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Easing Rules, Money Supply, Record-Low Interest Rates

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Editorial Cartoon by Mauldin
Jerome Powell 2018 – present
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Published: March 3, 2022

Consider This:

COVID-19 created this inflation. Ending COVID will curb it.

Yes, inflation is lasting longer than expected and it is taking a bigger bite out of our paychecks than expected. The cost of gas had started to go down last week but Putin decided our costs should go up (a large chunk of his wealth is derived from oil and gas). The cost of climate change will be more than we can imagine and not just in dollars and cents. The lives of people and animals will be sacrificed to the world’s greed.

But first, the newest inflation fire (pun intended) is described in the book “Learning to Live With Fire” which was released by the United States Forest Service.

The explosion caused by Putin, see my commentary here, may make all of this moot. He wants ALL of the former slave states of the USSR back in his control. NATO cannot and will not let that happen! Who blinks first? This is another gift from Trump. As much as he and other Republicans try to blame Biden, he (and they) were the ones that weakened NATO, blew kisses at Putin, and let Putin think we were weak and disorganized. I am not surprised that Trump didn’t care to learn about the spirit and strength of the American people — just those of a criminal bent.

“By all accounts,” Senator Joseph Manchin has tweeted, “the threat posed by record inflation to the American people is not “transitory” and is instead of getting worse.”

Consider this:

Harvard economist Jason Furman explained to Trevor Noah on his TV program that the Build Back Better plan is not as inflationary as Manchin claims. The benefits won’t kick in until AFTER the budgetary period is over, explains University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee.

This article does an excellent job of breaking down the budget of Build Back Better and explaining the impact on inflation.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has been ducking charges that he act and do something to reduce inflation because families have been running hard into this wall.

Consider this:

“Corporate Profits Drive 60% of Inflation Increases”

I think businesses have manufactured some of the fear so they can keep prices high to regain some of the profit lost during last year’s pandemic shutdowns. Matt Stoller has an excellent article on his Substack Blog. He writes that he is convinced there is more to the story promulgated by Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury from 1999 to 2001. He also served as Director of the National Economic Council from 2009 to 2010. I have listened to Mr. Summers. It is my opinion that he is not neutral but is influenced by Republican theories. Maybe there is “more to the story?”

Matt Stoller proclaims: Higher prices aren’t just a result of supply chain chaos or government spending. Inflation is being driven by the pricing power and higher profits of corporations, costing $2,126 per American.

Consider this:

What do we common folk know about inflation?

If you read Politico’s Magazine History Section you may be familiar with this article. I will give full credit at the end of this article.

Disclaimer: I am not an economist. I don’t write like one. I am going to tackle a few articles on inflation because that is what I do. If I don’t know much about a subject I will investigate and write about it. It doesn’t lend itself to articles that go viral but that is not why I write. I do think every voting citizen should have a vague idea of how our leaders determine monetary policy. Or maybe, the President wakes up in the morning and says, “Self, I’m going to raise interest rates today.”

Let’s find out.

Photo by Brock Wegner on Unsplash

Consider the man Thomas Hoenig:

Thomas Hoenig, FOMC, governor Federal Reserve
Thomas Hoenig, FOMC, a governor Federal Reserve

This is a link to a speech he gave on January 5, 2011, in which he discusses his views of monetary policy and enlightens his listeners on his reasons for his frequent dissents.

We will be looking at the “Great Inflation.” In 2006 or so we start running into the “Great Moderation.” Did you feel the shake, rumble, and roll? The next phase is well known. “The Great Recession” destroyed a lot of hopes, dreams, and lives.

This article is Federal Reserve History specifically an essay on the Great Recession and its aftermath and is a valuable read. Each industry has a language of its own. Doctors have medical lingo, automotive mechanics have theirs. You will have the opportunity to read bankers’ lingo and decipher what they were saying. A scary image to me was the increase of household mortgage debt from 61% in 1998 to 97% in 2006. It is not a good idea to look at one segment of the economy also because a push in one place results in a pull in another. But when I was ordering inventory for a restaurant it gave me pause to order more than 10% to 20% from one vendor.

Mr. Hoenig retired at the age of 75. I understand this to mean he was dedicated, passionately believed in what he was doing. I think he only put down a project when he considered circumstances settled, or he was told to move on. I don’t have an answer as to the last part.

Consider America and its Finances circa 1970

In the seventies, as I recall, times were tough. A lot of major layoffs. If I remember correctly (yes, I am that old) the term “right-sizing” came into vogue to hide the cruelness of what the action really meant. I spent the first part of that time in the U.S. Army so I was suffering from a major reckoning of my finances.

Gas prices went up, and up, and up. We were driving a Pontiac Starchief at the time (a huge boat akin to Cadillacs). Another name for the model was “Gas Hog.” We were driving back and forth from Alabama to Northern Minnesota. On a trip home for Christmas, we ran out of gas in Wisconsin. I poured it all over my hands trying to get it into the funnel. The result was that I froze my fingers. That made my typist’s job pretty tough when we got back to Alabama.

Mr. Hoenig lived with the very dark side of inflation. We had long gas lines and massive price hikes at the grocery store. He was a bank examiner and, as such, had to close banks that were on shaky ground.

“He spent the seventies watching as the Fed’s policies helped pile on the inflationary tinder” that would soon ignite. These policies were known as “easy money”, meaning the Fed kept interest rates so low borrowing was cheap and easy to get.” “The Fed had kept interest rates so low during the sixties that they were effectively negative, which might be called “super-easy money policy.”

The Seventies became known as the ‘Great Inflation.”

This is called “too many dollars chasing too few goods.” This drives up prices on the things Americans were trying to buy because demand is high.

This is similar to today. When the economy was allowed to re-open, many people had unspent dollars from the government assistance payments they had received. They had no way to spend the money on vacations. There was no gas cost going to work while locked up in the house. In the end, we were happy to start rockin’ again. There weren’t enough goods on the shelves to satisfy Americas’ appetites. Business owners ordered heavily and saw, in my opinion, an opportunity to recoup some of the losses they suffered in the prior 18 months of the pandemic and pumped up their normal margins.

The store shelves are now empty due to pandemic logistics, the assistance money has been spent, and the owners have no incentive to back off prices yet.

Does that sound about right?

Consider Today’s Landscape

I noted that as a bank examiner, Thomas Hoenig had to clean up the messes of failed banks. In 2010, he was president of the Federal Reserve regional bank in Kansas City. As such, he had a seat on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors. He was also on the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)rotating basis,

The next meeting is on March 15, 2022, and probably will examine a few major themes.


The Fed’s policy is to maintain inflation at 2% in the long run. January’s inflation rate was 7.5%, the highest since 1982.

How high will it raise rates?

It is almost a foregone conclusion that it will raise rates. The real question is by how much? Experts think it will raise rates by half a percentage point. That will be the biggest increase since 2000. So Fed watchers are in a “hold-your-breath mode.

Number of rate increases in 2022

Some economists are forecasting 1.5%. They will try to tackle inflation without slowing growth.

Shrinking the bond portfolio

The Fed used its bond program to ease the effects of the pandemic. It had the desired effect of stimulating the economy but now have to decide whether to sell the securities or just let them mature.

What is your thinking on these decisions to be made?

Thomas Hoenig had opportunities to vote against the easy money policies of the eighties and nineties and he took them. That wasn’t popular in banking circles. But he had seen the effects of easy money and the resulting pain during the seventies.

Voting against other Fed Reserve Governors was not popular, but he stayed the course.

The Fed was intervening in the economy to an amazing degree. This was new territory. The Fed was keeping money “too easy for too long.”

A big thing to remember is that when the Fed opens the spigot, reactions take a while to set in as it filters through different markets. It was increasing the monetary supply by printing more and more money.

These money policies caused an increase in the cost of bread and butter. As a bank examiner, he knew there were more problems than that.

“The money also drives up the price of assets, like stocks, bonds, and real estate.”

During the seventies, low-interest rates fueled demand for assets, which eventually inflated asset bubbles across the Midwest, including heavy farming states.” States with extensively planted crops like Kansas and Nebraska and energy-producing Oklahoma were particularly affected. When asset prices skyrocket, the dreaded asset bubbles are created.

Farmers talked themselves into borrowing cheap money to buy more land. Sales of more land boosted demand for land and pushed up land prices. The assumption was higher land prices would cool off demand.

Consider what happened in Real Life

Rising land prices enticed bankers to believe that this collateral would continue to increase in value so farmers would have an easier time repaying the loans.

This is the loop that spins your head. Asset bubbles churn out loops that get stronger with each spin and drive up the cost of assets.

These scenarios, with the reality of today’s higher asset prices, drove up the value of tomorrow’s asset prices even higher, increasing the spin to run faster and faster.

These bubbles didn’t stay out on the farm. Assets in oil and natural gas did the same. “Rising oil prices and cheap debt enticed oil companies to borrow money and drill more wells.”

Banks built new side businesses dedicated to risky energy loans and their mineral leases. Commercial real estate did the same spin. Everybody was happy except consumers who had to pay the higher prices. WIN “Whip Inflation Now” was the slogan under President Gerald Ford (1974 to 1977). Chairman Paul Volcker raised interest rates from 10% in 1979 to 20% in 1981, the highest they’ve ever been.

Economic havoc resulted! The unemployment rate rose to 10% and homeowner’s mortgages went to 17% and in some places even higher. Volcker realized the banking system would not escape the destabilization of the entire financial system.

Hoenig was right and had argued all of these points. He was ignored.

Today we are reaping the benefits and living in the world he warned of.

Consider Now

The Fed is again in a vise.

Inflation is rising than the Fed believed it would just a few months ago.

Now, add in Putin, with his war against Ukraine has blown all projections to pieces. Higher prices for gas, goods, and cars are fueled by the Fed’s earlier unprecedented volume of money printing.

Between 2008 and 2014 the Federal Reserve printed more than $3.5 trillion in crisp bills. This is almost TRIPLE the amount of money created in its first 95 years! Three centuries’ worth of growth in the money supply was crammed into a few years!

