seal. His company, Blackwater, was a private defense contractor in Iraq and has been under many investigations.

IT MUST BE GETTING HOT! Trump just said that he holds Putin responsible for election interference. Hmmmm.

Fire in wood chips Raquel Raclette 264225 Unsplash!

Rep Eric Swalwell D-California just notified the MSNBC  audience that the House of Representative deleted $330 million from the fund to secure ballot machines for the coming election.

He also called on members of Congress to protect the Mueller Russia investigation.

Former FBI Agent in Charge Frank Montoya Jr. explains what would have happened if any other US official besides the president backed is Russian counterpart the way Trump backed Putin in Helsinki.

Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said the Helinski Finland summit was ‘a tragic day’ for US diplomacy.

I heard that Trump finally realized how badly he had screwed up when he heard the statement by Newt Gingrich on Monday afternoon.

Newt said “Trump’s must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected immediately.”

It is now Wednesday, and Trump may have finally closed up his mouth and read the notes written for him. ‘Putin did meddle’

Now that begs the question. Upon hearing Trumps newest ‘spin’ what does Putin think and do?

Is he going to level his guns on Putin’s Poodle? And ask for his money back?

Are we ever going to get a hint of what Trump and Putin discussed during that two-hour private meeting?

Now for the newest aggravations that drive me up a wall.

Trump said Putin offered for Mueller to bring his investigation to Moscow and question the 12 indicted Russians.

Trump seems willing to let Putin’s Russians question US citizens.

37% of Americans polled approve of Trump’s handling of Russia.

68% of Republicans polled approve of Trump’s handling of Russia.

I wonder how many of those are former military personnel who took an oath to uphold the Constitution?

I wonder how many of those are farmers in the Midwest who have lost their income due to Trump’s Tariffs (now that China is buying soybeans from Russia and Brazil).

This is another puzzlement that I am willing to let be chalked up to Trump’s stupidity. By forcing China to buy soybeans from Russian they are putting cash in Putin’s pockets.

Well, maybe it’s part of THE PLAN.

Remember that Republicans are the ones who believe a college education is detrimental to the United States.

Republicans are pro-life but anti-life for children that have already been born.

Republicans are the ones that are racist against any color of skin other than white.

Is the White House on Fire? CNN
Is the White House on Fire?

What is the value of Nato to the US.?

Admiral Stavridis recounted how the nations of NATO have come to the aid of the United States after 9/11 and in the wars in Afghanistan.

Trump gave an interview to Tucker Carlson.

Again, their stupidity arises to the level of amazement.

The United States would not have to go to the aid of Montenegro because their scenario has Montenegro starting a conflict.

Again, they both flippantly ignored that NATO came to aid of the US.

God Bless America with Flag and Eagle Google Images
Just for a minute, let us talk about Pence.

The sycophant that nuzzles Trump’s backside with his nose could not praise Trump enough about the success of Helsinki.

I have often wondered if Pence is that dumb or if he indeed is joined at the hip to Trump.

I read an article several months ago that Trump got wind of Pence setting up his own campaign with the halls of the White House. Who knows?

I know that every day going forward more cracks will open in the facade of mud that Trump built.

I hope that some strong medicine will be delivered before Trump’s Supreme Court nominee comes up for a vote.

Given the facts:

Trump’s true colors have been exposed. Not only is he a Fascist Dictator in the making but he is a TRAITOR!

Trump and Putin Morphed into a single image. Time Magazine Cover 7/21/18

Trump and Putin Morphed. Time Magazine Cover 7.21.18

His minions can be identified by remarks similar to this:

Christian TV host Rick Williams claims Rachel Maddow will lead a bloody coup during which Trump will be decapitated on the White House lawn.

Follow “The Intolerants”

Just a few minutes ago, 3 senior cybersecurity experts have announced their retirement. Now the Russians will have an open door to our family jewels. link

David Brooks, Conservative columnist wrote the Republican Party “has become more of a white ethnic party, ethnic nationalist party,” adding that if the party becomes “aligned with bigotry in some overt way or in any way, you can’t be a Republican and try to be a decent person and be a part of it.”

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Storm SuperCell




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We the people.

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