“COGNITIVE EASE” part three of the Politics of Denial series

The next three posts are actually the last posts in the series “Politics of Denial”.

August 19, 2018

I originally wrote this post on January 17. Since I imported the Blogger post into my WordPress blog, I have a lot of reformatting to do. Please be patient as I sort all of this out.

January 17, 2018

So much for my promise to myself to not write any more about Trump.

But, in this case, I can’t help myself.

I am not writing out of anger as I was started out a post on ‘Shithouse countries’ and subsequentially discarded it.

This morning at 4AM in my hospital room I was reading while hoping the pain my lower extremities abates.
I was reading a column in ‘The Daily Beast’ regarding a puzzlement.
Why do the Republicans leaders in Congress specifically Mcconnell and Ryan do nothing about Trump?
Obviously, they are smart men or they would not have risen to the positions of power second only to the President.
Obviously, they are bought men or they would uphold their promise to serve the country.
Obviously, once their integrity was penetrated and hollowed out they had a claim on Trump and he on them.
Graphic of Trump, McConnell and Ryan Google Images

The bigger question is why.

Why did they abdicate their sworn Constitution mandated duty to follow a two-bit hood?
That he amassed a fortune bullying and bankrupting his partners and vendors is well known.
That he is following his ingrained narcissism and paranoia is well known.

I want to reintroduce a well-known participant in our little group of traitors and their sycophant followers.

His name? Joseph Goebbels.  (I wrote a post referencing him at this link – Who is this Man?)
Yes, Hitler’s mastermind Minister of Popular Entertainment and Propaganda received his marching orders on March 14,1933.
Within a year of receiving his broad and terrifying mandate from Hitler, he had all newspapers in hand.
He was using the new mediums of communication the newsreel and radio to his advantage.
He arranged ‘Spectacles’ to keep Hitler’s ‘base’ excited and loyal.
He declared that radio was the base to ‘service our idea and no other idea shall be expressed through it”.
Well, now we see how Trump views Twitter and Fox News.
Goebbels greatest gift to Trump was his groundbreaking
Rule of propaganda:
” Berlin needs sensations as a fish needs water. Any political propaganda that fails to recognize that will miss the mark”.

Ron Rosenbaum in the Los Angeles Review of Books,  says Trump’s gift is to “get people to readily accept the aberrant as normal”.

This was Hitler’s most effective early tactic.

Trump’s tactic of sliding into his base the belief that anything that sullied his image as a work of the elitist media.
Nobel-prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman introduced “cognitive ease“.
As Goebbels did, Trump “reinforces prejudice”.

At every turn, over and over, use your weapon to thrust, parry, advance.

Trump’s congregation not only follow him, and put him on a pedestal.
They are “grateful to him”.
A young woman who was getting her life turned around via her job at a Carrier plant was thrilled, as were her fellow workers at the Carrier plant Trump raised as an example of what was wrong with America allowing jobs to leave the country.
They believed he would solve their coming announced fate.
They voted for him on his promise.
She received her layoff notice last week.

Of course, he had never has the intention of keeping his promise.

It was as empty as his promise to the miners in West Virginia.
As empty as his promises to the manufacturing workers of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana.
They believe they are part of his family.
Trump absconded with their vote.
He continues to throw them morsels via his rallies.
He reinforces his view of reality via Fox News et al.
They don’t have to entertain any ‘real news’.
It doesn’t play in Trump’s narrative.
They don’t listen to ‘reason’. They don’t have to.
They absorbed Trump’s reality.
My belief is that the Republican leadership has recognized Trump’s power to motivate his base as their path down the ‘yellow brick road’.
As long as they have already been complicit in the biggest heist in history their best path is to help Trump fulfill his mandate and then reach the pot of gold.
Trump and they know that the ‘Fake Media’ will call him out on all things he didn’t do.

They don’t care.

They have his base, they have the gerrymandered districts that will absorb the Democrats votes like a Bounty paper towel that will be wrapped into a soggy pile and thrown on the side of tracks.
The Trump train rolls on. Go ahead ‘flyover’ our territory we will keep our feet on the ground.
Bloody fights are more fun than cerebral metropolitan mind games and are a lot more successful.
I am going to write shorter articles.
I think my ‘humdingers of 2,000+ words throw people into a faster lane.
It is more important that people read the shorter pieces and realize that
1). Trump is not going to be impeached
2.)  Trump is not going to June
3.) the Republicans will hold the power after the 2018 elections.
Thanks for stopping.
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