It Is Here — Are You Ready? 40 Million Americans Aren’t = 25%

You thought Omicron spread fast? Its new variant doesn’t even slow down for speed bumps

Omicron BA2 80% faster spread Image: Clhoe Cushman The Economist 3.19.22
BA2 Omicron on steroids It spreads 80% faster this time. Image Chloe Cushman The Economist 3.19.22

Consider this

China is suffering its first big Omicron party. 40 million people are on “life on pause”, their term for “lockdown.” One whole province is suffering that fate — Jilin.

China is also resorting to using a Pizer vaccine. Imagine if you will 1.4 billion people have been “on pause” at some time during the pandemic.

They stress over 3,000 new cases a day are erupting (March 15, 2022). Compare that to the 26,000 Americans on the same day.

I hope I prepared you with my article of a few days ago. If you didn’t have a chance to read it you may have had a heart attack reading today’s headline.

Current breakdown of B.A.1, the first Omincron virus compared to B.A. 2 your current disease de jour:

> New Jersey and the rest of CDC‘s Region 2 39% compared to 23.1% for the rest of the U.S.

> New England 38.6%

> California 27.7% the same rate applies to Nevada and Arizona

Certain segments of the population were slow out of the gate, but managed to catch up to — or even surpass — the national average by January 2022, according to TIME’s analysis. Mostly, these are America’s marginalized communities: Black and Hispanic people, LGBTQ people, those living in under-resourced counties, and the uninsured. Vaccine uptake among these groups didn’t happen in a sudden rush in early 2021 but rather at a slower, steadier pace over much of the last year. Community health organizations say that’s because certain demographics have required more personal outreach, information, and support than the initial federal vaccine rollout offered.


MARCH 16, 2022 2:59 PM EDT


Until the majority of people get vaccinated the virus is going to eat us all up! WORSE AND WORSE EACH TIME!

This Deltacrom (BA2) spreads 80% faster than the first Omicron (BA1).

If you are not vaccinated your chances of getting infected go up each time! As the population goes down from dying of this thing — your chances got up!

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