The Most Horrific Man of the Last Century

Who is this Man Who Hate Hope?

This is What Happens When a Depraved Man Runs Amok

August 5, 2018

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He came from strict Catholic roots, born on Oct 29, 1897, studied history and literature.

He had contracted polio as a child and was rejected from military service.

This “sense of physical inadequacy tormented him,”  his whole life.

He had black hair and “a diminutive frame” and an intellectual background.

He was hostile to his nickname “little doctor”. He had a doctorate in literature and wrote revealing personal journals.

In his youth, crippled with high intelligence, driving ambition, voracious sexuality, and poverty.

These shortcomings along with his club foot “provided a rich cocktail of bitter complexes and hang-ups”.

His biographer described him as “always in search of a Messiah-like father figure to fulfill his nagging need for attention and applause.”

When he finally met a man who met his criteria, he fell under his spell. His conversion to this man’s cause “was instant and complete.”

He was a devoted disciple and did not waiver in his loyalty.

They even died together.

This man crafted the message and stage-managed the appearances of his manic devotion.

He created an empire “beyond the dreams of the spin-doctor imitators today.”

He gained total control of whole industries including the press, publishing, broadcasting, theater, and film.

He commissioned movies “(and bedded the actresses)” which put the sugar on the pill of his master.

His affairs led his wife to demand a divorce even though she too was unfaithful.


Who is or was, depending on how you look at the time, is this man?

He of the slippery tongue, the masterful spinner of tales, the pre-eminent ‘bullshitter’.

I covered the requirements for the title ‘bullshitter’ in my recent post…

As his turn came, as it always does, he became even more fanatical to the cause.

He has served as the ‘master to emulate’ by our current dictator in chief.

Trump is described as a follower of Roy Cohn who showed Trump how to ‘exploit the power and instill fear’.

Being acknowledged as a disciple of Roy Cohn, as damning as that is, is only a part of Trump’s evil designs.

His real anchor as he presides over the death of the United States of America is:

Joseph Goebbels.

Yes, you read that right.

I have read Trump is a modern day Hitler.

That may be.

But I put forth the nomination of Joseph Goebbels.

He is a fascist leading the brain-washed citizens to overtake an experiment in democracy.

But I recommend that Trump, the most powerful ‘illiberal’ to ever walk the earth, to be the incarnation of Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

I claim Trump is the master of ‘illiberal’ because even Hitler did not have as much power as Trump has at his fingertips.

Hitler had Mussolini who made up the Rome-Berlin Axis.

Japan was also considered part of the Axis powers but there had been no summit or meeting to establish the formality.

The three countries controlled Europe, North Africa, and East Asia at their zenith.

But Trump has Putin and Xi Jinping.

Trump has powerful followers of his tradecraft: Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban; Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro; the Philipines President RodrigoDutarte and no doubt even more up and comers who haven’t reached the world stage just yet.

Hitler also had Marshal Philippe Petain who headed Vichy France until 1942 when the Allied Invasion of France brought Charles De Gaulle back to France.

Charles De Gaulle led Free French Provincial government of the Free French Republic and ousted Petain from power.

But in terms of the number of people under subjugation to these dictators and the sheer firepower they can amass beats Hitler and his ilk any day.

Goebbels is described by the Jewish Virtual Library. org which recorded Hitler’s impression of Goebbels.

“Dr. Goebbels was gifted with the two things without which the situation in Berlin could not have been mastered: ‘verbal facility and intellect’”.

The Jewish Virtual Library. org’s description continues “Goebbels was the true creator and organizer of the Fuhrer myth, of the image of the Messiah-redeemer, feeding the theatrical element of the Nazi leader while inducing the self-surrender of the German masses through skillful stage management and manipulation’.

Now, I ask you, which of the above images does not describe Trump to the last of his coiffed fake hair.

If not for his orange complexion maybe he could resemble Goebbels more closely.

But, does his  ” deeply rooted contempt for humanity, his urge to sow confusion, hatred, and intoxication, lust for power and his mastery of the techniques of mass persuasion” match, Joseph Goebbels, when he was given full vent in the election campaigns of 1932 which brought Hitler to center stage.

Why do the major media outlets fear to bring these characteristic similarities of Trump and Goebbels to center stage in American news?

No doubt they do not want to inflame passions more than they are.

Based on the marches of Portland OR last weekend where the right wing Patriot Prayer party’s demonstration was met by counter-protesters.

The police were prepared for the event, keep each party to an opposite sidewalk along the street. Skirmishers of the opposing forces met and they shed blood.

Noteworthy is that this alt-right gathering is just ahead of the alt-right ‘Unite the Right’ in Charlottesville last August.

Would you expect that Trump will continue his wild-tinged calls for against the press as “enemies of the people” and the Mueller investigation “a witch hunt” are having the desired effect?

American Citizens are beginning to believe him. America’s citizens are beginning to believe him.

Keith Payne is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He states “When a statement is repeated, it starts to feel more familiar. It is the concept of “illusory truth”.

He continues “Even when people know a claim is false, just a few repetitions can make them more likely to think it’s true.

Now how does that square with your thinking Trump’s supporters?

 “The Intolerants’ as I have labeled them should not be discarded out of hand—just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it not true!

Now for the picture gallery:

Goebbel’s Rallies

Trump’s Rallies

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“Cognitive Ease” Part Two which is part three of the Politics of Denial Series

Originally posted January 13, 2018

For today’s discussion “cognitive ease”.


We looked at Hitler’s ‘Minister of Entertainment and Spectacle’.

That was not his exact title but it suits my purpose.

