Maybe I need “Gripe Water”

July 22, 2018

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This post started out as a complaint.

But maybe I need “Gripe Water for Babies”?

I hope to arouse your reactions to the fact that 70% of Republicans think Trump did a great job in Helsinki.

Say what?

Yes, indeed! About 32% of Americans approved Trump’s conduct in the Helsinki meeting with Putin.

And yet–70% of Republicans approved.

That stark difference is alarming.

I set out to understand how so many people of the Republican ilk could think Trump did a good job when in fact he committed treason.
Camper at Camper Trailer Park Cypress Hills Provincial Park Alberta Canada

In the first research article, I saw this picture.

Can anyone provide a year that this photo was taken?

I only see 2 or 3 of these or similar ones on the road now.

It seems most of the trailers are getting bigger and bigger.

Becky and I almost ran into one the other day in Fleet Farm Parking lot. It must of taken 4 parking places it was so long.

When I got off on a tangent. How can people today afford the monster trailers?

First, I stole a picture from Facebook last week.

Reagonmics killed the Middle Class Facebook.
I have railed against Reagan and the fact he destroyed the middle class.

Let’s look at the facts.

I submit three graphs:

The first shows the change in Median Income from 1974 to 2014.

Median Earning for full-time, year-round workers from 1967 to 2017 Pew Research

The second shows that the average paycheck has increased.

Bigger Paychecks, But little Change in Purchasing Power Pew Research
However, the purchasing power has stayed the same.
The middle class is shrinking in almost all metropolitan areas.

Percentage Changes in Median Household Income Due to Recessions and the First Two Years of Recoveries, 1973-2009 Pew Research

In contrast, American citizens in the lower income brackets and those in the upper-income brackets are increasing.

To rub salt in the wounds the ‘Recovery’ from the Great Recession was no better than the lost income during the Great Recession.”

To illustrate the insert graph of the changes to income.


Percentage Change in Median Household Income 2007-2009 and 2009-2011 Pew Research
In 2007 the median household income was $54,489.

In 2009 it was $52,195. That is a lost of 4.2%.

In 2009 the Great Recession ended.

The median household income was $52,195.

In 2011 was $50,054.

In a short 4-year period, the average American LOST $4,435!

Did you feel the pain?

How do I know this stuff? Why am I so passionate about it?
In this post from May 2018 I wrote:

Republicans are deserting the ‘rule of law’.

Will Republicans vote with their conscience or their wallet?

The future of our democracy is at risk!

In this post on January 1, 2018, I wrote about the West Virginia coal miners and how the world, their country passed them by.

That is happening now!

For most Americans, their wages are stagnating. For the 1% that are wealthy.

The 1% somewhat depends on where you live ‘minimum’ family income of $421, 926 qualifies.

In New York City it is $744,426. In San Francisco, it is $943,782.

Nationwide the threshold is $1.32 million but in Jackson Wyoming, the average income is $16.2 million.

Then there is the other 99%. They earn $50,107. Note this is $53 dollars more than in 2011.

In 7 years the median income for the average American has increased $53.

When Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, introduced the ‘Tax Plan’ he proclaimed that the middle class will receive $1,182 in tax relief!

What did you see?

$1,182 more or $53 more??

I started this post examining the difference between Republicans and Democrats

Regarding Trump’s how Trump’s treasonous voyage to Finland is rate by Republicans:

70% think he did a good job


32% of All Americans think he did a good job.

Why are Republicans reacting so differently?

>He had a private meeting with Putin, the arch-enemy of the United States

>He declared the media is an “enemy of the people”

>He declared  Russia was not responsible for hacking the election of 2016

>He approved Russia interrogate United States citizens, i.e. Ambassador McFaul regarding the Magnitsky Act which imposes severe sanctions on Russian oligarchs

>And so on and on.

I would think as soon as Trump declared our intelligence agencies to be incompetent, Republicans should have been up in arms.

But they had fallen so far in the way they view morality, they are now incapable of making honest decisions for this country.

I have stated many times that the Republican Party is no more. Trump has taken over the party with his alt-right supporters.

That Party is the Trump Party.

>When people do not believe in Fair Trade.
>When people no longer believe immigration is a good thing.
>When people equate the Gospel with evangelical ‘christian’s.
>When a deficit is a good thing.

They are no members of what used to be the Republican Party.

That party endorsed and followed these ideas as their touchstone.

Yes, there is a Republican Party, but it is now the Trump Party.

The ‘real’ Conservatives are leaving the party: George Will columnist, Joe Scarborough former Congressman and TV news show host,  Steve Schmidt, GOP strategist to name a few.

The biggest group that is leaving are the millennial women.

Between 2002 and 2017 millennial women who identify as Democrat grew from 54 to 70 percent.

Millennial women who identify as Republican are now 23% vs 36% in 2002 a drop of 13%!

“Right now 56 percent of women lean towards or affiliate themselves with the Democratic Party compare to only 44 percent of men.

I am referencing a column by Jennifer Rubin.” Four reasons we’ve reached a tipping point on Trump”  Right Turn is the blog by Jennifer Rubin.

She writes a withering evaluation of the current state under Trump.

It is an essential read whether you are a member of the Party of Trump or a Democrat.

Her most scathing observation: “The GOP has become the Caricature the left Always said it was”: The GOP is the party of southern, white, old white men.”

As mentioned above, this article Ms. Rubin states “The Country is now at an inflection point because of four factors”.

Now I understand! I keep equating the 70% of Republicans as the Republican Party that I grew up with.

That is now crystal clear. Going forward that will ease my anxiety.

The problem is that McConnell and Ryan must be the leaders of the Trump Party.

First, Trump didn’t ‘merely’ collude with the Russians and commit obstruction of justice but “giving aid and comfort to our biggest geopolitical foe.”

She argues that impeachment is a political question but the “president’s conduct poses a threat to the nation, removal of the president ? may be essential”.

These are strong words of a columnist who is the conservative voice at The Washington Post.

Her next argument is “there is no excuse for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton to continue to serve this administration.

“They are plainly enabling a president to betray American interests.

Their obligation is to quit and share all they know with the American people.”

Third, the Republican Party can no longer say getting conservation judges on the bench and getting tax cuts to justify following Trump.

“Absolutely nothing justifies a president’s betrayal of American interests and abject violation of his oath”.

“It is not an exaggeration to say a party that continues support of Trump is anti-American.”

“Finally, it is more essential than ever that the GOP lose heavily in November’s elections. Only with a complete repudiation of Trump and Republican rule can necessary corrective action begins in earnest.”

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