The Politics of Denial

Abstract Blue Egg represents changes by Fourth Industrial Revolution are still incubating. Explosion soon to follow. Google Images CCL
Abstract Blue Egg represents the Changes to be wrought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution that are still incubating.


 Industrial Revolution or Class Revolution


date: January 4th, 2018

“This Country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of this existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revoluntary right to overthrow it”  Abraham Lincoln

I believe that America is going to be embroiled in a push back to the Fourth Industrial Revolution or it will be involved in a Class Revolution in the not too distant future.  As jobs begin to disappear on the Industrial side, Income Disparity and Equality will be the driving force on the Class side.

The Response

On Wednesday, December 27, 2017, Frida Ghitis, a well known and accomplished producer and writer published an article on CNN “10 Questions that could keep you up at night in 2018.” We may get to that article but at the moment I am more interested in a response that was posted to the article.

The poster is not identified so we will have to trust that it is a legitimate person and not a robot (pun intended).

miscreantsall miscreantsall is the poster

Drumpf is just getting started and it is very clear that the architecture of our Democratic Republic and our Constitution are not strong enough to STOP this perfect storm of all the worst elements of human governments (socialism, communism, fascism, capitalism, monarchism, etc.) to merge and destroy the United States of America (as we know it).

About 25% of eligible American Voters are enabling and keeping this megalomaniac in office.

The majority of American voters allowed this because of apathy, laziness, indifference, false confidence, presumptions, irresponsibility and outside forces (voter suppression) preventing or making it extremely difficult to vote.

Perhaps America deserves exactly what it is getting. What Drumpf got away with in New York before his campaign is the stuff of LEGENDS. He now has been given the reins to make that LEGEND reach out into eternity and the Cosmos.

The obvious damage (deregulation, deconstruction, etc) is known and many pundits believe, can be reversed. There are MULTITUDES of damage that is being done under the radar and under-reported for NOT reported at all.

Now that they have their tax bill and their campaign contributors appeased, the Congressional Republicans will focus on retaining control of Congress and find a reason to remove Trump, before the American voters remove them for supporting him.

Trump will do what he can to start a war with whomever he can maneuver into the position of his foe of the moment.

The only question is will they remove him fast enough to not have him involve us in yet another Republican war without end, or will the inevitable recession, due to the tax cust hit before they can.”

My Response

Whew! That is a lot of stuff in a few paragraphs. But this person whom I don’t know has written eloquently of the things I have tried to put pen to paper since this election.

A person that I correspond with knows that this is my thinking.

Actually, my thinking is even dire. I have believed and said so loudly and often that Trump is channeling Adolf Hitler.

I am not going to go down that side road at this time. Nor am I going to delve into the subjects that this person broaches that I am ignorant of, what Trump “got away with in New York before the  campaign is the stuff of LEGENDS.”

I know of a few instances of things that received mention but not the attention that they deserved, money laundering conviction, convictions and indictments regarding a hotel etc.

Those, while noteworthy (as it is they have not resonated with voters and why not is beyond me) again are not in my line of sight.

Ford Mustand Production Line. Find the Human. Image via The Atlantic. Reuters/Rebecca Cook RC published April 21, 2014
Ford Mustang Production Line. Find the Human. Image via The Atlantic. Reuters/Rebecca Cook RC published April 21, 2014

I ended my last post with this image and it seems appropriate to start this new post with the same image. Machine Learning – A Visit with Vinjay

Is America’s Economic Might Waning?

The article in the Atlantic that accompanies this image first states all of the reasons why people think that America’s economic might is waning. It even admits that some facets of mounting economic inequality are ‘truly alarming’.

That mounting economic pressure is the focus of this series.

One of the unfortunate realities of using the article is that it was published in April of 2014. I have looked for followup articles without success. So there may be a small amount of comparing apples to oranges.

I do believe that the main points of the article are sound and no doubt still valid. I think that the fall of the American growth engine starts in 2017, the first year of Trump.  I will state my reasoning before moving on. In that way, you will have reference points along the way.

Another point to make at this juncture. I used the Michalenglo painting in the Sistine Chapel in Rome depicting God giving power to Adam through touch. I purposely have not shown whether Adam is Male or Female.

Why 2017 is the Beginning of the Fall of the American Growth Engine

Four Reasons

I believe Trump made his biggest blunder by canceling TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership. This started the erosion of America’s authority in the world.

From this point forward all other nations of the world will view America’s ventures such as trade agreements, with a great deal of skepticism.

Why would America abdicate the power and authority it had achieved over the 70 years since the end of WWII? In the guise of ‘Make America Great Again’ that which has made America great has been jettisoned over the gunwales of the ship of state.

Illogical and disconcerting.

He abdicated what good will the US had in the region and allowed China to move in and start claiming that authority. Which it quickly did.

One event that resulted from Trump’s stupid play is that the nations that had been involved in the agreement announced that they are going to continue the partnership without the presence of the United States.

Prestige lost, Power lost, Strength lost, Jobs lost.

I believe Trump made his next biggest blunder (the second) by canceling US involvement in the Paris Accord.

