Massive Update! the Veterans Administration

date January 19, 2018

Just published that affects every UNITED STATES MILITARY VETERAN and all Veterans Administration Employees:

Senate Committee and Director Shulkin

VA Administration head John Shulkin was called out by the Senate’s Veteran’s Affairs Committee. The following information was published in ‘Task and Purpose’. The author was Nikki Wentling Stars and Stripes January 18, 2018.

Top Veterans Administration  Positions Not Filled

On Wednesday, January 18, 2018. John Shulkin was asked why four top positions had not yet been filled. It has been almost a year since Trump took the oath of office.

VA is the Second Largest Federal Agency

To me, that is cause for alarm! The VA is the second largest federal agency! Working shorthanded would seem to be a path to trouble, especially considering the positions that haven’t been filled: Benefits Administration, Health Care System, IT, the new assistant secretary for accountability and whistleblower protection office.

Now, that number smells fishy and secondly, not the intelligent management of the healthcare system.

What we know: Trump’s cabinet officers have not filled large numbers of vacancies such as the State Departments 113 positions.

Trump when asked a similar question in his usual asinine mentality he told New York Magazine on November 3, 2017 ‘I am the only one that matters”.

Other Federal Departments Budgets, Personal

We also know that the State Department is being cut by one-third and thousands of jobs cut.

That may be a smart move.

However, how much can we trust an administration who lied through their collective teeth on the tax cut bill?

Whose staff have again been caught changing numbers on reports to make it appear that foreign terrorists had committed terrorist activities when it has been established that the majority of such activities have been committed by homegrown terrorists.

Why? To buttress their attempt to not allow Islamic immigrants in this country.

So what is at stake here.

The second largest agency is short four top administrative positions.

John Shulkin came from the healthcare section. He was appointed by President Obama.

The VA Healthcare system: is the country’s largest; has 160 medical centers; 900 outpatient clinics; and serves 9 MILLION Veterans. Mr. Sulkin came from this job and calls it “one of the hardest jobs in this country”.

Expectations and Encouragement

My hope is that Mr. Shulkin finds a qualified replacement for the healthcare system very quickly before bedlam, chaos, and shenanigans kill all the good that he brought to this organization.


I am sorry for the great length of time between posts. I am writing this while recovering from a six-day stay in the hospital and I am now recovering in a rehab facility.

Soon I will be back in control.

“Keep the tiny humans alive”

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Abraham Lincoln

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