Money poured through the veins everywhere — people, banks, and the entire financial system. Stocks, corporate debt, and commercial real estate bonds plowed prices up through all the markets.

Since 2010 Hoenig consistently voted against the plans. He pitted himself against the Fed chair, “golden boy” Ben Bernanke who had formulated the ambitious plans. He also forced their execution.

Hoenig was the one negative voice. He retired in 2011 with a tarnished reputation. The future turned out as he warned. He warned and he warned — about one thing: coming inflation.

Consider the Consequences

Hoenig wasn’t concerned only with inflation. The record, available 5 years after the activities, shows he worried the Fed was on a risky path that would deepen income equality, stoke asset bubbles, and enrich big banks over everyone else.

He had seen it before. The Fed was getting sucked into a money-printing sinkhole. In 2004 Fed economist Edward Nelson wrote “the most likely cause of inflation during the seventies was due to the Fed keeping its foot on the money printing pedal called “monetary policy neglect.”

Another economist wrote a 2,100-page history of the central bank. The author, Allen Meltzer was not as kind as Nelson. “The Great Inflation”, he wrote “resulted from policy choices that placed more weight on maintaining high or full employment than on preventing or reducing inflation. For much of the period political pressures and popular opinion were reflected in the choices.”

The Fed shifted money from one part of the economy to another. The shifts encouraged speculation and shifted money from the poor to the rich since the rich own most of the assets.

I hope you enjoyed learning how other people in high and rich places decide how you should live. I hope and pray the war doesn’t become the conflagration WWII did.

Thank you for stopping.


My recommendation for Hanger Clinic

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By Craig Martineau Writer

Community Communication Education Take a look.

Hey God! Are You Somewhere Out There? Please Let Us Know?

Can God exist in today’s world?

"A message from God"
 Image: All

How have you been feeling lately?

I have been “unsettled” is an apt description.

Is God Dead? Time Coiver April 8, 1966
Time cover April 8, 1966

Back in 1966 (I graduated high school in 1967) a movement reached status to promote an end to the world’s troubles. No Accountability!

Black Sabbath resurrected the theme in 2013 with their song God Is Dead?.

Black Sabbath lyrics to God is Dead 2013
Lyrics Black Sabbath 2013

Maybe you can make sense of the lyrics. I provided a link under the band’s name.

Of course, as usual, we were behind the curve. A major promoter of “God is Dead” was Frederich Nietzsche.

Frederich Nietzsche
Image: The Guardian February 7, 2012

The political message of Nietzsche’s “God is dead” was an article by Lesley Chamberlain in the Guardian on February 7, 2012. She laid to rest our current interpretation of Nietzsche’s “death of God” in his 1884 book and again in 1888.

He advocated that we separate God reason. He was not advocating that God was dead.

Another significant reason to understand differences in culture and language between cultures and times. Indeed, Nietzsche borrowed his statements from René Descartes (1596–1650). His primary claim to fame was as a mathematician.

Consider this

The takeaways I want to leave you with:

  1. God’s existence does not depend on us; our thoughts and feelings. I believe that He’s bigger than our little brains.
  2. Just because you can’t “see” or “feel” God and how he is working in our lives doesn’t mean He/She is not acting in our lives. (Yes, God has many attributes that we associate with women.)
  3. Take that hideous war in Ukraine. I read somewhere that Putin is a Christian. That proves the point that “faith without works is dead”. Not that our works save us, but that because He saved us, we show our faith in how we live our lives. Look at the actions of the young man who drives supplies around the city of Lviv. He is from Norway but is donating his life, as do other drivers from Norway and Belarus, distributing supplies to medical facilities. The volunteers who are answering the call are taking care of children, helping people leaving Ukraine, and living their lives at risk of being killed as they perform myriad other tasks.
  4. We can also see God acting on the battlefield as one soldier cares for another.
  5. We can’t despair as we know God is amid these horrors, caring for His people.

Let’s live the life He calls us to.

My favorite saying is “Shalom.” It means God is fighting for your peace!


Thanks for stopping.


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By Craig Martineau Writer

Community Communication Education Take a look.

Valkyries Were Spellbinding in Norse Mythology

His Research is Some of the Most Impressive I Have een — Simply Amazing

The website below by Dan McCoy is a marvel of research. He even laid out a Family Norse Mythology.

I hope you enjoy.

Compiled image of many Valkyries
"The Vikings" by Dan McCoy
Valkyries are part of Norse Mythology. They carried the dying Norseman to Valhalla to be with Oden.

Isn’t this mindblowing?

Thanks for stopping.


It Is Here — Are You Ready? 40 Million Americans Aren’t = 25%

You thought Omicron spread fast? Its new variant doesn’t even slow down for speed bumps

Omicron BA2 80% faster spread Image: Clhoe Cushman The Economist 3.19.22
BA2 Omicron on steroids It spreads 80% faster this time. Image Chloe Cushman The Economist 3.19.22

Consider this

China is suffering its first big Omicron party. 40 million people are on “life on pause”, their term for “lockdown.” One whole province is suffering that fate — Jilin.

China is also resorting to using a Pizer vaccine. Imagine if you will 1.4 billion people have been “on pause” at some time during the pandemic.

They stress over 3,000 new cases a day are erupting (March 15, 2022). Compare that to the 26,000 Americans on the same day.

I hope I prepared you with my article of a few days ago. If you didn’t have a chance to read it you may have had a heart attack reading today’s headline.

Current breakdown of B.A.1, the first Omincron virus compared to B.A. 2 your current disease de jour:

> New Jersey and the rest of CDC‘s Region 2 39% compared to 23.1% for the rest of the U.S.

> New England 38.6%

> California 27.7% the same rate applies to Nevada and Arizona

Certain segments of the population were slow out of the gate, but managed to catch up to — or even surpass — the national average by January 2022, according to TIME’s analysis. Mostly, these are America’s marginalized communities: Black and Hispanic people, LGBTQ people, those living in under-resourced counties, and the uninsured. Vaccine uptake among these groups didn’t happen in a sudden rush in early 2021 but rather at a slower, steadier pace over much of the last year. Community health organizations say that’s because certain demographics have required more personal outreach, information, and support than the initial federal vaccine rollout offered.


MARCH 16, 2022 2:59 PM EDT


Until the majority of people get vaccinated the virus is going to eat us all up! WORSE AND WORSE EACH TIME!

This Deltacrom (BA2) spreads 80% faster than the first Omicron (BA1).

If you are not vaccinated your chances of getting infected go up each time! As the population goes down from dying of this thing — your chances got up!

Thanks for stopping.


What is Our Most Important Challenge Today?

Please read this all the way through!

Ukraine War against Russia? I think not.

Craig Martineau

Mar 18

5 min read


The Ukraine War is insanely important, I agree. But…

In business productivity, you are always told to determine the most important thing and do that first. That “thing” is not the crisis “thing”. It is not the “thing” that has people are beating your door down.

Over 1,000,000 people subscribe to the newsletter by James Clear. He says “the phrase “Do the most important thing first each day is just a simple way of saying, “Give yourself a time and space to work on what is important to you each day.”

What is urgent is seldom important. Yes, helping Ukraine survive is urgent but I challenge you to determine if it is the MOST IMPORTANT thing.

I have this matrix front and center on my monitor:

The Decision Box of Dwight Eisenhower proposed b James Clear
Dwight Eisenhower was a fairly important man. This Graphic is from “ How to be More Productive and Eliminate Time-Wasting Activities by Using the “Eisenhower Box”

Consider this

I challenge you that the most important thing is that, as a society, we correct the terrible imbalance of inequality.

“The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better” was published in 2009. Written by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, the book highlights the “pernicious effects that inequality has on societies: eroding trust, increasing anxiety, and illness, (and) encouraging excessive consumption”.

I am going to familiarize you, in the next posts, with a report from 2009. (It uses data gathered in Great Britain but I haven’t found all of the same statistics available for the U.S. yet.

As a starting point, I am going to use this PowerPoint presentation:

The power point presentation by The Spirit Level
Request for onmations from The Equality Trust

Let’s start with a few broad statistics:

The middle class constitutes a slim majority of the U.S. population (52%) but it is less than it was a century ago

The share of income captured by the middle class fell from 62% in 1970 to 43% in 2014. Drawn from “Investopedia” “Which Income Class Are You” updated by James Frankenfield October 18, 2021″

But not all economic indicators appear promising. Household incomes have grown only modestly in this century, and household wealth has not returned to its pre-recession level. Economic inequality, whether measured through the gaps in income or wealth between richer and poorer households, continues to widen. PEW Research January 9th 2020, written by Juliana Menasce Horowitz, Ruth Igielnik, and Rakesh Kochar in their report “Trends in income and wealth inequality”.

Consider this

“Trends are that wealth is growing for the top 5% of families.”

We will find, in the PowerPoint slides, data that shows how harmful this is to society.

Image from an article we have what it takes to meet the crisis of our democracy published in “Waging NonViolence, February 13, 2018
License Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 3.0 published “Waging Nonviolence” February 13, 2018

In the article “We Have What It Takes To Meet The Crisis in Our Democracy” published February 13, 2018 by “Waging Nonviolence”. Adapted from “Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want” by Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen (Beacon Press, 2017). Reprinted with permission from Beacon Press.

“In 1999, Dee Hock, founder of Visa, quipped, “It’s far too late and things are far too bad for pessimism.”

“But 18 years later, pessimism can feel like the new realism.” Frances Moore, Adam Eichen

“Once we believe something is essential, we don’t need to know that its realization is certain or even that our odds are great in order to jump into action. We need only believe it’s possible.” Frances Moore, Adam Eichen

Consider this

“After all, just three Americans control more wealth than the bottom half of us. In last year’s election, less than 1 percent of Americans provided most of the $6.4 billion in campaign spending, worsening an imbalance in the political influence that’s long been with us. Even in the 1980s and 90s average Americans, according to a data-deep study, exerted “near-zero” influence in Washington” Frances Moore, Adam Eichen


Slide regarding health based on differences in income
The USA ranks 3rd with life expectancy
Slide 2 of Quality Trust power point

Consider this

Within means WITHIN!

