The Coming Winter – History Ripped Asunder

June 11, 2018


I am sitting amidst the BOXES and the debris of moving. Today is the day we leave our home of 43 years.

Our home where we raised 3 fine sons.

Our home where we met our son’s wives and life partners and later our grandchildren.

It is a hard thing to grasp. Tonight, we will sleep in a two bedroom apartment.
It simply meets our needs and nothing more.

Our cats that have enjoyed being free to roam outdoors will now be confined to two rooms and a huge cat tree in the middle of the living room.
Like us, they are being squished.

Our dog, a very large Newfie has had the freedom to roam in a fenced in yard will now suffer a life at the end of a lease. She won’t able to go outside by herself. Her life will be at the end of a leash.

She will live life indoors with the least stress. She will find a place on the floor next to a chair where she will lay watching the flow of life around her. She is not high maintenance.

This upheaval is taking place while I contemplate the upheaval our country is undergoing.


I frequently post articles to my blog with my views of the political landscape.

Today is another day of heartbreak.


I was born in 1949 so I didn’t remember the first years of the decade we now call the fifties.

I recall the bleakness of those days.

Maybe the memories were planted by things I have read but they are colored by my earliest recollections.

We didn’t have a TV. Our neighbors were kind enough to let us kids line the floor in front of their black and white TVs.

We had a very large garden. My mother was raised on a farm that her father and stepmother still raised chickens, and pigs and a giant bull. She tended a large garden as other farmers children did.

It scared me the one time and only time I ventured into its territory. I was chased under a fence to live another day.

They had a herd of milk cows that required early attendance every morning and throughout each day. Vacations? Days off? Not likely.

I remember the sound of the milking machines.

I remember my grandmother sitting on a stool pulling on the teats of cows hand milked. I don’t know why some cows were milked by machine and some by hand.

I remember the barn floor with the trenches to catch the urine and manure generated by a barn full of cows.

I remember the pile of manure just outside the barn. The shaky planks as you rolled a wheelbarrow of fresh manure up its flanks.

The manure pile wiped out in the spring as its aged contents were spread on the fields to fertilize the crops.

I remember a new calf is born. The slime of its mother who cleaned it off with her tongue. The first feeble steps of the calf.

The milk room where the milk was kept waiting for the stainless truck that came and retrieved it for distribution to creameries.

I remember the town creamery just a block from our house.  I don’t remember seeing the inside but playing for hours every summer among the discarded equipment next to the building was a blast. This was the 50s there were no zoning requirements.

On the farm that my brothers, sisters and I visited after church almost every Sunday. The seven of us were crammed into a car noisily complaining about everything on the endless ride (which was maybe twenty miles but seemed to take forever).

The farm where I remember the silo. I wandered into the cool interior thru a small cleanout door. one summer’s day.

It was empty and smelled of the sweet blend of corn. I had to climb out the small door because the new batch of corn was hoisted up the conveyor and deposited into the concrete cylinder to be used to feed the cows.

I remember the hay barn. I climbed among the bales just before the new crop was hoisted up by winch and then manually stacked into place.

The ride on the hay wagon. Not at all pleasant.

It was a hot day and the flying hay stung my bare torso as it was flung about by the machines.

I suffered greatly that day and almost every day we visited the farm. I suffered from hay fever.

Walking into the chicken coop.

Dodging the mud baths of the pigs.

Watching my grandmother cut the heads from chickens. They didn’t run about as is commonly portrayed. She had them hung by their feet so their blood would drain.

The big hole in the living room allowed heat from the fire below to dispel the cold of the winter days. For a long time, the only other heat in the chinked log house was the wood stove in the kitchen.

My grandfather with a wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth constantly spitting the juice into a spittoon or onto the ground. Digging out the spent wad from his cheek and dipping his finger into the small round can that contained his new wad.

I always remember him having no thumbs. He suffered an accident repairing machinery.


The day my father helped grandfather tie a cow up to the fence and shoot it in the head with a 22 rifle right in the center of its white spot.

The cow stood for a minute seemed to wonder what had happened. It quickly fell to the ground.

