Nevermore – a Devastating Last Chance for trumpers

Changing the GENUINE DEMOCRACY for a Foul Fascist Regime

The NRAs Colossal Disinformation is Absolutely the Lowest Insult

September 19, 2019

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Good Evening.

The title of the post tonight is ‘Nevermore’. Does anyone recognize the famous phrase?

A hint: it was in a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

But maybe he is not taught anymore?

An example of what they still may teach galloped across my mind last night while watching a math professor finish the equation of a lifetime. From on his ladder, his slowly turned his head to see the cleaning lady wiping off the beginning of the equation. The narrator’s voice trailed off, ‘he almost finished the equation’?

Great commercial.

Great question.

How many know the name of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem?

I could ramble on with subjects not taught anymore and one caught my mind. Spelling!

Who needs spelling and proofreading in the day of Grammarly, ProWriting Aid and many other tools?

Case in point.

My spellchecker did not recognize that I had misspelled Poe’s middle name incorrectly.

What an embarrassment!


Last evening and the one before I lamented I had separated from several family members due to their continued intoxication with Trump.

My oft-stated reasoning for debunking so many of Trump’s stupidities/lies/miscalculations take your pick is to correct the fake news of the day.

I often state that if people are intoxicated with Trump after 18 months they should move to a desert island with others of their ilk.

Leave us that love DEMOCRACY and DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES to live in what was the UNITED States of America.

That holds true for these men and women have served in the military.


To act against the Constitution is CONSPIRACY. That is a federal felony.

I don’t understand how they can so blithely ( casually and cheerfully) cast aside the country that helped them grow to adulthood.

I do not take my stand lightly nor without great sadness.

Tonight I watched last nights broadcast of the Rachel Maddow Show.
Nicolle Wallace interviewed Steve Schmidt, a former Republican strategist.

She also interviewed a former high ranking FBI official and a former high ranking CIA official.

Brian Stelter a reporter for CNN added in his column last night that Trump has lied (quoting a Washington Post columnist) 4,229 times in 558 days.

Chris Cillizza of CNN states he has said things that are not true more than 7 times a day!

The easy question is why don’t Trump supporters, (several months ago I labeled them as “JOCKSTRAPS”) look at something other than Fox News and other alt-right rags?
I agree with a reporter the other day said we shouldn’t call Trump and his supporters ‘fake news’. It is propaganda.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I have struggled for a good name to label the ‘fake news’.

 Propaganda is the real name for FAKE NEWS.

The harder question is that people who I assume perform due diligence when they are looking at buying a used car or looking for a new car mechanic.

But to decide they do not want to know the truth about Trump and his evilness?

They take him and his supporters at face value?

Even Fox News has Shep Smith has often spoken the truth regarding Trump.

These people who have their heads in the sand about Trump.

They have their heads even deeper in a pile of cow manure when they don’t even listen to a news anchor on Fox News.

Amazingly stupid!

This makes them irrelevant in any conversation involving today’s news.

I queried them and did not get a response.

Are they concerned where Trump and his minions are leading this country in regards to Women’s Rights? Children’s Rights? Civil Rights?

The Rights of the Sick and Infirm?

The Rights of the children ripped from their mothers at our border?

Do they understand the damage Trump and those of Trump’s Party (make no mistake the Republican Party does not exist) are doing?

The debris alone will last as long as their children are alive!

Their grandchildren’s children will still pay for the damage Trump is doing.

The $1.5 trillion gift to the 1% and to wealthy corporations will take that long to repay.

I am not even discussing the moral turpitude he is encouraging and is being copied not only by other JOCKSTRAPS running for election or reelection. but by other countries around the world.

If I  cannot trust these people’s competence to test attacks against the longstanding pillars of this country’s experiment in democracy, how can I trust their competency to tell me what the weather is?

This is obviously an oversimplification but how can any opinion they hold be of value?

An example: since they have not given any indication of ever talking to me again, I must conclude they approve of the activities at the Tampa rally.

Those people and their actions are beyond the pale!

To slam the press which is a pillar of a FREE DEMOCRACY IS INEXCUSABLE.

I have no choice but to cut off further conversation.

That is brutal.

It is sad.

But it is necessary.

I can’t wrap my head around the new ways Trump finds to disparage this nation, its history, its citizens.

I don’t have enough time left on this earth to understand these people’s misguidedness.

Mr. Poe’s poem? The Raven.
Therefore, ‘NEVERMORE’.

Thanks for stopping by.


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