Don’t worry about the next country. What is your country like?

Do the rich have better healthcare?

Do the rich have better access to healthcare?

Do the poor suffer from lack of healthcare?

Do the poor suffer because they don’t have a way to get to a doctor? Or dentist? Or optician? Or audiologist?

Do the elderly suffer? Are the elderly made to wait long periods to receive healthcare?

Do women get discriminated against for not being able to get abortions?

Do children get discriminated against because the insurance companies won’t cover their illness or condition?


Because you had been in jail?

Because you were addicted to alcohol?

Because you were addicted to drugs?

Are all people created equal?

Are all people the same before the law?

Consider this


Why aren’t all people treated the same?

How do we stop discrimination?

Why would somebody think they are better than somebody else?

Republicans have changed laws on who can get healthcare!



Don’t believe them about anything unless you compare what they say to what Democrats say! WORD FOR WORD.

It may take some reading but that is how you find out who the HUCKSTERS are!


Thank you for stopping.


Teachers! Home Schoolers! Is This the Answer You Need? Solve the COVID-19 Kids Are at Home All The Time Pain?

39 Resources for Teachers and Home Schoolers During the Crushing Period of Lockdown due to COVID-19!

A fabulous picture of the International Space Station. Its panels are caught some in full sun and some in partial. Amazing picture. I do not remember where I found it.
I love to use Space as an image for what students can achieve. Especially now with a return to the Moon and the trip to Mars on the horizon

A few hours ago I saw a notice flash across my monitor.

I have been building a new blog website – for free this time – no expense!

Then I heard on TV a teacher say that she was going to set up assignments this evening.

So I had better get a hustle-in-my-bustle!

A warm picture of The Valley of the Dolls in the Dolomite Mountains in South Tyrol, Italy. A beautiful winter scene. Image from
This is a cool picture for geography. The Valley of the Dolls in the Dolemite Mountains in South Tyrol Italy
I thought I could use the “Inspect” tool to remember where I found this. If I had to guess, and I do, it was probably in Google Images.

I was using the “Capitalize My Title” website when I used the plugin offering 30+ FREE resources to teachers and home schoolers.

What a GREAT idea for a blog post.

Of course, I had no idea that it would take me two days and a few hours to type!


It is on the site “Capitalize My Title” as I mentioned. I don’t want you to forget. I would like to try some of these apps. Some I have used and some I still use.

It is offering “30+ FREE Online Teaching Resources for Teachers Affected by Coronavirus.

It was posted on 3/18/20 at 1.15 PM so it is still pretty FRESH.

The staff at “Capitalize My Title” did a SUPERB job.

Capitalize My Title” also offes excellent blogs on SEO and other criteria for an excellent blog site. I printed out 6 or 7 chapters.

I am going to use their layouts and texts since they did such a great job. Also, I think not using quotes will make reading a lot easier. There are 38 paragraphs with internet references!

I will post fairly close to the way they are described on the website.

But you know I have to make some lamebrain comments, RIGHT?

The team at “Capitalize My Title” puff out their chests – as well they should – for scurrying around finding all of these resources and diligently laying them out so legibly.

The kids should thank their lucky stars because I AM NOT a teacher by trade or luck.

That means that you teachers, you homeschoolers, you volunteers deserve all the kudos for the great job you do.

These tools are not geared toward teenagers. WHEW!

An image of young children sitting on the floor waiting for their teacher to start school. They are all smiling  widely.
School Learning Studying Education Knowledge Concept Licensed from by Craig Martineau

The Header:

Now if the tools hold up to your scrutiny I will have done a great job (I am going into this a non-educated OAF you understand.

The Tools


Created a special Viruses and Outbreak channel to help educators discuss the coronavirus outbreak with students. (Remember to use my articles here and here.)

They are even offering FREE access to Discovery Education Experience through the remainder of the school year.


 Main Website:

COVID-19  Offering:


BrainPop is offering FREE, unlimited use of its platform for any schools impacted by the virus.

This includes animated movies, assessment resources, and creative tools for distance learning.

Main website:

COVID-19 Offering: -by-the-corona-virus


Kahoot! Is a great distance learning tool. It offers self-paced games for students. In response to coronavirus, Kahoot! Is offering their premium service for FREE where educators can create their own games for students!

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Is a communication platform that lets people communicate via chat and video. It is available FREE to teachers and teams during this time.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:

So far these seem like outstanding offers.

5. Book Creator lets educators create books for classrooms. This includes interactive stories, digital portfolios, poetry books, instruction manuals, and more. They have offered a FREE collaboration upgrade for educators affected by the coronavirus.

WOW! Will somebody let me take their class. This sounds AWESOME!

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:

6.Google is offering advanced Hangouts Meet for free and they’re recommending Google Classroom for distance learning. They also list some great ways to leverage these tools in these trying times.

I don’t know if you’ve used Hangouts but my brother in California and I use it to communicate almost exclusively. Hangouts is AWESOME!

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Tynker is a great tool for teaching kids how to code. It leverages Minecraft and other games to teach kids how to code interactively.  They are giving away access to their platform to teachers who are affected by coronavirus AT NO COST! FREE

I’ll Sign uP! That’s my level of learning ability FER SHUR!

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Their Media person writes: “Buncee gives creation and communication  tools to students and teachers through their all-in-one technology that empowers all users to easily create, and share visual representations of content, across grade, age and learning levels.” They are giving away FREE Buncee Classroom accounts to teachers through any closures due to top coronavirus.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:

IMAGE of young students and a teacher. Image from Buncee promotion materials
Image from Buncee Promotion Materials
  • 9. Pear Deck

“Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to stay connected with students. It connects with existing videoconferencing software by Google, Microsoft, and Zoom.

Due to COVID-19, they are giving away FREE Pear Deck Premium access to educators.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Kami is a document and PDF annotation app that lets teachers engage their students in new ways. They are giving away FREE access to teachers and students affected by the coronavirus.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Parlay is an app that lets students have their own voice. They can participate anonymously in classroom discussions and respond to prompts from the teacher. Parlay will be FREE for everyone until May 15th, 2020

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:

12.Elementari is giving away FREE access to their entire platform to teachers and parents affected by coronavirus. Elementari allows students in K-12 to create, write, and code interactive stories. It’s a great platform to help students learn how to read write, program and more.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Turn videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course or others into engaging course, Teachers can make sure their students actually watch the videos and inject quizzes to test students’ comprehension. They are offering some relief for teachers affected by coronavirus.

Main Website: https://

COVID-19 Offering:


Wakelet allows educators to save, organize, and curate information they find across the web. They have curated some tips for educators to make the most of distance learning.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Educators can get a FREE month of Twinkl now. Twinkl has tons of U.S. teaching resources for use in the classroom covering key topics aligned with state standards. Educators can download these resources and share with their students.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


Hapara is a leader in helping schools transition to digital learning. Teachers can create assignments and projects in the could that they can share with students who can then upload their work to the cloud as well. They are offering new schools/districts FREE access to Hapara until the end of June 2020.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:

17. Mangahigh

Mangahigh is a great tool to teach students math and coding. Teachers can set up advance quizzes and innovative games for students to learn crucial math and coding skills. They are offering full access to Mangahigh during school closures for any schools that are impacted by COVID-19=19.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:

18.Scholastic Learn at Home

Primarily targeted at parents who will now have their kids at home for long periods, Scholastic Learn at Home gives kids one week of content for PreK and Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6+.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:


ListenWire makes great podcast lessons from the best non-fiction storytellers. Feel good about having your students listen to educational content. They are offering free ListenWire Premium through April 30th for students affected by coronavirus.

Main Website:

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MobyMax is an award-winning online differentiated learning platform that helps students close learning gaps. They are offering their software for FREE to all schools and districts forced to close to protect against COVID-19.

Main Website:

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GoGuardian is a great digital learning platform that lets schools manage their classrooms and administrative needs.

Main Website:

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22.Seterra Geography

Seterra offers map games to make learning geography easy. They are offering FREE Seterra memberships for schools affected by COVID-19.

Main Website:

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23.We Video

We Video makes it easy for students to create fun, engaging videos and use the power of their voice to create them.

Main Website:

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24.Education Perfect

Education Perfect provides a progressive teaching and learning toolkit for the modern classroom. EP is providing FREE and unlimited access to all schools until May 1st.

Main Website:

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25.Slido Education

Interactive Q&A session software that lets you curate and manage audience questions. A great way to poll the classroom or let students ask anonymously.

Main Website:

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26.Breakout Edu

Breakout Edu has over 1500 Interactive learning games available that bring the challenges of an escape room to the classroom. Subjects range from language to math and science.

Main Website:
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27. Microsoft Education

Main Website:

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Main Website:

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Zoom is a great videoconferencing software that makes it easy to do.

Main Website:

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30. Screencastify

Main Website:
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31.Mystery Science

Main Website:
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32. Age of Learning (ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ)

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering:https:/


Genially lets teachers create interactive learning resources from presentations to infographics. In response to COVID-19, they are offering many of their premium templates for FREE.

Main Website:

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Canva is a great tool to quickly create infographics, Instructables, and other classroom activities. They have a FREE EDU offering.

Main Website:

COVID-19 Offering: makes it easy to build start pages with links to lesson plans, education apps, games, and other online resources. They are making PRO accounts for FREE for all teachers affected by coronavirus.

Main Website:

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36.Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Institute

CMU is offering FREE fee waivers to institutions affected by COVID-19 by making all of their Open Learning Initiative (OLI) courseware FREE for affected institutions. OLI courses act as textbook replacements or as supplemental material.