The next memory is the cow hanging by its hind legs in a big building where all the machinery was kept. It was gutted, skinned and made ready to dismember. I remember the tongue being saved for eating. A delicacy if I remember correctly.

Other disparate memories were riding the tractor when the corn was harvested.

A wheelbarrow of manure wheeled on the wood plank and dumped into growing pile outside the barn and later spread on the fields as fertilizer.

A sleepover. Laying in a bed upstairs shivering under wool blankets. The heat from the big grate barely reaching the room. Shivering is the memory.

But this has been the wandering of my mind this morning at 3 AM as I contemplate the major upheaval of my bride and me.

We are 68 years old and not looking forward to the coming future.

Winter is Coming Bing Images
Winter is Coming

The Winter is Coming

But I am thinking of the upheaval in our country. The administration trying and successfully turning the country back to the 1950s.

The water quality spoiled. The air soon to be grey again with soot and ash from smokestacks.

The rivers were so polluted that you couldn’t eat the fish. I remember fervently the day fishing was allowed again on the St. Louis River.

The effluent had settled to the bottom and the fish were again editable.

The number of fishing boats on the river was amazing. Almost bumping into your neighbor there were so many.

And the joy of the fisherman again able to enjoy the pursuit of the walleye fish they heartily enjoyed catching and later eating.

I remember the struggles of the ‘colored’ people for their rights.

Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act.

The Clean Water and Clean Air acts.

The soldiers protecting black students into schools and colleges. A flashpoint of the monumental battle between the whites led by Governor George Wallace of Alabama on one side and the protesters on the other.

The march to Selma.

The gathering on the Mall in Washington with Rev. Martin Luther Jr. delivering “I Have a Dream”.

Now, these citizens are again being deprived of their rights.

The gays and lesbians so recently gaining rights that are now being stripped away.

The rights of the poor and elderly (of which I qualify) being stripped away. Will all these be cast out of their homes, the sick and infirm again relegated to old folks homes as in the past?

How will they be cared for?

This administration doesn’t care.

The Republican Party in charge of governing can’t and won’t do their jobs. They are heartless and corrupt.

They are only interested in getting the biggest tax cuts for their backers so these can replenish the party members coffers to run for re-election.

So many people hoping for a wave of change in the elections this year.

I am not optimistic.

Ripped Asunder

The pain of this abrupt fall from a democracy to fascism will continue.

How The Mighty Have Fallen Bing Images
How The Mighty Have Fallen

This country will be alone in the world.

We are returning to the days when President Herbert Hoover ruled the day.

A World War will have to be fought again.


Against Russia who invaded us and succeeded in fostering the populism that is destroying us.

Against China who is surpassing us in technology and expanding their influence and challenging us on many fronts.

We are helping China regain stability in one of their huge companies as so many of our companies are looking for help and are being cast aside to flounder before closing up shop.

Do the people that voted for this monster in now recognize what they have done?


They continue to support this purveyor of lies as he demolishes all that a world war and 70 years of diplomacy had created.

The stability in the world order has is ripped asunder.

Our allies cast aside.

And the Republicans are applauding.

Image of World War I soldier with a Kaiser style helmet Google Images
Image of World War I soldier with a Kaiser-style helmet

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“Cognitive Ease 3” Part 3 of the Politics of Denial Series

Updated August 19, 2018

1036 Words

This was originally posted to my Blog “To Everyone”. I am considering collecting three blogs into one. A challenge. This was originally written on the Blogger (Google) platform.

I have consolidated before but now I am getting to the ‘meat’. Please bear with me while struggle.

I am working on cleaning up the formatting issues.

Originally written January 14, 2018

I am going to start by recalling the words of one of the towering presidents in American history.

Indeed it is the president that is said to be the founder of this modern political party.

Let’s see if you recall this quote: “This country with its institutions belongs to the people who inhabit it.
Whenever they grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to overthrow it.” 
Abraham Lincoln the father of the Republican Party. It is called “The Party of Lincoln”.
Image of Lincoln Google Images
I wonder if Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Trump have forgotten his words of admonishment?
Graphic of Trump, McConnell and Ryan Google Images
They sure are acting like.
If they ever knew these words of President Lincoln, their actions say it is  OK to ignore them.
But why not?
They are ignoring the rule of law, the Constitution, the past practices and etiquette that have made this country great.


