Blood Red Meat – on the Barbie?

“I hear we’re having steak tonight?”

“Steak? Oh, Boy! Rare?”

“Steak Tartare”



“Better ‘n better”

“I need your muscles though.”

“To carry the ice-cold beer!”

“Can do, can do!”

“Hey, Ole.” “How’s Lena doin’?”

“You heard about that huh?”

“Everyone has.”

“Oh, geez. She’s not gonna be happy.”

“Why that’s the point of getting married, so you can have kids.”

“Well, we had to because her dad had a shotgun!”

“I know but 4 shud be enouf, ya think?”

“Ole, however many you two have is a blessing, right?”

“So, the pastor says.” “Course he doesn’t have to pay for them!”

Ed. I would like to interject an explanation here:

In case some of you are not from the Land of 10,000 Lakes you may not be familiar with Ole and Lena.

The names Ole and Lena are well used in Northern Minnesota. Ole is the name of a great warrior.

Lena (pronounced Leena – with the emphasis on the second vowel) is pronounced, incorrectly I might add, “Layna” (emphasis on the first vowel) by the Swedes, a wild tribe that also inhabits Northern MN.

You may discern that there is no love lost between the tribes, except in this particular situation where Ole is Norwegian and Lena is Swedish (an old love story for sure). So much so that Ole and Lena are national heroes and you hear the names often – especially at supper time “OOOLLLEEEEE”.

Ole is bald and a bit pudgy, not overly so, but he is recognized as a lover of the malt.

Lena is a rare beauty, long blonde hair tied in braids with rosy pink cheeks. Yes, indeed, a fair maiden.

Ole’s best friend is See More. I guess I don’t know is given name we have always called him See More due to his inch-thick glasses that he has to keep pushing up on this nose.

(I must add I think he is the smarter of the two – but don’t say anything I don’t want to start that ruckus all over again.)

As Ole and See More are buzzing their way home discussing the upcoming feast they know awaits them (they first have to stop to get the ice-cold beer) they are observed by two other friends Rocky and Blockhead (blockhead is a nickname fur shur).

We know that Rocky and Blockhead are Mosquito Hawks see picture.

mosquito hawk - google image
Mosquito Hawk

Now we have the picture:

Two friends buzzing home to a meal of blood and steak and two other friends observing them.

What is in store for our two best buds?

Northern Minnesota Mosquito Google Images
Northern Minnesota Mosquito

Two mosquitoes with blood one their minds and two mosquito hawks.

Well, I don’t know because Mosquito Hawks don’t eat mosquitoes.

Isn’t that strange?

Must be from Minnie so tah! (Emphasis on the last vowel.)

We will have to tune into the next edition to find out what in the world is going on.

image of a human swatting at mosquitoes to save his life google images
A human in mortal combat swatting at mosquitos to save his life.

Thanks for stopping.


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