Main Website:

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Kapwing is a collaborative online image and video editor with a cloud storage Workspace. It’s an excellent tool for teachers who are making video lessons to send to students for remote learning, for students working together on a group project, or a classroom looking for digital space to share multimedia projects with each other. They are giving away Kapwing Pro to educators whose schools are affected by the COVID-19 closures

Main Website: 

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38.Pixton EDU

Pixton EDU is a web-app that gives teachers and students a unique way to create stories, demonstrate learning, and enhance writing assignments – in any subject- through digital comics. They are offering all-access for FREE for 30 days during the outbreak.

Main Website:

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Is this more dramatic than the next image? The Clouds 200 miles below!
I don’t know which one is more dramatic – the clouds 200 miles below Image by NASA
which is more dramatic the International Space Station traveling thru the Aurora Borealis Image by Scott Kelly NASA
or the International Space Station traveling thru the Aurora Boealis Image by Astronaut Scott Kelly NASA

In the Last Two Decades – SARS, MERS, and COVID-19

Humans have been afflicted by a series of coronaviruses in additon to deadly flu strains.

Cell of COVID -19 coronavirus in 2020


I was reading the news on my phone.

That lead me to write this.

It appears that violence and harassment are increasing as the COVID-19 pandemic deepens.

The violence against immigrants is particularly distressing.

Bigotry and fear are no excuse for behaving like jackasses and worse.

If you want to know why read this.


Many of you have heard of SARS, a viral infection before COVID-19 which we are suffering through right now.

The SARS pandemic ran from 2002 to 2004.

The outbreak originated in Foshan, China and infected over 8,000 people and caused 774 deaths worldwide.

A chart of SARS depicting how countries were affected by infections, deaths and the rate of death
SARS by country. Image Wikipedia

Images from Wikipedia

Image of the Probable cases of SARS in 2002 & 2003. Wikipedia
Image of the Probable cases of SARS in 2002 & 2003. Wikipedia


Images of SARS-CoV0-2 and Human Cells Wikipedia
Images of SARS-CoV0-2 and Human Cells Wikipedia



Since SARS there has been MERS.

SARS was designated SARS-CoV-2 . MERS was designated CoV.

It too was a coronavirus.

Mortality was about one-third of diagnosed cases.

Camels have been shown to have antibodies but there is no scientific proof of how they got infected or how it spread to humans.

It’s spread outside of a hospital is rare.

But image a 1/3 death rate!

MERS one-third morbidity rate!


Image MERS outbreak 2013 -2020 Wikipedia
Image MERS outbreak 2013 -2020 Wikipedia



By the numbers: Information from WHO with links in blue Image World Health Organization

By the numbers: Information from WHO with links in blue Image World Health Organization


Why are they called coronaviruses?

Corona is Spanish is crown.

IMAGE OF COVID-19 on unsplash by Viktor Forgacs
IMAGE OF COVID-19 on unsplash by Viktor Forgacs Note the red “crowns”


SARS was mainly in the East and MERS in Saudi Arabia and the East.

The most recent pandemic to affect the United States was the H1N1 “swine flu”. In 2009 it aflicted over 60 million people in the United States.

The COVID-19 is not in that category.

The swine flu  hit the younger people hard. I remember standing in line with my sons waiting to get the vaccination shot.

Here we are

Another coronavirus. Where do they come from?

H1N1 Swine Flu statistics Chart: CDC
H1N1 Swine Flu statistics Chart: CDC


This is a pangolin
This is a pangolin

These are pangolins rescued from poachers. They are a luxury ingredient in Chinese and Philipine medicinal potions.

In February 2020 Chinese researchers identified that Pangolins match 98 percent of the cells in the COVID-19 virus.  Later the number was rechecked and it dropped to 90.3%.

Scientists will have to searching for the culprit.

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craig's graphic signature Made with MS Publisher


Homeless, Disabled, Forgotten American Veterans Survived at an Enormous Cost!

It’s Simple: Homeless American Veterans Survived Jaw-Dropping Odds

Survival is ‘How To #1’ for Homeless Disabled Vets

785 words 2 min 49 seconds

What in the world is going on?

While researching this blog post, I ran into a publication by the Brookings Institute.
The executive summary for the publication by on 2/26/19 is “Democracy & Disorder: The struggle for influence in the new geopolitics”

“The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level.”

Why is democracy fading or even more correctly failing?

Why have American servicemen and women dedicated themselves to preserving the international order founded at the end of WWII?

Have all the lives that lost and disabilities suffered been for naught?

This was a great beginning to this post.


Task & Purpose January 22, 2018, by James Clark
“For the first time in seven years, the number of homeless veterans in the United States has increased.

Yes, the VA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development has made strides in those seven years, the total homeless vets dropped by 46% in the period.

But what about the over 40,000 vets still living on the streets of these United States?

Are we more concerned about a wall than the souls of those who served?

Where is our national conscience?

See if you can read this article without shedding a tear of conscience.

Homeless Veterans Image Disable American Vets magazine


Women Veterans face a greater risk of becoming homeless compared to male vets.

Male vets chances of being homeless at 1.4%.

Women’s chances at 2.4%! almost twice as much.


Post-traumatic stress disorder; loss of employment; dissolution of marriage and a lack of gender-specific support.


One- fifth of homeless female veterans have dependent children!


Now I can continue with the post.

This organization has attained $4.3 billion in retroactive benefits for vets.

It has provided rides to 615, 000 medical appointments.

It has represented 250,790 claims for vets.

Over 1 million veterans are helped each year.

Learn more


Gulf War Veterans ay have unexplained illnesses related to their service in Southwest Asia.

The symptoms vary from fatigue to respiratory disorders.  The term is “chronic multi-symptom illness.”


It has a name: the Exposure Ed mobile app. It is available to anyone that has a smartphone, tablet or another mobile device.

It can answer your questions on military-related exposures and exposure-related benefits and services.

Not only can vets or those caring for them identify potential exposures by conflict, date or location but they will find VA facilities and exposure-related programs nearest them.

The free app can be downloaded for iOS or Android devices.

This is a demonstration of the app.

This link is to the ehealthevet page listing:   Gulf War Veteran’s Medically Unexplained Illnesses & VA Benefits Overview for Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses posted December 21, 2018.

TWO OTHER TOPICS IN THE January 9th 2019 edition of My HealtheVET:

Depression vs. Blues: Know the Difference

The Silent Killer: Hypertension—high blood pressure!

My HealtheVet shared over 100 articles through the newsletter and website in 2018.

That’s a lot of great health information and health care management reminders.

The list of the top five most read articles in 2018.

VA announced on December 21, 2018:

VA announces a moratorium on discharges and decreases from comprehensive caregiver program

The VA is temporarily suspending discharges and decreases in level of support from its Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers because of continued concerns expressed by veterans, caregivers and advocated about inconsistent application of eligibility requirements by VA medical centers.



But I found this you-tube video. Please view it and pass it on.

Did you know?

That veterans account for roughly 11% of the adult homeless population

Roughly 45% of homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic?

(These two groups make up only 30% of active duty personnel)

Nearly half of all homeless veterans served during the Vietnam War

A third of homeless vets served in a war zone

Over 1.4 million vets are ‘at risk’ of homelessness


Organizations that help Homeless Veterans

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MAC-V)


Supportive Services for Veteran Families

Wings for Warriors

Operation Home Front

Lift Up Veterans

Carr Four

Housing and Urban Development

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Salvation Army

The Military Wallet

Disabled American Veterans

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

U.S. Vets

Volunteers of America

Homeless In America - 1/3 fo homeless men are Veterans Disabled American Veterans Magazine

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No Rose this Post

patch for agent orange remember our sacrifice

Digital Divide – Part One

Date March 31, 2018

This post ran over 4,000 words so I thought I should break it up. The second part will be posted shortly after the first.

In this post:

> Veterans Interest (at the end)

> Email of the future

> Digital Transformation of  Business

> What Do You Mean by AI


Remember the rumors of the last year or so “Email is Dead”? Not so fast! Google has announced AMP for Gmail. Accelerated Mobile Pages will be available through the Gmail Developer Preview.  Theoretically, “this new spec will be a powerful way for developers to create more engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences.” (Google sell sheet). Vijith Assar in Select/All lands with both feet on the announcement. He says it is not needed and if effect, will slow Gmail down. He is not impressed on several fronts. I will leave to all of you to sort out. I am sticking with plain old Gmail that I have used since the dawn of time.

Does it Pay for Business to Spend on New Technology?

Tim Berners-Lee said (recognize the name? He is the inventor of the World Wide Web) “The future is so much bigger than the past.”

The economies of the world are undergoing deep, deep transformation. Digital technology is changing everything from strategies to processes to marketing. The changes are profound and everlasting. Nothing will be the same. Indeed 47% of jobs in the US will be lost. In the UK the loss will be around 35%. The projection for Japan is up to 50% by 2035.

A point to remember is that jobs will be created. A factor not discussed my in the US is that 48% of people in the US think Universal Basic Income is a good idea! 

Finland has put a pilot project into action and Canada and France are working out the details

But that is off-topic for this post. However, as regular readers are aware I strongly encourage people to get more education. What concerns me is the 70% of workers realize that jobs will be affected just not their jobs. Why? Only 30% of people are improving their education to prepare themselves for the coming onslaught.

In my last post on The Singularity and Quantum Computing, I said changes are going to be astronomical especially when quantum computing begins to be used.

Machine Learning will lead the way

In this post, we will examine how machine learning will lead the way until the day comes when quantum computers are available.

A co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore forecast in 1995 that computing power would double every ten years and cost would decrease at the rate and pace.

We have come to the end of that road. The big question of this post concerns what has occurred in those companies that have aggressively transformed themselves using technology and those that are not so aggressive.

A paper by Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani of the Harvard Business School explores what more than a decade of research shows regarding the movers and those that are still thinking about moving to new technologies.

Their empirical observations show what a major opportunity awaits those companies investing in digitizing their business models.

The division of movers and not movers becomes a look at the ‘digital leaders’ and the ‘digital laggards’. Companies, specifically Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are using their expertise in cloud computing and machine learning to develop applications for their platforms so any business can use applications on their platforms to take advantage of the newest tech and transform themselves from laggards to leaders.