Not only are these actual cancellations important but the message they send to the other nations of the world is that Trump is hurling the US back to a time prior to WWII.

In the seventy years since the end of that war, the US has been at the forefront of the stability, the innovations, the organizations, the sense of partnership and accomplishment that filled the nations of the world.

Now that standing, that leadership is gone and the fragmentations of what is to follow are sometimes not going to be pretty.

I believe Trump’s third biggest blunder was in mocking NATO.

While he didn’t disengage from that organization as he threatened, he caused that league of nations, that bulwark standing against the advance of Russia growing militarism and expansionism to crumble.

I think that it would have been better to actually dissolve America’s continued participation rather than have America be the odd man out because every action taken forward will always include a shadow of doubt regarding the question ‘Is America really in this or not’?

I believe that the citizens of other countries are now mocking Trump and shake their heads at the citizens of this country for allowing this maverick or madman to continue with his hideous schemes.

Of course, the Republican Party which has shrunk to Trump’s level of gross banality because they are panting so hard to accomplish their next often stated goals: KILL ACA, KILL MEDICAID, KILL MEDICARE, KILL SOCIAL SECURITY.

Except for the few, those not well-intentioned few that still support him, Americans will be paying a huge price for letting the madman continue his rampage on destroying the America that existed on January 19, 2017.

I believe Trump’s fourth biggest blunder is moving recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

America had no reason to make that decision other than to throw whatever progress had been in making peace or at least forestalling active hostilities into the trash heap of history.

No good will come of this decision as the citizens of the Muslim world will now openly accost Americans at every turn and no doubt plan open terrorist actions on American soil.

I am not discounting all or any of his other errors in missteps, mistakes and misspeaks. But again there are so many I will give the fun of organizing them into a coherent summary to someone else.

The overarching blunder of Trump has been the saber rattling of a misshapen, misguided provocateur intent on defacing the humanity of the planet.

I do not have the knowledge or skill to evaluate those actions because the follow-on will be so horrific as to be inexplicable.

Trump’s Strength or Lack Thereof

I believe his biggest internal blunder within the confines of the America state, in addition to thinking the America people are going to tolerate his tax fraud.

His payment of the $1.5 trillion bounty to the Republican donors as a payoff for continuing their support of the now morally bankrupt Republican party by taking that payment from everyone less fortunate in wealth.

Now that is pure speculation on my part since I don’t have a crystal ball and it is too early to predict the average American will coalesce into a formidable action group to confront these despicable transactions.

I believe that majority of Trump’s supporters still do support him. I believe this because every once in awhile I get a word or phrase calling my sanity or some other bodily into question from one of these people.

So now you know where I stand and what I believe to be true and what predictions will come to be confirmed.  I agree with almost every point that the first writer, Frida Ghitis, stated.

I have laid out my major grievances regarding Trump’s major decisions. Trump’s minor error and infractions, I cannot keep up with.

My biggest and most wholehearted fear is that which Trump is going to do or not do next.

No, it is not war with North Korea. No, it is not war with Russia or China.

No, it is a war against the very people he was entrusted to protect.

This Administration has No Intention of Providing Support

It is my belief that he and his administration are not willing to step up and be a leader.

Indeed that may not even be cognizant of the need for a leader.

A leader to step forward and plans the actions necessary to make sure that every US citizen is going to have a fair chance of surviving the Fourth Industrial Revolution with a sane mind, a family held together, a job at fulfilling the financial needs and emotional needs of individuals.

I am very confident of this statement by watching his performance with the miners in the West Virginia.

His boasts, his promises, his glad-handing of these citizens with no intention of ever following thru is the most egregious affront to a moral authority that rises above all of the other lies he has spewed out of his sullied mouth.

I believe that Trump and his minions are going to just let things happen as they may.

If that is his plan is then there really is no point in trying to weather the storm.

Yes, some people will come thru the onslaught of the revolution unscathed.

Yes, some people will even survive the coming onslaught with good fortune.

This revolution is not going to touch everyone the same or even parts of the country the same.

What I am saying is that because there is not going to be cohesive, even-handed planning on how to prepare citizens for the coming onslaught that picture of the majority of people will look very much like the picture of the miners of West Virginia do now.

For those interested in reviewing my thoughts on their plight follow this link Review the course of ignoring the plight of the miners of West Virginia

What happened in West Virginia is that at the very beginning of that sad tale, capitalism reared its ugliest head and set the course that West Virginia would follow for more than 100 years.

The Republican Party has been Eviscerated by Greed

Republicans are now wallowing in their new found power of changing the tax code to benefit no one but their donors.

They are wallowing in the stench of betraying their constituents and their country.

That is an easy epithet to hurl at them because once they are not acting in the best interests of the country that they have sworn to protect they have abdicated any moral authority that they had.

They have ignored the history of what followed Reagan’s gift to the wealthy and ignored the history of what followed Bush’s gift to the wealthy in 2001 and 2003.

Several of the first acts of the Trump administration were to kill all of the rules established by the Obama administration to give greater oversight to the government to control the greed that was born due to the race to the bottom which was a major factor that caused The Great Recession of 2008.

