Hey God! Are You Somewhere Out There? Please Let Us Know?

Can God exist in today’s world?

"A message from God"
 Image: All Devotions.com
Image: alldevotions.com

How have you been feeling lately?

I have been “unsettled” is an apt description.

Is God Dead? Time Coiver April 8, 1966
Time cover April 8, 1966

Back in 1966 (I graduated high school in 1967) a movement reached status to promote an end to the world’s troubles. No Accountability!

Black Sabbath resurrected the theme in 2013 with their song God Is Dead?.

Black Sabbath lyrics to God is Dead 2013
Lyrics Black Sabbath 2013

Maybe you can make sense of the lyrics. I provided a link under the band’s name.

Of course, as usual, we were behind the curve. A major promoter of “God is Dead” was Frederich Nietzsche.

Frederich Nietzsche
Image: The Guardian February 7, 2012

The political message of Nietzsche’s “God is dead” was an article by Lesley Chamberlain in the Guardian on February 7, 2012. She laid to rest our current interpretation of Nietzsche’s “death of God” in his 1884 book and again in 1888.

He advocated that we separate God reason. He was not advocating that God was dead.

Another significant reason to understand differences in culture and language between cultures and times. Indeed, Nietzsche borrowed his statements from René Descartes (1596–1650). His primary claim to fame was as a mathematician.

Consider this

The takeaways I want to leave you with:

  1. God’s existence does not depend on us; our thoughts and feelings. I believe that He’s bigger than our little brains.
  2. Just because you can’t “see” or “feel” God and how he is working in our lives doesn’t mean He/She is not acting in our lives. (Yes, God has many attributes that we associate with women.)
  3. Take that hideous war in Ukraine. I read somewhere that Putin is a Christian. That proves the point that “faith without works is dead”. Not that our works save us, but that because He saved us, we show our faith in how we live our lives. Look at the actions of the young man who drives supplies around the city of Lviv. He is from Norway but is donating his life, as do other drivers from Norway and Belarus, distributing supplies to medical facilities. The volunteers who are answering the call are taking care of children, helping people leaving Ukraine, and living their lives at risk of being killed as they perform myriad other tasks.
  4. We can also see God acting on the battlefield as one soldier cares for another.
  5. We can’t despair as we know God is amid these horrors, caring for His people.

Let’s live the life He calls us to.

My favorite saying is “Shalom.” It means God is fighting for your peace!


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2022 AD: This is What a Triumvirate of Evil Looks Like — UPDATED 2/25/22

Putin, Xi Xingping, Trump

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Craig Martineau

Craig Martineau

Feb 24


flag of Ukraine prior to 2.24.22 upside down flag is a signal for distress
FlagofUkraine prior to 2/24/22. Flag upside down signals distress
territory of Ukraine prior to 2.24.22
The territory of Ukraine prior to 2.24.22
flag or Ukraine when oit was a Soviet slave state
Flag of Ukraine when it was a Soviet slave state
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UPDATE: Thursday 2/25/2022

Russia is hammering the capital city of Kyiv. Will they collapse & as the oild city is turned into rubble?

Now I have another name to call REPUBLICANS:


Dan Rather offered a prayer: “ I pray for all those in harm’s way. I pray for all who desperately yearn for peace. I pray for some way out with a minimal loss of life. I pray for hope, and the wisdom of our leaders in a time of peril.”

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I assume that everyone is aware of the most recent devious action of the tyrant Putin.

One thought struck me. Biden has nullified the common Putin (Russia) ruse. They always lie. He starts with the assumption that they are lying and demands compliance before granting the negotiating point. This is a change from at least the last 50 years. Bravo!


It is not just the Russians!

Republicans are lying their noses off. Their noses are so long they must be running up their neighbors’ butts.

Pinnochio’s Nose
Look familiar?

5 Key Traits of Trump Supporters

Per Psychology Today by Bobby Azarian Ph.D.

Key Points of Trump Supporters
Psychology Today Image: December 31st, 2017
  1. Authoritarianism

2. Social Dominance Orientation

3. Prejudice

4. Intergroup Contact

5. Relative Orientation

I believe that Putin has bigger goals than Ukraine. He blew past eastern Ukraine everyone is talking about. He is almost through Ukraine in less than a day.

I believe he is re-grouping the USSR states that he so bitterly complained were stolen from Russia.

The U.S. has to fly in troops to match up heavy equipment that was prepositioned in NATO countries after 2014.

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