Again I got ahead of myself. Drs. Iansiti and Lakhani and associates at the Harvard Business School found the difference in average gross margin for 25% of companies that came to be labeled leaders and laggards.

The three-year-average gross margin for digital laggards was 37% and for digital leaders was 55%! Need I continue?

OK. The three-year-average earnings before taxes were 11% for the laggards and 16% for the leaders. Finally, to really whet your whistle the three-year-average of Net Income was 7% compared to 11%!

Their studies also showed that the digital advantage was not simply in spending more money, “the best-performing companies stated they have technology budgets ON PAR with the digital laggards. So there is more going on than what shows in the first batch of numbers. The same 25% of laggards spent 3.2% of their revenue on IT while the leaders spent 3.5%.

In digital companies, digital leaders approached the digital opportunity with a different mindset. Perhaps the way these companies executed in their operations would have given them a similar advantage even if they hadn’t seized the digital opportunity? I don’t know. But it would not appear to be so.

The main difference which may speak to my question is the digital leaders have consistent up-to-date metrics for decision making and can make the best use of the data they collect.

Managers make decisions. What is changing, dramatically, is the best managers are taking advantage of the new technologies to plan and execute faster and more efficiently.

Personal Stories

Many, many years ago I was given the task of installing, training and supporting computerized cash registers in the restaurants I supervised. The question asked by upper management, “Is it worth it?” My answer was the computers would make the good managers better and that the not as good managers would waste the opportunity. Forty years later the same question is being asked.

More Discussion

Another issue is the new products that are coming to market. The new products themselves are taking advantage of the new technologies in ways the laggards will never be able to capture.

I recently read an article that said the newest equipment entering field service today have built-in sensors to report on the performance of the device, any health issue that may be occurring, and what/when preventative maintenance tasks need to be performed. Manager’s time can now be spent planning and executing strategies rather than tracking what machine is due for its next checkup. That sounds more profitable.

Data now being collected aids not only the user of the device but the manufacturer as well.

How to better meet customer’s needs, last longer, run more efficiently to save even more resources. All these are happening NOW!

Companies that are laggards are probably going to be laggards forever, at least until they succumb to the early death of laggards. Not getting with the ‘program’ soon enough.

I remember a project. It seemed like it took years to finish. I had to develop a Bill of Materials for a company I worked for. That was progressive back then but now that company is still mired in old inventory and old sales methods. The progressive attempt at achieving real cost knowledge and cost savings (profits) which would have accrued.

I see that happening so often as I visit businesses that I have supported for years. I do not know what is keeping them from modernizing but surely their days of existence are numbered and death is approaching ever faster.

These companies have great people working for them. I wonder if the employees know the disservice the owners and managers are doing to their careers.

Example of Digital Transformation and a Swift Kick

An example of digital transformation is that Amazon’s website changes every three seconds!

If you are a business owner or if you know one that can benefit from a swift kick to get motivated, please read this Harvard Business Study.

You will be richly rewarded if you heed the opportunities it presents. It is well researched, well written and presents solid opportunities for getting on with the digital lifestyle.

The Same Old Communication Problem – Apples to Oranges

Does AI mean the Same as AI?

“In 2017, artificial intelligence attracted $12 billion of Venture Capital investment. We are only beginning to discover the usefulness of AI applications.” by David Pring-Mill 3/15/2018

David Pring-Mill quotes Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, a Taiwanese venture capitalist and the founding president of Google China “it’s tempting for every entrepreneur to package his company as an AI company, and it’s tempting for every VC to say “I’m an AI investor”.

But Dr. Lee concludes that 2018 will be the year where many of the fakers will be exposed.

David Pring-Mill found an expert in the field of natural language processing, Erik Cambria, who said: “Nobody is doing AI today and everybody is saying that they do AI because it’s a cool and sexy buzzword.”

Mr. Cambria said that much of ‘AI’ is just emulation of human intelligence. “And there is nothing today that is even barely as intelligent as the most stupid human being on Earth!” “No one is doing AI yet, for the simple fact that we don’t know how the human brain works.”

Mr. Cambria continues “Companies are just looking at tricks to create a behavior that looks like intelligence but that is not real intelligence, it’s just a mirror of intelligence.”

I think respectable companies look at scientific integrity regarding the issue of accurate definitions and it is not a matter to be taken lightly. I am afraid though that hype is currently the currency of choice regarding Artificial Intelligence.

The lions of this Fourth Industrial Revolution: Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Vernon Vinge, Ray Kurzweil, Ben Goertzel, Paul Allen, Hartmut Neven, Larry Page disagree among themselves as to what constitutes AI; where will AI lead us; will AI be benevolent or malicious?

So many people of hyper vision, of massive intelligence, of uncommon bravery to speak their minds openly to generate the questions and answers that are essential to the proper growth of AI is exciting to see.

Richard Feynman, during a commencement address at Cal Tech in 1974, said: “The first Principle (of AI) is that you must not fool yourself-and you are the easiest person to fool”. Later he added, “You should not fool the layman when you are talking as a scientist. Scientists should bend over backward to show how they could be wrong.”

I recommend the booklet I listed below. It is an extremely thorough look at the world using the lens of Artificial Intelligence. So many graphs, so many groups of topics just so many of everything in an easy to read and understand format.

Bot.Me: A Revolutionary Partnership, PwC Consumer Series, April 2017

I hijacked the following text from the PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) booklet

“AI, shorthand for artificial intelligence, defines technologies emerging today that can understand, learn, and then act based on the information. Forms of AI in use today include digital assistants, chatbots, and machine learning.

Today, AI works in three ways:

Assisted intelligence, widely available today, improves what people and organziations are already doing. A simple example, prevalent in cars today, is the GPS navigation program that offers direction to drivers and adjusts to road conditions.

Augmented intelligence, emerging today, enables people and organizations to do things they couldn’t otherwise do. For example, the combination of programs that organize cars ride-sharing services enables businesses that could otherwise not exist.

Autonomous intelligence, being developed for the future, establishes machines that act on their own. An example of this will be self-driving vehicles when they come into widespread use.

With a market projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, AI is poised to have a transformative effect on consumer, enterprise, and government markets and around the world.

There are certainly obstacles to overcome, but consumers believe AI has the potential to assist in medical breakthroughs, democratize costly services, elevate poor customer service, and even free up an overburdened workforce.

“Some tech optimists believe AI could create a world where human abilities are amplified as machines help mankind process, analyze, and evaluate the abundance of data that is created in today’s world, allowing humans the spend more time engaged in high-level thinking, creativity, and decision-making.”

I also recommend the article: “Everyone is talking About AI But do they mean the same thing?” by David Pring-Lee.

Mr. Pring-Lee introduces so many topics and attributes so many statements you will find it easier to read the article and take your own notes rather than relying on my version of “Cliff Notes”.


Today’s Blue Moon is the last until 2020. It is also known as the Paschal Moon- for Easter!

Veterans Interests

Veterans Crisis Line: 800.273.8255 Press 1.

I am maintaining my promise to provide information to veterans regarding information I would have covered in my blog “” before I melded it into

This section today is not specifically about health but it is about veterans and how their story is told.

Paul Szoldra is a US Marine. He describes the history (short and personal) of US Military blogs and how they gained recognition as real spaces for the military member could tell his or her story. “At War” as it came of age in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, as told by C.J.Chivers, a Marine Corps veteran, and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the New York Times. He tells of Teresa Fazio who offered a deeply personal account of a “mortuary affair in Iraq” and Thomas Gibbons-Neff who is now a Pentagon correspondent for The Times. Other writers got their start at Task & Purpose, War on the Rocks and Strategy Bridge.

These stories, written by combat veterans bring a level of credibility that other journalists don’t have.

The Times has relaunched its “renegade” ‘At War’ blog in March 2018. Its new editor Lauren Katzenberg “hopes that At War will inspire more people to share their voices and stories at a time when there is less transparency around wars being carried out in American’s name”. Paul Szoldra March 2018.

A Soldier in the dessert of Iraq or Afghanistan. Almay Stock Photo Google Images
A Soldier in the desert of Iraq or Afghanistan.




Date March 17, 2018

I learned a new word the other night “KAKISTOCRACY”. 

KAKISTOCRACY means a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, most unscrupulous citizens.

Wikipedia said that word was coined as early as the 17th Century. “It was also used by English author Thomas Love Peacock in 1929.”


What concerns me is that we should be using it to great purpose to describe the current administration.

I have been using the term “fascist” frequently which describes the political bent of this administration.

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce.

Fascists believe that a liberal democracy is obsolete and believe the one-party state is necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to have the ability to respond effectively to economic difficulties.

Fascism rejects the assertion that violence is automatically negative in nature and views political violence as a means that can rejuvenate a nation.

A common definition focuses on three concepts: anti-liberalism, anti-communism, and anti-conservatism.

I think we can use Kakistocracy to describe the functioning of the fascist government. What do you think?

I think that the term can be used to describe the current administration since every day elicits another example of its failures: lack of coherent policy, encumbrances to wealthy political donors and the seeking personal aggrandizement.

This is every day, not just an occasional occurrence. From the TV reality series of Trump’s mistress (s) to the abysmal grasp of her job by the Education Secretary Betsy de Vos.

What is devastating is that the Republican Congress has abdicated completely its moral responsibility let alone its constitutional responsibility to put an end to the crimes and misdemeanors of this administration.

Just after the election of Trump I wrote a blog about the Republican Party and how it was abandoning its principles, its morals, its responsibilities.

I will revisit it in the near future now that we have a good sense of what the next years will be like.


I think at least two and one half at least.

I do not believe that Trump will be impeached. Indeed I believe that Trump’s next moves will be to fire Sessions and Rothenstein and replace them with people who will end the Mueller Investigations.

Trump Innocent?

The House Intelligence Committee just pronounced that Trump is innocent of any collusion and whitewashed him completely.

I do not believe that the full House has the guts to even start impeachment proceedings.

