I Feel Another One Coming On – what makes a ‘First In Class’ Boss?

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I Feel Another One Coming On

Dated: December 22nd, 2017
I am sure that you don’t want to ask – so I won’t tell you. Oh OK! If you are going to pout.

A Horrible Day followed by a Horrible Evening by a Horrible Night

The Day

Horrible day today.
Headed to VA Hospital in MPLS to see if they can/would/will do anything for my knees.
At the very least get a shot of steroids to ease the pain.
The last one wore off a few months ago.
Couldn’t make it.
The van they use: the seat in front pushed back against my knees.
Couldn’t stand it since my knees were so sore.
Also RLS just about coming on and couldn’t stand that either.
The biggie was that I had to sit with my feet in the aisle (did I mention seat was made for a small man – not a large one? ).
That helped my knees but not my butt. By sitting sideways in the seat, my butt sat on the upright edge of the seat (the outside supporting piece). So within a very short time, my butt hurt.
So I shifted my weight. My butt hurt. This went on until I had no more places that didn’t already hurt. Did I mention that when my butt is compromised on my right side and my lower back quickly follows suit?
So my butt, my back and since I wasn’t feeling well anyway (diabetes and edema) I just said stop!
When the van stopped in Pine City.
I called Becky to take me home (unless of course the Social Security check had come and we could afford to drive to the Cities).
I checked the bank and no money so I called and canceled my appointment.
I was so looking forward to having my knees not hurt so much.
Next, I thought it was taking Becky a long time to get there but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.
Finally, I get a call from her. “Where are you?”  At McDonald’s.
McDonald’s where”. In Pine City”. You told me, Stacy. No. YES! No point in an argument.
Well, I can wait (really lame). OK.
Later a get a call from her. A shaky voice this time.
Back tires were really really low on air.
“A guy behind me saw them and said I had better get air in them”.
Apparently, she was wondering if something was going on.
All the way down to Stacy the car had been lurching from side to side. Rocking her to sleep. I suggested she sit down and wait for a while.
No. Maybe a little. Another call.
At North Branch.
“Can I go to Bath and Body?” Sure no problem.
Now I knew the serious waiting would begin.
I move from the chair in McDonald’s that I had been renting and moved to a bench in the same set of seatings.
Easier on my butt but pretty narrow in the waist area. I only had to get out from behind the little tables one time so I wasn’t worried.
Oh, now I had to have an ice cream cone.
Oh, I had to have another. Ok, now settle in.
Another call. Where are you in Pine City. McDonalds.
There is no McDonalds around here.
Let me check.
Miss is there more than one way into Pine City.
Yes. We are at the Northern exit. Number two exit if you are coming from the Cities. Ok great. 
She walks in.
Face Flushed (from the heater I thought).
Exhausted. Frustrated. Tired. All of the above and more.
Get something? Fries? Maybe fries for Berkley. (Which means she took all of the toys out of the back of the car – to sell to get some cash for us). Good-OK. Some more waiting. Not going anywhere without her so no sweat.
We are off on the way back to Proctor. I must have dozed as usual. Pretty soon I35 was looking familiar again.

The Evening

When we got home, I was exhausted, so I laid down for my nightly sleep.
One hour and twenty minutes.
I awoke to something burning on my legs.
Geez, I had skin that was peeling off in 3 to 4-inch sheets.
The edema another tangle. So I put my gel on it. It takes the pain away once that pain goes away.
I got to thinking I should get some advice on this.
After 5PM. Too late for the VA clinic. So I called the VA and heard info about a hotline with a nurse on staff 24/7.
I called. Yup, I should get right to the emergency room.
Diabetes can’t take any chances with anything. Do not use that Gel.
So here I am 12 hours later.
Didn’t go to emergency room, I don’t have the money.
I am still battling the hospital on a visit last May.
I have a doctor’s appointment at 11AM.
However, the wounds have been dripping fluid onto the floor under my desk.
And it is starting to hurt more and more.
It will be fun for the next 6 hours and even more once I start getting the tongue lashing.
I am glad I only get about 1 1/2 hours of sleep at a time.
If I would have been in bed longer I probably would have worn more skin off.
Well, oops that isn’t the last.
About 11PM or so Becky came into my office.
A bit unusual. She looked tired but more.
He brother died today.
We later figured he was 78 years old. But the real agony is that she only has one brother, also in his seventies, left.
I am not going to know how that feels since I still have my parcel of brothers and sisters.
I hope I can be helpful.

The Night

I called the people who needed to be notified except one.
But.. do what I could do.
Two haven’t called back yet but they have probably heard from their family.
I hope I don’t live to be 78 years old. Can’t imagine suffering for that long.
Well, other things to attend to in this post.


I did get research done for other blogs, more than I wanted to actually.
I have known that I like to do research.
Dips and doodles and intriguing sideroads.
Maybe more than writing.
Not sure I think that yet, finalized. But something to chew on.
I hope not just because I am having a good time writing.
I always thought that was my first love.
I am also thinking I bit off more than I can chew. Four blogs??? plus a few more personal ones.!!!
Well, I need to find out which ones interest me the most and which, if any, get more traffic. That will be crucial.
I think that I picked four topics that will be more interesting to readers than others but everything has to be tested.
For example, when I first started to get readers to my first blog, deepeducationweb.com, I was relieved.
But as readership grew a little and I started to compare my results with those of other bloggers, I grew a bit less relieved.
So I have to find out if it is the subject matter, the writer, the blogs being properly set up per Google’s guidelines.
Those guidelines keep changing by the way.
I haven’t even learned the basics and they are changing.
Well, the way my legs are, the fact that my next VA Hospital appointment isn’t until mid-January I don’t have anything else to do.
I can’t sleep so might as well type.
I have to get my mind off Trump.
I have turned off all the newsletters except two I think.
I can waste time doing that I know.
Very easy, since I have already wasted about 4 or 5 months with that anti-Trump blog.
A very interesting tidbit: If the US had the same share of women in the workforce as Norway, we would be $1.6 trillion wealthier. This from a report by Standard and Poors.  from qz.com/index/1151865

What makes a ‘Best in Class’ Boss?