During the past two days, we have found the answer to the question that has me stymied for almost two years.
Why are the leaders of the Republican Party not performing their duty and getting Trump out of office.
He is not suited intellectually nor is his heart in the right place.
He flagrantly abuses the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law.
Our first discussion began with a look at an article in “The Daily Beast” written by Clive Irving and published on January 12, 2018.
The title of the article is “Trump’s War on the Press Follows the Mussolini and Hitler Playbook”. 
The second article that brought my question into focus was “How Republicans Normalized Donald Trump’s Racism” published on January 13, 2018.
It was written by David Corn on January 12, 2018, in response to Trump calling some countries “shithole nations”.
Some people immigrated to this country from “shithole nations”.
David Corn is the Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones News wrote this proactive article.
These two articles focused my thinking.
I have now arrived at a conclusion as to why the Republican Party from which its leadership: which forces policies and forces retributions for not adhering to these policies and decisions. The most junior congresspeople are intimidated.
We followed Joseph Goebbels tactics and tenets, as Hitler’s Minister of Entertainment and Propoganda, as he brought the independent press of Germany under his control within one year of his appointment. 
Trump’s glory, in addition to being crowned the Great Dictator of the News Cycle is his ability to “get people to readily accept the aberrant as normal was one of Hitler’s most effective tactics.”
This is what Ron Rosenbaum demonstrates in his writing in the Los Angeles Review of Books.
The second article by David Corn of Mother Jones News explains how dizzyingly swift the Republican Party has fallen under the sway of Trump.
They will not challenge his vulgar open racism as shown by the events of January 12 and Trump’s “shithole of nations” quote.
To this day not one Republican has broken ranks, to tell the truth about what Trump said. 
An encouraging but in the end, an empty slap in the face to Trump is the speech that Senator Flake is going to deliver on the Senate floor on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.
As he did in his resignation speech I am sure that Senator Jeff Flake R-AZ will scold Trump with well-framed words.
He will bring all of a Trump’s errors, personality flaws, and his crimes since taking office before the American people thru TV and the Internet.
The downside is that the good Senator will be addressing an empty Senate chamber and a president that is ignoring the TV on this great occasion.
Party leadership is counting the days until they can actively work to replace him.
In an article on CNN Donald Trump is a racist who preys on the powerless” by Scott Lucas.
Professor of International Politics at the UK’s University of Birmingham, he unilaterally states that ” Trump is a racist.”
“This should be said without excuses, without evasions, without caveats.”
He continues “trump dislikes entire groups of people based on their place of origin to religion”.
Trump’s latest disruption “shithole nations” has drawn criticism from around the world.
Two missing counties from that list are China and Russia.
Since the two strongmen running these counties are also “governing in the paths of Goebbels and Hitler” their silence is not a surprise
So where does that leave us or more accurately point us?
One answer is that our independent press will have to be ever more watchful for attacks by Trump and his henchmen.
We, as citizens, will have to be on guard to support a free and open press.
If we fall silent the media will be dumped into the place where all dictators, strongmen, and criminals leave a free press, castrated and powerless to continue shining a bright light on their crimes and misdemeanors!
Our vigilance will call on us to Cry Out when we find ‘Fake News’ – the Real Kind.
We will have to query each congressperson to identify those we can trust and those that have fallen prey to the criminals and who should fall on their swords. 
Each of these articles by expert writers is damning evidence of the fall and failure of the Republican Party.
Other articles throughout the Internet are making the case that the Republicans should be concerned regarding this year’s elections.
I am not as optimistic as the other writers are. 
I will continue to add my voice to theirs in decrying the corrupt policies against the American people.
I do not offer my opinions as expert testimony but as personal opinions of an aggrieved American citizen watching our country being ripped asunder by these crooks. 
Thanks for stopping.
Google Images dual blue roses