I do not believe that the Senate will do anything other than follow suit – duck and cover is the rule now.

I do not know how any of the evidence that Mueller has compiled will be able to be used.

Which is unfortunate.

Given that one of Trump’s least favorite presidents suffered impeachment.

Wouldn’t it be justice well served if Trump met the same fate as that of  Bill Clinton? I think that would be the height of irony.

The Republican Party exists no more. It is now the Party of Trump. Google Images
The Republican Party exists no more. It is now the Party of Trump.

Trump indeed has remade the Republican Party in his image.

From the largest tax heist in history as a gift to the wealthy to the new tax cut proposal that he is currently framing, Republicans cannot say no to a tax cut in whatever form.

They have proved that with Reagan, with George W. Bush, and with Trump.

The real problem is that so many special elections have been won by Democrats against the Republicans, the party has been put on notice of things to come.

Their solution? Grab all that they can now before the elections.

I believe that this is one of the reasons Trump is looking at another tax cut.

If he keeps them in line with another tax cut he thinks he is home free until 2020. When all this nonsense of impeachment will have blown over, just like all of his other moral failings.

The gun control he was going to implement, the Dreamers that he was going to save, and on and on.

So many current Republican Congresspeople are leaving the government the people that will be put up to run for office as Republicans will be those in Trump’s image.

They won’t be moderate and willing to work across the aisle.

They won’t be ethical because they know they won’t have to be. They just have to follow what the current incumbents are doing.

Sigh! This administration will go down as the most corrupt, most incompetent that has ever been elected. If women and the young and the progressives are not able to catch the imagination of the voters, we will have this government for another 6+ years!

As I mentioned in a previous blog the Democratic Party has an enormous hill to climb to unseat the current, unethical Republican House of Representatives.

A net of 24 seats must change hands against monumental odds. But I digress.

I really want to focus on how and why the Republican Party that I knew and grew up with doesn’t exist anymore and never will again.

While the full discussion will have to wait for a future post I believe that we are seeing the full collapse of the old ‘Grand Old Party’. The fire has been kindled and the flames licking up the sides of the tent. We have only to wait for the conflagration to explode.

Governance to get Worse

As of today, March 18, 2018, we know that governance by this White House is only going to get worse.

How do we know that?

We are seeing that given the opportunity Trump will sink to new, lower depths rather than rising to the occasion and play the game above his head.

Trump swinging on a wrecking ball ala Miley Cyrus. Google images
Trump swinging on a wrecking ball ala Miley Cyrus.

When threatened he draws into himself and cuddles up with favorite people he sees on television specifically Fox News.

In this case, he wants to surround himself with sycophants 24 hours a day so he is bringing Fox News into the White House.

Party up! In addition to the firm offers of employment that he has extended he is rumored to be extending the job of Director of the Veterans Administration to Pete Hegseth. Hegseth is a Fox and Friends weekend anchor.

Larry Kudlow

Gary Cohen Trump’s first Economic Advisor has left and is being replaced by Larry Kudlow.

Among this cable guy’s claims to fame is his famous line in December 2007: “There’s no recession coming. The pessimists were wrong. It’s not going to happen. At a bare minimum, we are looking at Goldilocks 2.0”.

Of course, the Great Recession was fully underway by the end of that month. In February 2008 he claimed that the economy was going to rebound by that summer,”if not sooner”.

He stated flatly in July 2008, “the housing market is as healthy as a horse” and it was “a pity that the mainstream media was just searching for more and more pessimism” to sell newspapers.

He is also known for getting the Clinton tax hikes and the Bush tax cuts all wrong.

His best and the most stupid claim made in December 2016 was that Trump’s cabinet, the wealthiest in history, “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.” How’s that working out?

Larry Kudlow, Trump's new Economic Advisor. Google Images
Larry Kudlow, Trump’s new Economic Advisor.

>Jared Kushner encourage a blockade of Qatar just weeks after that country’s finance minister told Jared’s father ‘no’ when he was trying to drum up money for the family’s cursed Midtown Tower, 666 Fifth Avenue.

Jared and Ivanka secured over one half billion dollars in loans after hosting the heads of Appollo Global Management and Citigroup at the White House.

>Wilbur Ross Commerce Secretary forgot to mention the stake he has in a Russian shipping company. The one that has ties to V. Putin.

>Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, a special buddy (ear to lean on) of Trump just happened to sell his $30 million stakes in Manitowac just days before Trump publicly announced his tariffs on steel which sent the share price of Manitowoc plummeting

>Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy thought he was going to globe hop extolling the virtues of coal and oil when he accepted Trump’s offer. As recently as 2012 he advocated dismantling that Department. He was surprised when he found he was responsible for this country’s nuclear arsenal. Surprise!

>Tom Price lasted for only a short time as Secretary of Health and Human Services until he was caught bilking taxpayers for extravagant airline costs.

>Andrew Pudzer, Secretary of Labor absolutely abhors worker’s rights, minimum wage increases and laws mandating break time and overtime pay. Oh, and his fast-food company has been repeatedly cited for wage theft.

>Ben Carson Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. This former neurosurgeon has zero experience or interest in housing, or urban, or development. His claim to fame is he is one of the few black men Trump has met.

>Mick Mulvaney Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Mulvaney once remarked that diabetics didn’t deserve insurance. He did not pay the payroll taxes for his nanny to the tune of $15,000.

>Ryan Zinke Secretary of the Interior Mr. Zinke is a former Navy Seal. He had been repeatedly caught billing the government for personal trips.

>Scott Pruitt Environmental Protection Agency has fervently opposed this agency on every front as Attorney General for the State of Oklahoma. Most recently claiming that the agency didn’t need scientists.

>Michael Flynn first National Security Advisor Islamophobe, lunatic conspiracy theory follower. He was fired by President Obama and has now pleaded guilty to working as an agent of a foreign government without letting know.

>Rex Tillerson Secretary of State until two days ago. Head of Exxon Oil but he had traveled to many of the countries he would be representing the US. Also a good buddy of V. Putin

>Nikki Haley, UN Ambassador, did go on a few trade missions as governor of South Carolina

>Betsy DeVos, let’s not forget this lady.

Last week she was pilloried by Leslie Stahl in a TV interview.

She did not have the least bit of understanding of the education department she oversees and could not even defend the abysmal record of her home state of Michigan.

She espoused the charter school plan as the best model for public education.

Now those schools have an abysmal record as everyone predicted.

But charter schools are a good way for wealthy individuals to milk the federal government for all manner of funds.

The Washington Post stated that past Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush made failed appointments.

No president has assembled such a remarkable collection of people either unqualified for their jobs or they are devoted to subverting their agencies. This does not take into the failed ethics that continue to ankle wrap Trump every week.

Mike Pompeo

When Trump fired Tillerson with a tweet, he nominated a twit to replace him. CIA Director Mike Pompeo is going to fill the role of Secretary of State. Mike’s current claim to fame is that he has been sending assassination squads around the world to kill suspected terrorists. I would imagine that he will be met with open arms by the country’s that, at the very least, are being entered illegally by US hit squads. I can just feel the warm fuzzies!

Nominated to be Secretary of State. Current head of the CIA and know for sending assassintation squads around the world. Google Images
Nominated to be Secretary of State. The current head of the CIA and know for sending assassination squads around the world.

Trump will be ‘preparing’ for the very first meeting of a US President with the head of North Korea. Kim Jun Un leads a nuclear power that Trump has challenged to destroy with ‘fire and fury’.

John Bolton

Trump is upping his game by appointing a former UN Ambassador to the UN to be National Security Advisor. John Bolton is one of America’s all-time great hawks. He was an architect of the Iraq War and a foe of the United Nations. He is a harsh critic of the Iran nuclear deal which means that he will surely be a perfect counterbalance to Trump in that area.

Mr. Bolton’s temperament is ill-suited to the position. He will rank below the worst NSA of all time – namely Mike Flynn. His claim to fame is that he is a host on Fox News. He will be a terrific echo chamber for Trump.

John Bolton nominated to be Trumps National Security Advisor Google Images
John Bolton nominated to be Trump’s National Security Advisor

Trump has thrown the whole security apparatus of the USA into disarray.

He removed the Secretary of State, the Head of the NSA and the Director of the CIA all at the same time.

The elections of 2018 are only a few months away and the state department did not spend the $120 million it was allocated to stop Russian’s tampering in our elections.

Indeed Trump is utterly resistant to stopping any such nonsense.

How could the United States be in any worse shape to combat external monsters? By being even weaker at controlling internal monsters.

With Trump’s glow for anything white nationalist, white supremacist or backed by the NRA, what does this country have to worry about?

The treasury coffers are already bare and running a deficit due to the unconscionable tax break that was given to the 1% and large corporations.

Andrew McCabe

I believe the most egregious crime committed by the Trump White House has been committed by Trump himself.

While the firing of FBI Director James Comey rates near the top of the most outstandingly bad actions by Trump, the worst action and the one that may lead to his downfall was the harassment of Andrew McCabe and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Andrew McCabe, fired hours before his retirement. Google Images
Andrew McCabe fired hours before his retirement.

I believe the Attorney General fired Mr. McCabe to demonstrate that he was again worthy of working side by side to Trump. Mr. Sessions has been brutalized by Trump ever since he recused himself from overseeing the FBI’s investigation of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Election.

I believe that the three new banditos will put their heads together with Mr. Trump and find a stupid ass way to fire Mueller, which will blow up in their faces.

I could go on for pages about the foibles and crimes of the current administration.

But I will let John Brennan, CIA Director under President Obama who had brave words of support for Andrew McCabe wrap up this post.

John Brennan’s Parting Shot

Mr. Brennan’s tweet was a moral lampoon thrown at Trump: “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America. America will triumph over you.”

I could not have said it as well.

Thanks for stopping.


Trump on his throne. Whining as usual. "Obama Did it!" Google Images
Trump on his throne. Whining as usual. “Obama Did it!”

A 'snowflake' for Trump. Google Images
A ‘snowflake’ for Trump.