Talentsmart has conducted research with more than a million people (how do you keep a database that big clean?
I can’t be error-free with just a hundred or so entries in a worksheet. Amazing!
What they have found is that the best bosses have things in common.
Dr. Travis Bradberry writes a series based on his theme of Emotional Intelligence.
I keep track of his writing and may do a series on them someday.
I always tried to be a ‘good’ boss, although I don’t think that is something you can very often strive to be.
In the heat of a moment, or a seemingly intractable problem or even in a very serious discussion.
I have been reading an article about the traits that the ‘best’ bosses seem to possess.
The number one ‘skill’ that ‘90% of them have in common is the skill at managing their emotions in order to stay focused, calm and productive.”
Now I have known several men that possess this trait and I have always admired it, immensely.
However, I have not been able to even shadow that skill. I wonder what story to tell as we get to the rest of these characteristics and what tale they will tell about me.
” Composed”: The premise here is that the ‘best’ bosses constantly monitor their emotions so that they can use this knowledge to react to challenging situations with self-control.
Another ‘not me’ vote.
Once in a while, I was prepared for when things went downhill.
But I have never been able to take the ‘long’ view of events and realize in a short-term situation that time changes a lot of things.
Sometimes when I reflected on the damage that I had already done, I could see a better way.
“Graceful”: A combination of strong and gentle. Hmm.. I tried not to resort to intimidation, or manipulation because I didn’t enjoy having that game played with me.
But to say I was gentle, no I don’t think that was ever said about me.
These people are “approachable, likable and easy to get along with”. I can circle no here also.
“Knowledgeable”: The ‘best’ bosses are always trying to increase their ‘self-awareness’. I’m not sure what that means.
How does that apply to spending the time to learn, to have a passion for opportunities to improve and learn new things?
This I did try to do. Maybe not as often as I should have or I didn’t know to ask the ‘stupid’ questions.
However, I did try to impress on people that I was trying to teach that there is no such thing as a stupid question.
My sense of humor required me to add: well there was one such dumb question. “Do I put root beer in a root beer float?” I always got a chuckle but I don’t think I would classify it is a life learning technique.
“Honest”: Another one that I really really tried to follow.
If you lose your honesty and people don’t trust what you say anymore, what do you have left to offer?
If you don’t possess and show integrity people have nothing else to look for in you.
In addition, Notre Dame did a study that showed that people who often lie experience more mental health problems.
“Speak with Certainty”: Another one lost on me.
I tried to not ‘um’ ‘I’m not sure’ and “I think”. But I was not as assertive in speaking as a ‘best’ boss would be.
“Positive Body Language”: You could often catch me unfolding my arms as I consciously became aware that they were folded across my chest.
I knew this was a defensive measure and watch out for it.
The same applies to eye contact. I watched for that in people while they spoke to me. Even leaning in a little towards the speaker I was aware of but not sure that I remembered that one either.
“Super successful people ” draw others in. “How you say something can be more important than what you say”. A very good rule to remember.
“Confident”: “Successful leaders compete”.
I was not aware of this one, especially when it is recommended for those times when the efforts would only yield a small victory.
The victory, however small still builds new androgen receptors in the brain. “They are responsible for reward and motivation.
The increase in androgen receptors increases the influence of testosterone, which further increases confidence and eagerness to tackle future challenges.”
“Fearless”: “Fear is nothing more than a lingering emotion that’s fueled by your imagination.” Danger is real.
But fear is not danger. This is interesting Fear is a choice“. I have never ever heard that before I don’t think.
“Grateful”: This I recognize as a trait I have always tried to emulate.
I have always done the tasks I end up supervising and I recognize the hard work and ingenuity that they require.
I would much rather celebrate a subordinates glory than my own.
I have felt that they need the standing ovation so they can be recognized by higher echelon bosses.
These traits should be self-explanatory to anyone that has toiled in a subordinate position.
However, I know now what I didn’t know then (does that make sense).
I know what I should have known about forty years ago. I can’t assume anything.
I have put these out for people to read, discuss and maybe even chuckle over. I am sure former employees will have a great time.
Thanks for stopping.

The Silk Road

An outpost on the The Silk Road caught with spy satellite imagery.
read below
The Silk Road was so named because merchants crisscrossed this terrain and its branches for millennia. Images captured by commercial and spy satellites and drones have been interpreted and released. These are fascinating, I can think of no better word (irresistibly drawn to them).
The problem with so many of these ancient routes is that then traverse countries like Pakistan, Eygpt and as above, Afghanistan.
Most of these have been buried for centuries under the desert sand. Even some subterranean canals have had entry points buried by sand.
The United States State Department has funded new mapping efforts which have enabled researchers to study the Afgan sites safely. Experts shared some finds at a meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Washington DC in November.
I will try to share another find especially if it is less well-known in additional posts.

Another addition that might interest you

I like to hear quotes made by all sorts of people. Educated, non ‘educated’ everyone can lay claim to an erudite saying they ‘invented’.
I am going to find some I think have stood the test of time or overuse and share them with you.
“When I discover who I am, I will be free”.
“The world is a possibility if only you’ll discover it”.
Ralph Ellison Invisible Man


Holiday Lights Viewed from Space!