The Battle of the 2020 Political Challenge is Guaranteed to be Deadly

High Tech Wizardry Will Consume Wealth Never Seen Before

A Savage Hoax-0f-the-Day is Scheduled for Polarizing Effect

This may not seem to be the beginning it was meant to be but I am going to tackle something BIG! REALLY BIG! And I don’t want to scare you off right away.

I am going to tackle SOCIALISM. Democratic Socialism to be exact.

Now the political season of 2020 has begun. It will be brutal, bloodletting and of extreme importance.  

I hope not to be paying attention. I am not interested in watching the game as concerned with the results.

Since I have to wait until November 8, 2020, to find out the score, I am going to try to occupy my mind with other tasks.

I am turning off my daily headline feed for The New York Times and Washington Post.

Hopefully, I will find other’s I can live without.

I mentioned in an earlier post of the find of “Cognoscenti” from WBUR in Boston as a source of excellent material for posts.

It has not disappointed.

On August 29, 2018, was a commentary “This is What Voters Need to Know About Democratic Socialism”.

I am not going to be concerned regarding how the game is played. I just want to at least try to influence it.

Mr. Rich Barlow writes for Boston University news website. He writes for WBUR’s “Cognoscenti” about once a week.

A few of his current postings:
 1. “How Trump Supporters Justify His Actions: A Thought Experiment”.
  2. “To Stop Clergy Sexual Abuse, The Catholic Church Should Ordain Women”.
 3. “The Republicans Need a New Hero and His Name is Mr.Rogers”.

Excellent articles and sometimes with a twist.

Democratic Socialism was a driving force in the elections of 2018 and is heading in that direction in 2020 again.

“So let’s get to it” as Mr. Chris Cuomo is apt to say.

Mr. Barlow is correct in his assertion that Single-payer health care has become a religion for Democrats running in major states.”

Several Democratic politicians are advocating Medicare for All (M4A is the abbreviation).

We have to find out what we are talking about.

Right-wing shills scream Communism! will be hollered up and down the once hallowed halls. Now that Beto O’Rourke blew his line regarding taking guns away the Republicans will not be shooting blanks

Lest they forget: Wealthy people pay no taxes: 44.4% of US Citizens. THEY PAY NO Federal Income Tax! THAT IS 76.4 MILLION people!

To be accurate we should say that only 76.4 million Americans benefit from Socialism. Correct??

What about corporations. The tax rate for corporations used to be 35%. It is now 21% thanks to the Republicans. This is lower than the 28% of Reagan’s day and people make a LOT MORE MONEY TODAY! Theoretically, they should be paying at a higher rate.

60 corporations did not pay their $16 BILLION IN TAXES. But they did receive a REFUND of over $4 BILLION.

Corporations such as Amazon, Goodyear, Delta Air Lines, IGM, Deere did not pay any – ZERO- taxes.

Before Reagan, these corporations had a tax rate of 28%. Now, YOU ARE THE WINNER IN THIS LOTTERY AND YOU ARE ALLOWED to pay $1 TRILLION TAX BILL and it is not even the end of the Fiscal Year. And you are allowed to pay it by yourself!! With no BILLIONS FROM CORPORATIONS and the 76.4 MILLION PEOPLE WHO PAY NO TAXES!

So please make sure that your children and grandchildren know why you don’t give them toys for Christmas. Because you gave it all to the IRS!

But since Denmark and other Scandinavian countries use such a combination of private/government partnerships we know that isn’t true.

It also not true that Democratic Socialism is socialism.

True socialism is described in this column by the esteemed conservative columnist George Will

He places the true engine of socialism as being the government owning and planning all activities in society.


That is not something the US has to fear now or at any time.

“In Scandinavia, seven out of every 10 workers labor for private enterprise.”

Indeed many, “including the libertarian Cato Institutes that progressive Nobel Prize Winning economist Paul Krugman declares Denmark, a market economy”.

 “The Nordics cluster at the top of league tables of everything from economic competitiveness to social health to happiness.

They have avoided both southern Europe’s economic sclerosis and America’s extreme inequality”. (This article was written in 2013 which allows that it have missed the growing mess of the world order in 2018.)

The Next Supermodel

“Private, multi-payer systems in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands yield top-quality universal care that’s a bargain compared to ours.”

While it had its warts that could have been excised by thoughtful policy changes, the ACA or Obamacare was a model of a multi-payer system.

It has now been so bastardized by trump that we will need to start again.

Thanks for stopping.

Craig Martineau

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