I have been in a quandary for months, almost two years actually.
I think my first anti trump post as Hitler reincarnate was in my blog ‘Field Notes from an Old Man’ was in May 2016.
I was befuddled as to how a Tried and True Hitler follower, a liar, an egotistical billionaire with undertones of a sex-crazed crime boss could be campaigning to be President of the United States.
It did not make sense let alone that he was actually gathering supporters and gathering steam in his campaign.
The next click in my mental file cabinet revealed a folder labeled ‘ What is with the Republicans?
Why are they following this schmuck?
An article I had in that file that led to my research was titled “The Hollowing of the Conservative Mind”. We will get to that at a later date but soon.
Yesterday’s AHA! moment was finding the label “Cognitive Ease” by professor Daniel Kahneman.
I now understood why the leadership of at least two men Paul Ryan R-WI and Speaker of the House of Representatives and Mitch McConnell R-KY and Senate Majority Leader, are not putting a stop to this madman that spewed lies easier than he told the truth.
This crazed maker of absolutely cruel, pompous, insidious, made up stories was getting away with the Republican version of ‘Running with the Bulls’.
The faster the opposition candidate ran the faster the bull ran breathing heavily down her neck.
As I described in yesterday’s post I understood later in the bull run that these men, (and others no doubt), had been paid off.
What I couldn’t comprehend that seemingly United States citizens that had won public office and promised to uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law.
They swore to improve the lives of its citizens through their hard work and faithful service to their country were not throwing the “Orangeman” as he became known in jail.
I just did not understand.
When I saw Professor Daniels label of Joseph Goebbels operating procedures the lights and bells and whistles went off.
“When confronted with uncomfortable facts or facts that’ require work to understand people simply avoid them.”


Armed with this understanding of human nature and especially the nature of the press Trump became and still is ‘The Great Dictator of the News Cycle’.
Gaphic of Trump swinging ala a singer Miley Cyrus. Google Images
This is not to say that he understood the tactic spelled out by the Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman who labeled Goebbels procedures of operations.
Trump understood how to play entertainment media from his days as a Reality TV ‘star’.
He understood how to disrupt the game people and politicians play. He could then play with his outrageous lies and set plays.
The definition of ‘set plays’ in the Book “32 Plays “(it is available to download free from the internet) stipulates that set plays in basketball, ” are strategically planned and choreographed sequence of movements  to get open shots and score points.”
The definition continues “ SET PLAYS are quick hitters to score points at certain points during the game.
I think I can say that Trump operates strictly on SET PLAYS.
He doesn’t think his plays to a logical conclusion because there isn’t one.
He simply disrupts and then pivots and disrupts again.
There is no grand scheme.
There are no policies.
And that is why he is successful.
News Media especially are anticipating that he will do a certain thing at an event.
He doesn’t do it and they are surprised and caught flat-footed.
Caricature of Trump giving a speech Google Images
That this is still game day after a year in office is either a complement to Trump’s cunning or a case of gullibility on the part of the press.
I think it is a combination of both with the largest portion of success due to the later.
Trump faints one way and dekes to the other and the press are tripping all over themselves.
Good columnists from print, TV, and social media are left to do proper analysis.
The sad part because he is a one-man show he can be on the next two disruptive events while the TV reporters left are way behind.
The news directors can’t get ahead of Trump to disrupt HIS next disruption.
I’d say Trump is always going to win this game.
After all, it is HIS game and the press are always several steps behind.
I know.
I tried to keep up with him.
I even tried to establish his distractions by ‘ batches’.
I tried to organize his ‘plays’ by similarities and write about them that way.
I couldn’t keep up using that tactic either.
He has no plan but news directors have to plan their work so they are always going to lose.
Mother Jones News in their post “How Republicans Normalized Donald Trump’s Racism” by David Corn dated January12, 2018.
Mr. Corn is Mother Jones Washington Bureau chief and writes frequently.
He seems to understand the dizzyingly fast-paced smoke Trump lays down.
WWII naval battles used a tactic where Navy ships poured oil in their Diesel engines and laid down an impenetrable black smokescreen that allowed the ship to slither away.
Ala Trump, Goebbel’s tactic to disrupt or cause unusual actions and then lay down some smoke and move off to the next disruption.
Trump has been playing out his games on the stage shared by Republicans, since 2012.
I am sure he has been at this tactic gauging its effectiveness, tightening it up a bit and reusing it as a fresh weapon.
He is most accomplished at using it as a racial weapon.
First hassling President Obama as not having a valid American birth certificate via the ‘ birther movement’.
He showed his talent at delivering racial slurs again yesterday when he relegated Haitians, Salvadoran etc to the “shithole nations”.
These ongoing racial slurs did not daunt Republicans from embracing him, however.
They have had a lot of practice since 2011.
In fact, they are so practiced at the sidestep no Republican broke ranks to condemn Trump.
All were silent except Senator Jeff Flake R-AZ, who is not running for reelection.
Senator Flake earlier took to the floor of the Senate Chamber to denounce Trump and his racism, anti humanitarianism and just plain evil tactics.
Senator John McCain and Senator Flake are both Republicans representing Arizona.
They have both called Trump out.
Flake has stronger arrows in his quiver but McCain still has to work with Trump for at least 3 more years has been a little more circumspect by not naming Trump in his attacks.
 I was gratified to see that Mr. Corn ended his article by referring to ” Trump’s racist comment (calling nations of black people as “shitholes”)
Mr. Corn continues “racist comment is much more than the latest reminder of his dark soul; it is a reflection of the values (or lack thereof) of a party and movement that has accepted Trump and elevated him to its highest rank”. 
I would entertain that the Republican leadership has completely debauched the party of Lincoln and have committed it to the trash heap of history.
Lincoln stood on his head Google Image
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