Absolutely Captivating Science – Not Fiction

Not a Complete Guide to Quantum Computing and Singularity

Definitive Breathtaking, Spectacular, Spellbinding, Kickass Possibilities

Date March 16,2018

I ask your forbearance in getting this post out to you so late. I was in the hospital three times (almost three weeks since January 1st) and in rehab for two weeks all since the first of January.

First, my diabetes attacked my legs in what I can only describe as hellish.

I have read that it can take up to two years to heal!  Then one of the grafts that were hooked up during a quadruple bypass 17 years ago had to have a stent inserted.

So now I am back to my old self, just as ornery as ever.

So we saddle up our keyboards and begin anew.

I have been researching two topics simultaneously, The Singularity for this post and Populism for my blog.

I honestly cannot say which scares me more.

In the short term, the populist and nativism have bent in this country and many others around the world are doing the most damage I think.

The groundswell of its noise is becoming deafening mostly due to the antics of its chief proponent Trump.

Yes, I will get to that topic before long.

This image of The Singularity harkens to the painting by Michaelangelo. Google Images
This image of The Singularity harkens to the painting by Michaelangelo.

The Singularity

The Singularity caught my eye last year. I don’t know how or where I came across the article regarding the Singularity Hub.

Dr. Hugo de Garis has been a strong proponent of The Singularity and has written several books espousing the technological singularity

His best-known concept is Artilect War. “He predicts that a sizable proportion of humanity will not accept being cyborged and will not permit the risk of human extinction at the hands of advanced cyborgs and artilects.”

Professor de Garis is the author of two books “The Artilect War: Cosmists vs Terrans: A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines” and the other “Multis and Monos: What the Multicultured Can Teach the Monoclultutered Towards the Creation for a  Global State.”

The thought just crossed my mind regarding two battles currently being waged in rage by those for populism and nativism vs those that oppose those forces in the US and around the world.

Before going any further we should define the ideas espoused by the proponents of The Singularity.

Vernor Vinge, in a paper for a symposium by NASA Lewis Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, categorically states that “within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.”

This pronouncement is by a retired professor of mathematics and computer science who is also a science fiction writer.

His thinking appears in his paper “The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era.

Professor Vinge states the acceleration of technological progress has been a central feature of this century.

He argues that we are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on earth. This change will be wrought by “entities” with greater human intelligence.

He postulates if we are able to answer the question: if artificial intelligence (AI) can create the human equivalent in a machine in the affirmative “yes, we can” so then there is little doubt that beings more intelligent can be constructed shortly thereafter.”

The Singularity then is the point of no return, technology will overtake humanness.

The Singularity depicted in a graph denoting the rapid acceleration as the time predicted for its beginning approaches. Google Images
The Singularity depicted in a graph denoting the rapid acceleration as the time predicted for its beginning approaches.

Another well-known futurist, Ray Kurzweil, is Google’s Director of Engineering.

He claims an 86% accuracy rate relating to his 147 predictions since the 1990s.

He predicts that “2029 is the consistent date I have predicted for when an AI will pass a valid Turing test and therefore achieve human levels of intelligence.”

He continues “I have set 2045 for the ‘Singularity’ which is when we will multiply our effective intelligence a billion-fold by merging with the intelligence we have created.”

Mr. Kurzweil is not alone in his prediction. He is joined by Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son who predicts this will happen by 2047.

Kurzweil believes that process has already begun.

On his site:, he also discusses Universal Basic Income, the end to human disease, the future of human longevity and so on. It is a clearinghouse for other fascinating articles and predictions.

Mr. Kurzweil proposes his ‘Law of Accelerating Returns’. He believes some of the incredibly fast revelations of the power and might of AI such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and so on have already crashed into our psyche.

Additional notable references to The Singularity are made by Peter Rejcek in an article “Can Futurists Predict the Year of The Singularity” March 31, 2017, posted at

He notes that many futurists are restless while waiting for The Singularity to occur.

They see it as a positive event to free us mere mortals so we can dedicate ourselves and our intellect to more high brow tasks than merely working, eating, living as humans.

Even Elon Musk, of the Space X rocket and driverless AI-powered semi-trailer trucks fame, has a strong interest in The Singularity.

Mr. Musk has a company, Open AI, that is dedicated to developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) to ensure the development of AGI is beneficial to humanity. AGI is another term for human-level intelligence.

Another futurist is Ben Goertzel, the chief scientist at financial prediction company ‘Aidyia Holdings‘ and robotics company ‘Hanson Robotics’. Hanson is an advisor to Singularity University.

Hanson Robotics has built the most advanced robot to date (March 2017). Her name is Sophia. She is a media darling starring on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Her press coverage has the potential to reach over ten billion readers. Breathtaking! She even has her own website.

Dr. Hanson believes that three main characteristics have to be developed in intelligent machines namely creativity, empathy and compassion.

He believes that genius machines can evolve to solve the world’s problems that seem to be insurmountable problems to humans.

Different faces of Sophia developed by Hanson Robotics. Google Images
Different faces of Sophia developed by Hanson Robotics.

So we have divergent views of what ‘The Singularity’ will bring.

Will it be creative and compassionate as Dr. Hanson wishes?

Will it be benevolent per Elon Musk?

Will it have the level of human intelligence of Ray Kurzweil?

Or will it be foreboding as Dr. de Garis envisions?

Just maybe The Singularity will not occur by 2045 as Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft asserts. His article “The Singularity Isn’t Near” appeared in the MIT Technology Review.

One of Mr. Allen’s assertations for predicting that the 2045 expected date will fail is that he believes that there will not be enough computing power by 2045. He also believes that software complex enough to calculate the components of the human brain will not be available by then either. This article was written in 2011 but seems as current today as it was then – until last month.

Quantum Computing

However, enormous progress has been made in quantum computing. This progress has just exploded in the last month or two.

Albert Einstein had trouble with Quantum Computing. “The Nobel Prize Winning physicist declared that the thinking behind quantum mechanics was fundamentally flawed.

Scientists have since proved the theory repeatedly and conclusively.” Jack Nicas October 16, 2017, How Google’s Quantum Computer Changed the World in the Wall Street Journal.

In his article, Jack Nicas interviewed Hartmut Neven, the German computer scientist that led the Google Glasses project.

Jack tried to use a “Cliff Notes” version of the theory of quantum mechanics and I must confess even the simplified version is way over my head.

I think I need a really ‘dumbed down’ version.

My simple explanation, and it may not be correct since it misses so much ‘meat’ is a single atom can be in two locations at the same time.

This, of course, leads to speculation of objects existing in multiple dimensions, or parallel universes.

In practical terms, I made mention in a recent post ( “Slamma Jamma”” published on January 29, 2018.) of the Chinese developing the perfectly secure system for transmitting documents using quantum mechanics. Per quantum mechanics, rules state once a bit (the “secret key”) has engaged any attempt to ‘hack’ into the record will destroy it. 

It would seem that is a pretty secure way to keep something. If someone tries to look in, boom, it vanishes.

The experiment that demonstrated this successfully was between China and Austria. It has led to the thinking of the ‘quantum internet”.

Just last month Intel joined Google and IBM in the race to build the first practical quantum computer by announcing a new 49 qubit neuromorphic chip designed

The quantum compter must be kept in a cold state to function. Google Images
The quantum computer must be kept in a cold state to function.

for computing research. Intel made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2018.

In an oversimplified explanation of how quantum computers work: regular semiconductors represent information as a series of 1s and 0s. The unit of computing in a quantum computer is a qubit. Qubits can compute as both a 1 and a 0 simultaneously. Two qubits can represent the sequence 1-0, 1-1,0-1,0-0 at the same moment in time. A quantum computer with as little as 50 qubits can pack more computing power than the most powerful supercomputers.

The basis of computing power is found in Moore’s Law. It dictates that computing power per unit would double every 18 months while the price per unit would drop by half.

However, the point has now been reached where the amount of money needed to squeeze out improvements is greater than in the past.

Quantum computing is a way to move past that.

In November 2017 IBM announced it had built a quantum machine that uses 50 qubits. This is a major breakthrough because it represents the critical barrier where quantum computers are believed to accelerate past traditional supercomputers.

A major issue with quantum computing is displayed in the IBM machine.

It can only maintain the quantum computing state for 90 microseconds at a time. These machines must be supercooled to work and a separate set of calculations must be run to correct errors in the original calculations.

Google’s quantum computer is racing to achieve “quantum supremacy” in 2019.

The test needed to pass to achieve this prize is an obscure computational problem that would take a classic computer a billion years to complete.

Success means that this computer will achieve something that even a few years ago would have been thought to be impossible.

This computer will mark the end of the ‘classical age’ of computing.

Hand in hand, the end of the classical age in computing and the beginning of the age of machine intelligence will mark extreme changes.

The next few years will mark advancements in human knowledge that have taken the time since man-made cave paintings to achieve.

When accomplished, the very next few minutes of time will eclipse that sum of knowledge.

Veering off Course

Another Googler, Google co-founder Larry Page has a flying taxi service. It is cleared for takeoff in New Zealand. This all-electric vertical take-off and landing machine has taken flight.

Cora the flying taxi of Kitty Hawk in New Zealand. Google Images
Cora the flying taxi of Kitty Hawk in New Zealand

Seemingly a cross between the Delorean of “Back to the Future” meets the hovercraft of “The Jetsons”, Cora is on the move. The comparison is presented in an article by Sherisse Pham of CNN Tech March 13, 2018.

“Cora” the vehicle takes off like a helicopter and transitions to a plane. Cora is self-piloting, can fly at 93 miles per hour and can travel 62 miles.

Fred Reid of the company Kitty Hawk which has its operations in New Zealand boasts of a “pollution-free, emission-free vehicle that flies independently.”

Uber and Airbus are also racing to commercialize flying taxis.

Meanwhile, in China, a company ‘Ehang’ released a video of passengers climbing aboard its autonomous drone and taking off with the push of a button.