So we are now looking at the same conditions that caused economic disasters in the 1980’s and the 2000s: little government oversight, great amounts of wealth stripped from the lower classes and given to the already wealthy, and the greed that is being run on the front pages everyday regarding the ‘new’ digital currencies.

We have seen this, been there and done that over and over again.

The Republicans keep stoking the same fires for the same reason – GREED.

Do they think that the results will be different?

But a key to this seeming dilemma is the financial recovery of the Obama years in reality ‘forgave’ the debt of the wealthy people that had suffered.

The debt that wasn’t forgiven and had to be continued to be paid where the less than filthy rich. One of the people decrying this unfair situation was none other than Donald J. Trump. Hmm…

What is different now than it was even in the 2000’s is the economy has started to undergo fundamental shifts in how it functions. That is why it is called a ‘Revolution.’

Artificial intelligence is a wonder to bend to the will of humans and it can bring wonderful benefits.

However wonderful it may be no one is study and planning for the effects it will have on the middle class and working class people.

Projections for disruption run up to 47% job loss due to the growth of machine learning, deep learning, and neural network trends.

No one, as far as I know, is charged with strategic planning to avoid the West Virginia syndrome. Who is going to be hardest hit? What programs can be implemented to lessen the consequences? Education, Retraining, Job Apprenticeships.

Can We Afford to Leave People Behind

What parts of the country as at most risk for ending up like West Virginia? What can be done to ameliorate the consequences?

Many parts of the country could survive quite well since some major hits have already been weathered.

The ten million job losses in the last 10 years due to improved technology and implementing procedures to follow as more and more of the revolution takes hold.

Even the five million job losses in manufacturing have been mostly absorbed by increases in productivity.

Do not get complacent. Just because statistical ‘recovery’ is shown on paper does not mean that the individuals that suffered the job losses have recovered.

I have said from the outset that this country needs to weather this storm as a whole.

The divisiveness that has raised its ugly head is due to Trump’s words and actions.

The disunity that laid dormant for almost fifty years came roaring to life when a black man became president.

The disunity that has been sown has torn our country into disarray.

The gender inequality that has led so many powerful and seemingly respectable men to insult and plunder the pride and self-worth of so many women that has been in the headlines in recent months is not resolved only brought into the light of day.

Glaring Inequalities

The pay inequality that almost became an issue during the runup to the Republicans corrupt tax plan will turn into a major issue if they continue on their stated course to demolish Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.


One simple, easy and self-evident solution that had it been enacted would have solved much of the problem.

“If the US had been more inclusive (in the 1970’s), GDP growth would have averaged 3.1% instead of 2.9% – and each American would be $5,000 wealthier on average.  (I am sure that the wealthy that just received their big gift would stick up their noses at it but to  most Americans, it would be nice to have had).

(In a comparison with Norway) Both countries had female workforce participation rates of 45% in the 1970’s. But Norway did much more to bring women into traditionally male roles, raising its participation to 76%; the US is only at 67%.

If the US had the same share of women in the workforce as Norway, it would be $1.6 trillion wealthier, according to a report by Standard and Poors.


According to M.S. Eccles, who was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in testimony before Congress as it was trying to sort out solutions to the Great Depression has some very concrete opinions on cause and effect.

1.) The concentration of wealth and the attempt to maintain that wealth by going into debt to maintain standards.

2.) He flatly stated that a fundamental change must be made in our social system

I am sure Republicans are ecstatic to hear that. But he stated, “the operation of our money world has failed to be our servant and instead is our tyrant and master.”

Oh Oh.

What were his solutions?

First, unemployment relief, second bank deposit guarantee program, third, agriculture subsidies, fourth, federally guaranteed farm mortgage program.

Duck Republicans!

He called for a more equitable distribution of wealth, a  high income and inheritance tax, unemployment insurance and old age pension laws.

He was for a balanced budget but it had to include a balanced economy.

Too much concentration of wealth?

Did you know that there are 400 people and then the rest of us?

400 people own as much wealth as the nation’s entire African-American population plus more than 1/3 of the Latino population COMBINED!

The wealthiest 186 members of the Forbes 400 own as much wealth as the ENTIRE Latino population.

The combined worth of the Forbes 400 is $2.34 TRILLION and is more than the bottom 61 percent of the country combined 194 million people.

400 people compared to 194 million??

The median American family has a net worth of $81,000. The Forbes 400 own more wealth than 36 million of these ‘typical’ American Families.

TWENTY PEOPLE now own as much wealth as HALF OF ALL AMERICANS. 20! And this is prior to the latest and greatest tax break. Did you know that Trump made hundreds of millions of dollars on the tax break?

There are 3 – three people that own as much wealth as the bottom half of the nation’s population.

Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and the runt of the bunch, Bill Gates. These men own as much wealth as 160 million of the rest of us.

Thank you for stopping.

This is the first in a three-part series:

The Politics of Denial: Industrial Revolution or Class Revolution?


A robot is gesturing you to 'Come here' and escort you into the Fourth Industrial Revolution are you ready. Google Images CCL
A robott is here to escort you into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Are you ready?

“We can either have a democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have it both ways” Justice Brandeis, Associate Supreme Court Justice