I Want to Investigate You

Hi, I just found you.

I like your style, breezy, bright-eyed (you did notice that I can see your eyes thru WordPress~), and no bull.

My name is Craig Martineau. I am a 70-year-old writer with a bad ticker, diabetes (the worst of the worst), bad eyes and a sore butt from typing all day and most of the night. That’s not true anymore. I try to quit by 10PM. It used to be 3AM but I am getting better at walking away from the computer. Hopefully, it won’t follow me on one of my iPads – really old ones (oops I broke Stephen King’s cardinal rule – show don’t tell).

I write – not enough. But I have 5 publications on Medium.com; 4 sites on Blogger; 1 WordPress site. I also send out articles on Substack and Gumroad and Newsletters to those that follow me on Medium.com. I am going to try to earn money on Gumroad offering some affiliate products (Envato, SlideModel & FTTP [not strictly affiliate but I am going to offer to remodel the PowerPoints,] , Answer the Public and Keyword Analyzer (to read the public’s mind), and give away a Christmas card I make (black) and a Calendar I am working on.

I spent my life in the restaurant business, coffee business and civil engineering. Varied and mostly interesting – while working there. I don’t think I’d go back.Much too hard work. I need to find a writing job where I can sit all day.

If you need a sample: https://www.wordpress.com/dabblerduckbutts. I know an impressive title. Do you know what a dabbler duck is? Once you learn you’ll never forget and you will constantly extol the virtues of a website with a strange name.

I used to write primarily anti-trump material on it but I am trying to change. In fact, I’ve been trying to learn how to write short stories. I have loved them ever since the first O’Henry and Ray Bradbury ones I read.

Hopefully, this has been enough information to realize that you have to pick me. I am the ONLY ONE who fits all of your criteria.

Thanks and have a great Memorial Day weekend. I am going to be writing all weekend. I think taxes are due.

Craig Martineau

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