Ehang boasts at least 40 successful journeys. It wasn’t until January 2018 that it shared footage of the flights.Video of Ehang 184.

It would appear that America’s first entry into the market, Boeing, has some catching up to do.

Your Choices

The Singularity, that potential “paradise” where humans won’t have to work.

Quantum computing where all the intransigent problems of the world can now be solved by computers.

Both of these ‘futures’ are still developing in the wings.

In the present, wings are being flown by a Chinese company Ehang and a New Zealand company Kitty Hawk.

These two companies are really the ‘disruptors’ today. They are showing the rest of the world the possibilities that can be realized now.

Explosion of The Singularity, Quantum Computing soon to come. Google Images
The explosion of The Singularity, Quantum Computing soon to come.

Thanks for stopping.


Red Rose Svetlana Manic 674670 - unsplash!
Red Rose Svetlana Manic 674670 – unsplash!











Overwhelmed and Out of Sorts aka Divisiveness & Feeble Optimism

aka Divisiveness and Feeble Optimism

March 1, 2018

I started writing many articles for February. I wanted to write about the major failing of Facebook in the election of 2016.

I wanted to write about the Republican Party especially in light of the annual gathering of conservatives at CPAC recently.

Mainly I had to write because I am concerned down to my toes about the future.

The cause of my foreboding is best described by one word – divisiveness.

Its action continues to erode the balance and attitudes in this country.

Indeed, dividedness is ratcheting up several notches due to whichever side of any issue you are on from the NRA to Russia.

Every day brings new crises from political (think Jared Kushner), to international (think Jared Kushner) to the military (think North Korea but we have to keep in mind the Mideast Iran, Israel, Saudia Arabia. But let us not forget the firecracker – Syria).

However, as I was plummeting deeper into my malaise I found a few articles that shed a ray of hope.

The determination of a few people gave rise to feeble optimism. This ship of state can be turned around. Grassroots movements are energizing people. Democratic Senators are disavowing money from the rich, grassroots Black Power and Black Lives Matter movements are now succeeding in the political realm.

The Moral Compass. Good Evil Wrong Right Google Images
The Moral Compass.      Good Evil Wrong Right


The Game:

The scariest new game in town is the one from researchers at the University of Washington. They figured out how to synthesize photorealistic lip synching using completely unrelated audio.

To demonstrate the power of their project they transformed the lip movements and gestures of former President Barack Obama in various speeches throughout his political career.

This ability to alter what you think you are seeing drives to the core of what divisiveness will be able to cause.

The old saying “believe only 25% of what you hear and 50% of what you see” has flown out the window.

In addition to bots destroying reality or making up a ‘fake reality’, we now must question what we see just as severely. The above information by Aric Jenkins, July 2017, in “Future Tech” section.

The Numbers: 

In the US:

The top 1% Control 35% of the Wealth

The top 10% Control 75% of the Wealth

The top 29% Control 87% of the Wealth

When I look at the $1.5 trillion given to the already rich I see that all Americans are funding the GOP campaign coffers for the next 10 years! (Please tuck this away for just a few minutes.)

The “Trickle Down Theory” invented by Ronald Reagan and copied to a lesser extent by George W. Bush does not increase the spending by the wealthy nor does it improve the health or wealth of those that support the wealthy by paying our taxes.

The greatest heist perpetrated on the American people occurred in 2018.

The Political Odds

While so much is currently being made of the statehouse seats being wrested from the Republican ledger by Democrats the fact remains that so many seats will have to be won in order to overturn the Republican control of the House of Representatives.

Primaries start as early as May 1st.

Democrats need a net gain of 24 seats. With so many seasoned Republicans leaving or retiring I bet that more Trump leaning candidates will be nominated for these seats rather than moderate Republicans who would pledge to work ‘across the aisle’ to promote a bipartisan agenda.

While Democrats have been making headlines with their fundraising efforts the fact remains that the rich and wealthy corporations control the elections.

The top 100 donors to political campaigns give almost as much as 4.75 MILLION  of all the other donors combined (those who give $200 or less). If the non-profits were included the mega-donors would tip the scale even further (non-profits don’t have to indicate who the recipients of their donations are).

The campaign finance landscape has slid so far to the ultra-rich as to make the efforts of all the rest an exercise in futility. ‘Big Money Breaks Out’, by Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico.

I have included two links that you might find interesting.

The first is to an organization that tracks who is giving to your campaign (if you are an office seeker).

The second is to an organization that anyone can use to pinpoint where the money is coming from.   

follow the money

This last link is a blow by blow account of companies that donated to Trump’s inauguration and 63 federal contractors who received ‘rewards’ in return.


An article in Fault Lines titled “The Places That Will Decide the 2018 Midterm Elections” by Ronal Brownstein, CNN is a stunning eye-opener. He spells out the analysis that shows just how difficult it will be for Democrats to wrest control of the House from the Republicans.

I did not delve into the gory details of these topics or I would become so depressed I would not be able to get to the uplifting part of this article.

I have provided links to each site I used to glean information.


I found an interview with Steve Bannon that is extremely interesting. THE Steve Bannon? The same. I have railed against him in numerous posts (I suspect that most of them have disappeared.)

Yes indeed, he made two major points that I am in agreement with him.

First is the rising power and threat of China. I will spend more time on this in another post but it is one of Trump’s biggest, if not the biggest blunder. When he canceled TPP he gave that part of the world to China. Now he has to start clawing it back.

The bigger issue for this post is Bannon’s acknowledgment of the power of the women’s movement.

He has gone so far as to travel to New York to witness in person the Second Women’s March. What started out as #MeToo has grown in #TimesUp movement.

In an interview with Ben Schreckinger of GQ, he said “The TimesUp Movement is much more fundamental and actually many steps above #MeToo.

“It’s basically going against 10,000 years of recorded history.

That’s the power of it.

You see here something that’s in a very early raw stage, but I’ve never seen such potential power in something.”

The Aurora Borealis as seen from space. NASA
The Aurora Borealis as seen from space. NASA


The Upside

The arrogance and attitude of Trump will be a cause of his downfall.

While his antics cannot be part of a campaign plan, the instances he creates can certainly be used to create daily headlines for comparison of leadership and moral standards.

Trump is still Trump.

He will continue to aggravate those people who don’t subscribe to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

Hopefully, this will be an ever-increasing number as the midterms elections close in.


I was astonished at the number of college-educated white women that voted for Trump in 2016. That same demographic also voted for Roy Moore in his Senate race. Interesting but ancient history.

The #MeToo movement has dethroned a large and growing number of white men in positions of power that abused their power and privilege.

They have been called to task.

That movement has matured into #TimesUp. A movement that provides support and legal fees for women that have been assaulted.

This groundswell must continue to grow and assert the power that Steve Bannon knows it possesses.

The Young

The young people came alive after the Parkland Valentine’s Day Massacre.

It can continue its disruption of the status quo and bring fresh, committed voters to its cause.

It can grow beyond gun control and control of the election process by the 1% and corporations. Blood Money must be taken out of circulation.  

Across this country, so many young people have decided to make their opinions known. March for Our Lives on March 24, 2018, will be the clarion call for this movement to demonstrate the strength of their resolve.

In Texas, a school superintendent threatened to suspend students protesting for stricter gun laws.   

Just this morning, Representative John Lewis stated that he has great hopes for these movements of women and young people who can regenerate a movement. They can regenerate the landscape as after a forest fire. The new shoots begin to develop as soon as the heat dissipates. The heat is on, what happens next will decide the future.

Usually, the changes demanded by people following gun violence or sexual assault tend to dissolve the more time elapses. This year portends to be different.

Populist Movement

The last key to this regeneration is the populist movement that is reigniting the winds of change throughout the south. Due to the maturing of Black Lives Matter and the Black Power movements, strong black mayors were elected. An example is Chokwe Antar Lumumba who is mayor of Jackson Mississippi. He was elected mayor by 93 percent of the vote and pledged to make Jackson the “most radical city on the planet.”

Another example is the incumbent mayor of Birmingham Alabama, 36-year-old Randall Woodfin. He was a city prosecutor and school board member who defeated an old-style politico by winning 58 percent of the vote.

These and other progressive leaders are pushing corporate money out of politics, backing a $15 per hour minimum wage and Medicare for All programs that will benefit all Americans. Progressive Populism by Jim Hightower

Women on the move, youth up in arms and populist movements to unseat stagnation of the current political parties, they will rise up to overcome the retrograde policies and actions of the current administration.

If these grassroots movements find effective national leaders such as Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Maria Cantwell and Bernie Sanders there is hope of the movements coalescing and maturing into a force to unseat Republican strangleholds.

If they can stir into action the voices of a disaffected public and be the counterpoint to massive corporations and the 1% sea change will come. A true and lasting movement will be formed.

“American’s faith in government is at an all-time low with 90 percent believing the government is working for the benefit of a special few interests” according to Jake Johson staff writer for Common DreamsMore in-depth views of the progressive movement.

The progressive movement I am discussing has been defined by Mike Lux author of “The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be“. Wiley, 2009

The Progressives that ended slavery, gave women and minorities and the poor their rights, created the National Park system, made dramatic improvements to clean water and air, brought about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Head Start.”

In short the programs that made America a beacon on a hill for other countries to emulate and a country where all citizens have the hope of a better future.

America did not become great because of pollution, denying civil rights, demeaning segments of the population and erecting barriers to stop people from coming in.

Thanks for stopping.


The featured image above was made by Andrew Krueger a Duluth MN photographer. I have reached out to Andrew to ask if he will permit me to use his images on my blogs. His work is AMAZING. He made the image on Brighton Beach, Duluth MN on February 27, 2018.

Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much powerover your life. Post to Facebook March 2018

ice fishing with the Duluth MN skyline as backgroup Image by Rick Rice Duluth MN
What better way to spend a winter in Duluth MN that ice fishing with the Duluth skyline as a backdrop. You can even see the High Bridge connecting Duluth MN and Superior WI. Image by Rick Rice Duluth MN